NIV Tiny Testament Bible

- The complete New Testament text of the NIV. including sectional headings. and textual footnotes. - Words of Jesus in red letter - "Getting to know Jesus" section - Ideal gift for baptisms..

Sauces, Pickles

This title features deliciously tempting recipes for hot and fiery salsas. creamy dips. tasty relishes. spicy marinades. tangy mustards. classic dressings and sweet sauces..

The Briny Cafe

Brimming with warmth and wit. Susan Duncan's first novel is a delicious tale of friendship and love. and the search for a place to call home...Ettie Brookbank is the heart and soul of Cook's Basin..

Sunset Express

Prominent restaurateur Teddy Martin is facing charges in his wife's brutal murder. But he's not going down without spending a bundle of cash on his defense. So his hotshot attorney hires P.I..

Changing Lanes

My journey began in the wee morning hours of February 18. 2007. At the time my husband and I were living in Los Angeles. in the beautiful home we had just purchased five short months before..

Elementary Statistics in Social Research

This best-selling introduction to statistical analysis in the social sciences provides the right balance of conceptual understanding and step-by-step computational techniques..

City of Heavenly Fire

Shadowhunters and demons square off for the final showdown in the spellbinding. seductive conclusion to the #1 "New York Times" bestselling Mortal Instruments series now with a gorgeous new cover..

Bailey's Story : A Dog's Purpose Novel

"Bailey's Story" is a heartwarming illustrated novel adapted for young readers from the beloved and "New York Times "bestselling "A Dog's Purpose "by W. Bruce Cameron..

We are Our Brains

Everything we think. do and refrain from doing is determined by our brain. From religion to sexuality. it shapes our potential. our desires and our characters. Taking us through every stage in our lives..

"Time Out" Dubai

Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates is an extraordinary mixture of ancient Arabic culture and modern Western capitalism. The most opulent hotels in the world fight for attention with open tracts of desert that stretch..

Blood Kiss

The legacy of the Black Dagger Brotherhoodcontinues in a spin-off series from the #1 "New York Times" bestselling author

Paradise. blooded daughter of the king s First Advisor. is ready to break free from the restrictive life of an aristocratic female..

I Explore with CD-ROM

I Explore A Science Textbook for Class 1 comprehensively provides all the materials required for effective learning of the different elementary aspects of science. I Explore is an eight-level series of textbooks in science..

Rick Steves Portugal

You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you "really" need to know when traveling in Portugal. With this guide. you'll explore this relaxed country at the western edge of Europe. Tour Lisbon's cobbled lanes and grand squares..


Why would suicide need a witness. On the east coast of Ireland. Victor Delahaye. one of the country's most prominent citizens. takes his business partner's son out sailing. But once at sea. Davy Clancy is horrified to witness Delahaye take out a gun and shoot himself dead..

Henri Dutilleux

Born in 1916. Henri Dutilleux is one of France's leading composers. enjoying an international reputation for his beautifully crafted works. This is the first translation into English of a series of interviews between Dutilleux and the French writer and journalist Claude Glayman which took place in 1996..

The Dead of Winter

Michael Vyner recalls a terrible story. one that happened to him. One that would be unbelievable if it weren't true. Michael's parents are dead and he imagines that he will stay with the kindly lawyer..

Basher Science

Do you know your carbon cycle from your carbon footprint. Can you tell your greenhouse effect from your green house. And what exactly is a tipping point. If any of these questions leave you confused..

Democracy and Race Friction

This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process..

House of M: v. 3

This work explores the people and places of House of M. Wolverine carries burdens too great for even the most powerful mutants to bear. Has it caused him to finally snap..

How Much Poo Does an Elephant Do?

Let Mitchell Symons be your guide into the weird and wonderful world of trivia. Camels are born without humps. Walt Disney. creator of Mickey Mouse. was scared of mice. Only 30% of humans can flare their nostrils A group of twelve or more cows is called a flink And an elephant produces an eye-wateringly pongy 20 kilos of dung a day..

Public Choice and Rural Development

This title. originally published in 1981. explores the difficult. and at times volatile. relationship between public choice and rural development in developing countries. The book is organised into three major sections: the first section examines important general themes..

Positive Time-out

Discover the Power of Positive Time-Out
Time-out is one of the most popular disciplinary techniques used in homes and schools today. But instead of being the positive..


Full-page newspaper ads announced the date. Reserved seats went at premium prices. Audience members dressed up and arrived early to peruse the program during the overture that preceded the curtain's rise..

An Egg is Quiet

A beautifully simple introduction to eggs of all kinds- from tiny hummingbird eggs to giant ostrich eggs. from fossilised dinosaur eggs to gooey fish eggs. it's an entirely fresh look at the familiar.Attractive and informative..

