Planned Bullyhood

In 2011. Susan G. Komen for the Cure was growing weary of the "pink" being tarnished by its health grants to Planned Parenthood (PPH). whose many controversies were fueling backlash against Komen..

A Visit with Aesop

Based on his original stage play. J.T. Turner performs these classic tales so well you will feel you are hearing them for the first time. including The Boy Who Cried Wolf The Mouse and the Lion The Grasshopper and the Ant Sure to bring a smile and a laugh no matter the age..

The Vikings

The "How We Know About" series explores past civilizations with an emphasis on archaeological record. In "The Vikings." each double-page spread looks at an important part of the Vikings' way of life and illustrates key evidence - artifacts..

Wobble to Death

In 1879. race walking competitions. known as "wobbles." were all the rage. The death of a contender. followed by a second murder. introduces London's no-nonsence cop Sergeant Cribb who had a penchant for extreme sports..

An Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language

If you are a reader who loves learning about language and the meaning and origin of words. then "An Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language" will delight your senses.This book was the first etymological dictionary of Gaelic..

Ecology of Fresh Waters

In this new edition. Brian Moss continues to stress the human influence on freshwater ecosystem structure and function. making use of the wealth of data on pollution..

A Photographer's Guide to Ohio

In "A Photographer's Guide to Ohio "Ian Adams. Ohio's leading landscape photographer. guides readers to some of the most photogenic sites in the Buckeye State. With nearly one hundred color photographs..

Superfluous Women

The Honorable Daisy Dalrymple-Fletcher is on a convalescent trip in the countryside. visiting old school friends. The three of them. all unmarried. have recently bought a house together..


Living and dying with bravery and honor is at the heart of "Hagakure." a series of texts written by an eighteenth-century samurai. Yamamoto Tsunetomo. It is a window into the samurai mind..

Suzuki Violin School, Vol 6

The revised edition for Suzuki Violin School. Volume 6 is now available. Like the other revised violin books. the music has been edited by the International Violin Committee..


What makes a pony a pony. How are they different from horses. Filled with loads of interesting facts and bright. realistic illustrations..

The Emperor's Club

A classically trained professor and a new student butt heads in the class room and develop a life altering friendship outside the parameters of school..

An Imaginary Tale

Today complex numbers have such widespread practical use - from electrical engineering to aeronautics - that few people would expect the story behind their derivation to be filled with adventure and enigma..

Advanced Operative Dentistry

Advanced Operative Dentistry: A Practical Approach is a brand new volume that addresses the use of fixed prosthodontics in a single handy reference source..

Holocaust Landscapes

At a time when there may appear to be nothing new to say about the Holocaust here is a book of genuine originality and imagination. The theme is the place of the Holocaust- the Holocaust as a place-making event for both perpetrators and victims..

Brief Counselling

This innovative and highly practical text provides an introduction to solution and narrative approaches to brief counselling and demonstrates how they may successfully be combined to create solution talk with clients..

Angel Horses

This lovely collection tells of the hope and healing that comes from contact with horses. Whether used to give disabled riders a sense of freedom and mobility. to heal wounds of childhood abuse..

Alexandre Gauthier

Since 2003. Alexandre Gauthier has been the chef at La Grenouillere. a sixteenth-century farmhouse by the river Canche. There. he creates a highly personal cuisine. a snapshot of every season..

The Griffin and the Dinosaur

Follow along as research scientist Adrienne Mayor searches for the origins of the mythical Griffin - could such a creature be based in reality. While studying the classics in Greece..

Dido and Aeneas

Music examples and charts illustrate the analyses. and each essay is fully annotated by the editor. In some cases. the results of original research by the editor or by others working in the field are published here for the first time..

Nervous Reader

NERVOUS READER is the SECOND EDITION of a book of poetry by Jason Goodman. The first was published in 1992 and consisted of mainly award winning poems. In 1972. Jason was named " Poet Laureate for the State of Florida " based on poems from NERVOUS READER..

In for a Penny

This mesmerising collection from World Fantasy Award-winner James P. Blaylock offers seven brilliant excursions into one of the most idiosyncratic imaginations of our time..

The Humanities and Public Life

Is there an ethics of reading. and is this something that the interpretive humanities can and should contribute to other professional fields. including law. and to public life. This book tests the proposition that the humanities can..

Aux Cable - Blue

Colorize your charging station with this convenient aux cable.


The Life of Frederick the Great

Excerpt from The Life of Frederick the Great In the last fifty years. and especially in the later part of that period. a great amount of work has been done on the life of Frederick the Great..


When they see their friend Thistle carrying a pumpkin. Duck and Goose each want one but they're having no luck finding any until Thistle steers them in the right direction..