Bethlehem: A Christmas Poem

Bethlehem is normally a quiet little town on the edge of the desert. But tonight. as dusk falls. there is a sense of something special in the air. An inn packed with revellers..

The Woman I Wanted to Be

One of the most influential. admired. and innovative women of our time: fashion designer. philanthropist. wife. mother. and grandmother. Diane von Furstenberg offers a book about becoming the woman she wanted to be..

National Geographic Starry Night Lantern

A new spin on a classic explorer's lantern. the Starry Night Lantern is great for nighttime expeditions and camping. Your Starry Night Lantern can illuminate a wide area around you anywhere you go..

Masnavi 6: Persian Version [PER]

This Book titled Masnavi 6 is the Persian version of Masnavi 6 written by Jalal al-Din Muhammad Balkhi published for All Persian speakers around the world . We hope you enjoy it ..

Why Politics Matters

Achieving mass democracy was the great triumph of the twentieth century. Learning to live with it will be the greatest achievement of the twenty-first century..

Sports Matters

This volume brings critical attention to the centrality of race within the politics and pleasures of the massive sports culture that has developed in the US.blacks in sport..

The Neighbourhood of Love

The essays in this book constitute an introduction to the spaces of human subjectivity. Such spaces are much finer than physical space- amongst them are spaces of phrases. spaces of passions..

The Game of Our Lives

Winner of the 2015 William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award The Game of Our Lives is a masterly portrait of soccer and contemporary Britain. Soccer in the United Kingdom has evolved from a jaded..

A/AS Level History for AQA the Tudors

A new series of bespoke. full-coverage resources developed for the AQA 2015 A/AS Level History. Written for the AQA A/AS Level History specifications for first teaching from 2015..

Groundwater and Ecosystems

Groundwater resources are facing increasing pressure from consuming and contaminating activities. There is a growing awareness that the quantitative and qualitative preservation of groundwater resources is a global need..


Users of this diet book speak so much more eloquently than we can. Here's what they say. 'For me. your book has changed arthritis from a random curse to a rational condition with predictable characteristics which can be avoided..

Ole (Santiago Melazzini S.)

Santiago Melazzini's short moving pictures--flip books--of literally black-and-white and figuratively colorful Mexican life are as low-tech as it gets: watch the masked "luchadores" bounce off the wrestling-ring ropes and then fall to the mat..

The Hand Guide to the Birds of New Zealand

Officially endorsed by the Ornithological Society of New Zealand Comprehensive and easy-to-use Introduces key bird-watching sites Ideal for use in the field Every bird species in New Zealand represented in 74 original..

VH1 Storytellers - The Doors [Region 1]

One of the most controversial bands of the 1960s. The Doors remain one of the most influential group to this day. When Jim Morrison died thirty years ago. a piece of rock and roll died with him. Now. the three remaining Doors have joined together for this very special tribute to the music that defined a generation..

Not So Golden After All

Quality public education. modern highway systems. and reasonably priced housing-these are just some of the qualities that once made California one of the most desirable places to live. Just a few decades later..

Fun and Software

Fun and Software offers the untold story of fun as constitutive of the culture and aesthetics of computing. Fun in computing is a mode of thinking. making and experiencing..

Project X Alien Adventures

Blast off on the biggest micro-adventure yet with the popular Project X characters Max. Cat. Ant and Tiger and their new alien micro-friend. Nok. Carefully levelled and highly motivating. this book is ideal for independent reading..

The Alloy of Law

Three hundred years after the events of the Mistborn trilogy. Scadrial is now on the verge of modernity. Kelsier. Vin. Elend. Sazed. Spook. and the rest are now part of history--or religion..

Music in Korea

*** Music in Korea is one of several case-study volumes that can be used along with Thinking Musically. the core book in the Global Music Series. Thinking Musically incorporates music from many diverse cultures and establishes the framework for exploring the practice of music around the world..

Just a Classic Minute: v. 6

Just as uproariously funny and terrifically popular today as when it first began on BBC Radio 4 in 1967. Just a Minute challenges contestants to speak for one minute on a given subject without repetition..

Extreme Ownership : How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win

The #1 "New York Times "bestseller

"An incredible book... you teach guys and gals about leadership and you've helped not only military guys but families." - Megyn Kelly

"You show in the book how to motivate..

Louisbourg, 1758

This is a detailed account of the 1758 siege of Louisbourg. examining the talents of Wolfe and Amhert as commanders. and focusing on the British and French armies as well as the surrender and mutiny of the Carnbis' regiment..

Hands Free Mama

Discover the power. joy. and love of living "Hands Free" In 2010. special education teacher and mother Rachel Macy Stafford decided enough was enough. Tired of losing track of what matters most..

The Horsewoman

This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important. and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact..

Loved You Pink Box Sign

A sweet sign...perfect baby shower gift. Made of painted wood. this box sign measures 10" x 5" and can sit or hang. Primitives by Kathy is a leading producer of high quality decorative box signs..