How to Steal a Dragon's Sword

The story continues in the ninth volume of Hiccup's How to Train Your Dragon memoirs read by David Tennant. Bad times have come to the Archipelago. Ever since the woods of Berserk burned down..

French Picture Dictionary Vol.1

FRENCH PICTURE DICTIONARY Vol.1: French to English THIS EDITION: The dual-language text has been arranged for quick and easy cross-referencing. The text can be used on its own. However. the content is ideal for reinforcing the basics..

The Widow

When the police started asking questions. Jean Taylor changed into a woman with the ability to carry on when bad things began to happen. But that woman s husband died last week. and Jean doesn t have to be her anymore..

Windows 10 : The Missing Manual

With Windows 8. Microsoft completely reimagined the graphical user interface for its operating system. which now runs on both desktop PCs and tablets. but the overhaul was not without hitches and its dueling UIs (one designed for touch..

The Brotherhood of the Grape

Henry Molise. a 50 year old. successful writer. returns to the family home to help with the latest drama- his aging parents want to divorce. Henry's tyrannical. brick laying father..

Programming Arduino Next Steps

Arduino guru Simon Monk reveals advanced programming techniques for Arduino. Programming Arduino Next Steps: Going Further with Sketches is the must-have follow-up to Monk's bestseller. Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches..

Quantum Computing Since Democritus

Written by noted quantum computing theorist Scott Aaronson. this book takes readers on a tour through some of the deepest ideas of maths. computer science and physics..

Deleuze's Way

Addressing the essential question of the relationship between ethics and aesthetics in Deleuze's philosophy. this book provides clear indications of the practical implications of Deleuze's approach to the arts through detailed analysis of the ethical dimension of artistic activity in literature..

New Frontiers in Social Neuroscience

Traditionally. neuroscience has considered the nervous system as an isolated entity and largely ignored influences of the social environments in which humans and many animal species live..


Half a century after the world was decimated by a bio-engineered plague. military scouts are acquisitioning a new supply of exports-slaves. With his family dead. sixteen-year-old Cameron Landry is a reluctant survivor..

A Voice from Waterloo

Waterloo as told by one who fought and became one of its first historians The title of this book is doubly appropriate. Cotton was a soldier of the 7th Hussars who had served in Spain and became part of Wellington's polyglot army sent to Belgium to stand between Napoleon and his ambitions to regain the Imperial throne of France..

Female Journalists of the Fin de Siecle

Co-published by Routledge and Edition Synapse. the History of Feminism series makes key archival source material readily available to scholars. researchers. and students of women's and gender studies..

1, 2, 3, Trim a Tree [Board book]

School Zone's board books will enchant young children with colorful pictures of familiar holiday scenes. Basic concepts are introduced on each page of these sturdy.

Bedlam's Edge

Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill are the biggest names in the urban fantasy subgenre - where elves. banshees. trolls. and even stranger creatures walk modem city streets. their presence..

Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory

Alfreds Essentials of Music Theory is designed for students of any age. whether listeners or performers. who want to have a better understanding of the language of music. In this all-in-one theory course..

Lord of the Dance

From the international star of Riverdance. Lord of the Dance and Celtic Tiger. comes a no-holds-barred autobiography that reveals the person. the passion and the drama behind Michael Flatley's astonishing career..

Roses for Isabella

Roses for Isabella invites us to experience life in Ecuador through the eyes of a young girl who keeps a journal and loves to write. We learn about Isabella's parents who work on one of the hundreds of farms growing beautiful roses that are sold all over the world..

Xerography Debt

The pirate ship of zine-bringing is sailing in the party. Reviewers this issue includeAnne Thalheimer. D. Blake Wert. Davida Gypsy Breier. Eric Lyden. Fred Argoff. Gavin J. Grant. Joe Biel. Julie Dorn..

Advances in Echo Imaging Using Contrast Enhancement

The opacification of the left ventricle by echo cardiographic contrast agents (echoventriculography) represents an alternative to cineventriculography. as determinations of left ventricular volume and ejection fraction are accurate and highly reproducible..

Electronic Engineering and Information Science

The International Conference of Electronic Engineering and Information Science 2015 (ICEEIS 2015) was held on January 17-18. 2015. Harbin. China. This proceedings volume assembles papers from various researchers..

Basic Income Worldwide

Increasing inequality and the yawning gap between rich and poor are provoking criticism of the economic system. This timely volume is the first to discuss both examples of and prospects for basic income..

Batman Road Trip Board Game

Be The Dark Knight and save Gotham City from the perils of disaster while battling The Riddler. The Penguin. Two Face and The Joker in this epic board game. Up to 4 players..