'Once there was a widow with three sons. and their names were Black. Brown and Blue. Black was the eldest- moody and aggressive. Brown was the middle child. timid and dull. But Blue was his mother's favourite..

Thich Nhat Hanh in Vietnam

Join renowned Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh as he returns to his homeland of Vietnam for the first time after nearly forty years in exile. Among the monks..

Oathblood (Vows

A collection of ten short stories and a novella which looks at the relationship of Tarma and Kethry. two ex-mercenary swordsisters who run the schools in Haven..


"The poem appears in as many guises as Odysseus himself. There is so much power and grace in Homer's poetry that a reader responsive to a few partial strands of it can find in them a wholly satisfying experience and every translator whose work I have read has detected and magnified something in the original that I had not found by other means..

Lulu Bell and the Sea Turtle

Lulu Bell is off on the adventure of a lifetime. Lulu and her family are setting off on an adventure a long way from home. Mum has been invited to visit an Aboriginal community to choose paintings for an art exhibition..

Understanding Psychological Preparation for Sport

This book explores the theory and practice of the psychological preparation of elite sports performers. It reviews the latest sport psychology research gained from the experience of high performance athletes and coaches from a variety of sports..

Question of Return

This is a novel that spans generations and continents. Opening in Toronto.1985. the story begins with emigre poet Artyom Laukhin. who has been working to transform his father Pavels notebook into a publishable literary journal..

Self-working Mental Magic

Sixty-seven sure-fire mental feats to delight and mystify: mind reading with cards. instant ESP. identifying the owners of objects given to you in random order. number prediction. magically reproducing drawings on slates..

The Elusive Pimpernel

Purchase one of 1st World Library's Classic Books and help support our free internet library of downloadable eBooks. Visit us online at www.1stWorldLibrary.ORG - - There was not even a reaction..

London: Free Things to Do

The final guide for free and discounted food. accommodations. museums. sightseeing. outdoor activities. attractions. events. music. theater and rides. This is the best guide for freebies and discounts available in one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world: London And probably the most expensive..

75 Colorful Hexagons to Crochet

In this new book from Leonie Morgan you'll discover a delightful collection of hexagons to crochet in bright and inspiring colorways. With 75 original designs to choose from..

Caves and Crevices

Books in the Horrible Habitats series take you on a tour of some of the worlds most disgusting habitats. Each book uses vivid photographs and exciting design to introduce readers to creepy and crawly creatures living in some unexpected places..

The Control of Nature

While John McPhee was working on his previous book. "Rising from the Plains." he happened to walk by the engineering building at the University of Wyoming. where words etched in limestone said: "Strive on--the control of Nature is won..

The Best Interface is No Interface

Our love affair with the digital interface is out of control. We've embraced it in the boardroom. the bedroom. and the bathroom. Screens have taken over our lives..

A Bit Lost

A beautiful and witty picture book charting the journey of Little Owl who is just 'a bit lost'...Little Owl must be more careful when he is sleeping...Uh-oh. He has fallen from his nest. and with a bump he lands on the ground..

Sundowners: Volume 1

Faster than lightning. Stronger than steel. Crazier than an outhouse rat. Enter the Sundowners - sworn to protect humanity from inter-dimensional invaders. But is the threat real. or all in their heads..

Attachment Theory, Child Maltreatment and Family Support

This text offers a comprehensive account of how social developmental perspectives and attachment theory can illuminate practice in the field of child protection and family support. Drawing extensively throughout on case study material..

Dream Big

It's never too soon to dream big--or to take action. Pursue excellence with this inspiring picture book from the mother of star basketball player Michael Jordan. Before Michael Jordan was a record-breaking athlete..

Tennessee Williams and Europe.

Tennessee Williams and Europe: Intercultural Encounters. Transatlantic Exchanges documents the bi-directional exchange of ideas and images between Williams and post-war Europe that have altered the artistic landscapes of both continents..

The Key 2 Time

In their search for the final segment of the Key to Time. the Doctor and Amy become caught in the crossfire. As the end of everything approaches. old friends and enemies reveal themselves and the final.

Sentencing Reform and Penal Change

Arie Freiberg. Professor of Criminology. University of Melbourne and Stuart Ross. Director. National Centre for Crime and Justice Statistics. have combined to examine the relationship between sentencing law and policy as it has evolved in Victoria over more than a century..

Java Coding Guidelines

"A must-read for all Java developers...Every developer has a responsibility to author code that is free of significant security vulnerabilities. This book provides realistic guidance to help Java developers implement desired functionality with security..

De Anima: Books II

Aristotle's "De Anima" has a claim to be the first systematic treatment of issues in the philosophy of mind. and also to be one of the greatest works on the subject. This volume provides an accurate translation of Books 2 and 3..