Through Thick and Thin

With his infectious energy and charisma. Gok Wan has an incredible gift of making women feel more confident within themselves - but it's not until you read his own inspirational story that you find out where he got that gift from..

Asia's Cauldron

From Robert D. Kaplan. named one of the world's Top 100 Global Thinkers by "Foreign Policy" magazine. comes a penetrating look at the volatile region that will dominate the future of geopolitical conflict..

Difficult Conversations

We've all been there: We know we must talk to a colleague. our boss or even a friend about something we know will be at least uncomfortable and at worst explosive. So we repeatedly mull it over until we can no longer put it off..

Wide Open

Based on actual events. this is the epic story of Abilene. Kansas. at a time when the cowboy was king. might made right. and the future seemed as unsettled as the endless prairie.
Abilene. 1871. Will Merritt is fiercely protective of the cattle trade that made his father's fortune..

Fox Notebook

Fox Gifts - Softback Notebook [$5.15 / 3.59]This gorgeous notebook with The Fox by Franz Marc on its cover is one of our most popular Fine Art designs. Most people have heard of the van Gogh..

All He Ever Needed

Mitch Kowalski lives out of a suitcase -- and he likes it that way. Travelling for work has the added bonus of scaring off women who would otherwise try to tie him down. But when he's called home to help with the family lodge..

Human Anatomy

NOTE: Before purchasing. check with your instructor to ensure you select the correct ISBN. Several versions of Pearson's MyLab

Life in Half a Second

What if there was a proven path to success. A path supported by science and research. A path that led to your goals and aspirations in less time. with less risk.Would you take it.Truthful and hard hitting..

Bruce Postle: Sport: Book 1

For more than five decades. multi-award winning press photographer Bruce Postle captured significant moments in Australian life. His collection of over 60.000 images is a national treasure chronicling the highs and lows..

Iran and the Bomb 2

No issue on the foreign policy agenda is more controversial than how to deal with Iran's nuclear program. and Foreign Affairs continues to dominate the debate. This special collection..

It's All Greek to ME

You may have heard of the Cretan Runner. Well. now meet the Cretan Crawlers...Many books have been written on Greece by. and for. archaeologists. historians. tourists and penniless back-packers- here Ann Hill Workman has produced one written from the point of view of someone for whom retirement -- on a modest pension looms..

True Grit

Bear Grylls knows what it takes to survive. But he's not the first. Take the American bombardier Louis Zamperini. who survived 47 days stranded at sea by catching and killing hungry sharks and drinking the warm blood of albatrosses - only to be captured by the Japanese and horrifically tortured for years in their most brutal POW campsa | Or Marcus Luttrell..

The Dead Season

Every August. Florence shimmers in the summer heat. But this year the heatwave is fiercer than usual. and the city's inhabitants have fled to the cool of the hills. So it is no surprise that amidst the shrubbery of a normally busy roundabout..

Bankers, Bagmen and Bandits

Based on Naylor's widely read column. this book is designed to give the news behind the news. to put back into the stories the "awkward" details the main stream media find convenient to omit. "An eminently readable book..

Foundations of Digital Art and Design with the Adobe Creative Cloud

Fuses design fundamentals and software training into one cohesive book. Teaches art and design principles with references to contemporary digital art alongside basic digital tools in Adobe's Creative Cloud Addresses the growing trend of compressing design fundamentals and design software into the same course in universities and design trade schools..

Field-Programmable Custom Computing Technology

Field-Programmable Custom Computing Technology: Architectures. Tools. and Applications brings together in one place important contributions and up-to-date research results in this fast-moving area..


You've heard of Faust...This is Eric. There's a difference. Eric is fourteen. lives on the famed and magical Discworld. and is the first ever demonology hacker. Fortunately..

In the Beginning

A comprehensive. meticulously documented resource dealing with the age-old creation/evolution controversy. The author. who received a PhD from MIT. carefully explains and illustrates scientific evidence from biology..

Ottoline Morrell

This biography reveals Ottoline Morrell. London's leading literary hostess during the first three decades of the 20th century. Augustus John. T.S. Eliot. D.H. Lawrence. Lytton Strachey..

EBK Hacking Exposed Wireless

Secure Your Wireless Networks the Hacking Exposed Way Defend against the latest pervasive and devastating wireless attacks using the tactical security information contained in this comprehensive volume..

The Ethics of War and Peace

This book presents a clear and comprehensive introduction to the diverse and wide-ranging ethical aspects of war and peace. In a fair-minded and engaging analysis..

The Ancestor's Tale

THE ANCESTOR'S TALE is a pilgrimage back through time- a journey on which we meet up with fellow pilgrims as we and they converge on our common ancestors. Chimpanzees join us at about 6 million years in the past..