Lady Windermere's Fan

"Lady Windermere's Fan" is Oscar Wilde's classic comedic play set in London in the late 19th century. It is the story of Lady Windermere who becomes jealous of her husband's interest in Mrs..

Cantor's Dilemma

When Professor Isidore Cantor reveals his latest breakthrough in cancer research. the scientific community is galvanized. Cantor's most promising research fellow. Dr. Jeremiah Stafford..

Richard Hammond's Mysteries of the World

Richard Hammond - TV presenter and self-confessed mystery addict - is on a quest to uncover the truth behind the rumours and whispers around some of the world's strangest - and creepiest - creatures..

Guess What! American English Level 2 Presentation Plus

Engaging facts. amazing photography and captivating real-life video take young learners on a journey to explore the world as they learn English. Guess What. Presentation Plus Level 2 is an all-in-one resource presentation tool to help you plan and deliver lively..

Creating Time

"Most of us have said "If only I had more time" as a way of explaining why we don't pursue a dream goal. Marney Makridakis has found that our saying this kind of thing indicates that our sense of time needs to be adjusted..

A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy

Karl Marx was commissioned by the Communist League along with Friederich Engels to write The Communist Manifesto. The manifesto is considered to be one of the world's most influential political tracts..

Xenophobe's Guide to the Danes

Everything in moderation. Denmark is a land of modesty and moderation. This is largely a consequence of the Danes' sense of social responsibility. The touchstone of any activity or point of view is whether it is samfundsrelevant..

Shattered Crowns: The Betrayal

Spring 1917 - the war has been raging for over two and a half years and neither the Central Powers (Germany. Austria-Hungary and Turkey) nor the Entente (Britain..

Music and Eros

Music is not only a pleasure for the ear. it is the echo of the heartbeat. breath and desire. Professor Dopp revisits music as the catalyst for dance. love and sex..

World's Smallest Walkie Talkie

The World's Smallest Walkie Talkies are ideal for your little investigators. Kid-sized yet totally high-tech. these walkie talkies can be used to talk or to exchange morse code (instructions included)..

The Handbook of Clinical Adult Psychology

This third edition of The Handbook of Clinical Adult Psychology has been thoroughly updated throughout to take account of recent research. As well as updating existing sections. the editors have added sections on problems which are only now showing promise of being amenable to psychological treatment..

LEGO City Fire ATV 60105

Put out the blaze with the Fire ATV. including a ruin section with window. lever to lift the flame up and down. fire extinguisher. saw and a firefighter minifigure..


A presentation of the history of earrings from prehistory to modern times. The first part of the book relates how the fashion of wearing precious earrings spread through the Mediterranean region from Ancient Egypt to Mycenae..

The Druze

The Druze. a much-misunderstood Muslim sect primarily inhabiting the Levant. have endured centuries of persecution by orthodox elements hostile to Islam's rich sectarian diversity on account of their esoteric divergence from mainstream Islam..


Rescued from a deserted Caribbean island. 17-year-old Robinson Crusoe and his female friend. Friday. find themselves in late 1600s London. a bustling city that proves as treacherous for them to navigate as the remote island they just left behind..

The Perfect Baby

Lucy's new baby brother. William. is noisy and smelly. so Lucy insists he is returned to the hospital. She'd like to try another - less annoying - baby brother instead..

A Catalogue of Manuscripts

This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process..

The Effect of Hydrogen and Hydrides on the Integrity of Zirconium Alloy Components

By drawing together the current theoretical and experimental understanding of the phenomena of delayed hydride cracking (DHC) in zirconium alloys. "The Effect of Hydrogen and Hydrides on the Integrity of Zirconium Alloy Components: Delayed Hydride Cracking" provides a detailed explanation focusing on the properties of hydrogen and hydrides in these alloys..

Growing Your Inner Light

A comprehensive guide for creating a daily spiritual practice. GROWING YOUR INNER LIGHT offers tangible advice on developing a unique spiritual path that fits exactly who you are..

Venus on the Half-Shell

Simon Wagstaff narrowly escapes the Deluge that destroys Earth when he happens upon an abandoned spaceship. A man without a planet. he gains immortality from an elixir drunk during an interlude with a cat-like alien queen..

The Culture of the Seven Years' War

The Seven Years' War (1756-1763) was the decisive conflict of the eighteenth century - Winston Churchill called it the first "world war" - and the clash which forever changed the course of North American history..

Better Homes and Gardens Skinny Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is the ultimate convenience appliance: it allows you to have a healthy dinner your whole family will love when they get home. Better Homes and Gardens Skinny Slow Cooker will help you eat delicious..

Devil and the Bluebird

Blue Riley has wrestled with her own demons ever since the loss of her mother to cancer. But when she encounters a beautiful devil at her town crossroads. it s her runaway sister s soul she fights to save..