This Is My Home, This Is My School

Drawing from his own childhood experiences. Jonathan Bean takes the autobiographically inspired family he introduced in "Building Our House" through the special rhythms and routines of a homeschooling day..

Process Systems Analysis and Control

Process Systems Analysis and Control. third edition retains the clarity of presentation for which this book is well known. It is an ideal teaching and learning tool for a semester-long undergraduate chemical engineering course in process dynamics and control..

Adventures of a Deep Sea Angler

Zane Grey did a lot of fishing-up to 300 days of the year. And Romer Grey was often right by his brother's side. enjoying his own victories as well as Zane's. With all that time on the water. there was nothing more exciting than the really BIG fish-the monsters of the sea..

Given Sugar, Given Salt

In this luminous and authoritative new collection. Jane Hirshfield presents an ever-deepening and altering comprehension of human existence in poems utterly unique..

Scribes and Scholars

One of the remarkable facts about the history of Western culture is that we are still in a position to read large amounts of the literature produced in classical Greece and Rome despite the fact that for at least a millennium and a half all copies had to be produced by hand and were subject to the hazards of fire..

Jump Off the Cliff Notes

Whether students have read or aspire to read the classics. the most commonly assigned literature is capsulized for everyone to enjoy. including Moby Dick. Old Man and the Sea..

Civilization, 1914-1917

This title includes a French field surgeon's autobiographical tales of the Western Front. "Civilization. 1914-1917" is a largely autobiographical narrative of the Great War written by a remarkable observer - a French physician..

Avenger of Rome

Douglas Jackson confirms his reputation as "one of the best historical novelists writing today" (Daily Express) with the third action-packed adventure featuring his on-time gladiator hero..

Stick Dog Dreams of Ice Cream

The Stick Dog series continues in author-illustrator Tom Watson's hilarious Stick Dog Dreams of Ice Cream. In the follow-up to Stick Dog. Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog. and Stick Dog Chases a Pizza..

Design and Analysis of Bridging Studies

As the development of medicines has become more globalized. the geographic variations in the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products need to be addressed. To accelerate the product development process and shorten approval time..

Maximum Stresses in Framed Bridges

Excerpt from Maximum Stresses in Framed Bridges The first edition of this work was published in Van Nostrand's Magazine for 1878. and was largely concerned with the comparison of the weights of bridges and their most economical depths..

Money Laundering

This book provides an updated and comprehensive review of the subject of anti-money laundering activity. Given the huge complexity of domestic and global money laundering schemes and networks and the increased complexity of the laws designed to prevent and detect money laundering..

Narratives of the Career, of Hernando de Soto, Vol. 2

Excerpt from Narratives of the Career. of Hernando De Soto. Vol. 2: In the Conquest of Florida of Told by a Knight. of Elvas We arrived at the port of Baya Honda. where we landed six hundred and twenty men and two hundred and twenty-three horses..

The ZEDbook

Though few now doubt the severity of the environmental problems faced by humanity there is still resistance from businesses. developers. architects. planners and government when it comes to making the step changes necessary to make our lifestyles sustainable..

Coloring Books for Adults

Coloring books are used as great pastimes for adults to do. This Coloring Book For Adults contains amazing and funny pictures that are sure to provide hours of fun-filled moments for anyone who have a creative flair and love to spend their time filling awesome images with color..

Princess of the Wild Swans

Twelve-year-old Princess Meriel must sew shirts from stinging nettles in order to rescue her five older brothers from their evil stepmother's spell lest they remain swans forever. Inspired by the Andersen fairy tale..

Freshwater Fishing for Kids

You drop your line in the lake and wait quietly. Soon you feel a tug. Do you have what it takes to reel in your big catch. Now is your chance to learn what you need to know about freshwater fishing history..

Assignments in Exposition

Assignments in Exposition showcases the basic structural patterns of organization as well as the fundamentals of effective writing and logical thinking. The text's 117 readings are engaging and instructive..

Child and Adolescent Therapy

This comprehensive introduction to the practice of child therapy provides a thorough introduction to the principles and practices of psychotherapy with children. The book provides balanced coverage of child therapy..

The Walking Dead Compendium Volume 2 Tp

Returning with the second eight volumes of the fan-favorite. "New York Times "bestseller series. "The Walking Dead." collected into one massive paperback collection This is the perfect collection for any fan of the Emmy Award-winning television series on AMC: over one-thousand pages chronicling the next chapter of Robert Kirkman's Eisner Award-winning continuing story of survival horror -- beginning with Rick Grimes' struggle to survive after the prison raid..