Peter Pan

Peter Pan. the boy who refused to grow up. is one of the immortals of children's literature. J. M. Barrie first created Peter Pan as a baby. living in secret with the birds and fairies in the middle of London..


This book provides an overview of key features of (philosophical) materialism. in historical perspective. It is. thus. a study in the history and philosophy of materialism. with a particular focus on the early modern and Enlightenment periods..

Early Poems and Fragments, 1785-97

This volume is made up of work from the beginning of Wordsworth's career. when he was a Hawkshead schoolboy. until the end of his time at Racedown in mid-1797. Like other volumes in The Cornell Wordsworth series..


Okay. so cats don't always land on their feet

I know that better than most. Since rejoining the Pride. I've made big decisions and even bigger mistakes: the kind paid for with innocent lives..

Astonishing X-Men: Exalted

Greg Pak (World War Hulk) and Mike McKone (Amazing Spider-Man) are here to put the Astonishing back in the X-Men. Something isn't what it seems. Storm needs Cyclops' help with a special mission against Sentinels..

Buenas Noches, Estados Unidos [Board book] [Spanish]

Text in Spanish. Many of North America's most beloved regions are artfully celebrated in these board books designed to soothe children before bedtime while instilling an early appreciation for the continent's natural and cultural wonders..

Vikings Pop! Vinyl - Rollo

Vikings Rollo Pop. Vinyl Figure. Check out the other Vikings POP. figures from Funko. Stands 3 3/4 inches. Collect them all.


Unpunctuated, Until Gill

Unpunctuated. Until Gill is a collection of poems written by Mike Lacey. They cover many topics including love. life. nature. sport and part of his working life as an usher in the family. civil and criminal courts..

Top Vibrant Watercolor Techniques

Vibrant watercolor techniques - in action. In this video workshop. Soon Y. Warren shares watercolor lessons for vibrant paintings. Each chapter will help you use watercolor to your advantage as you explore its characteristics..

The General's Daughter

Here is an intriguing and sophisticated murder mystery of an upstanding military officer - the base commander's daughter - who's been leading an unsavory double life..

Challenging Boardroom Homogeneity

The lack of gender parity in the governance of business corporations has ignited a heated global debate. leading policymakers to wrestle with difficult questions that lie at the intersection of market activity and social identity politics..

The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips

A heart-warming tale of courage and warmth. set against the backdrop of the second world war. about a cat who survives against the odds. "Something's up. Something big too..

Pale Gray for Guilt

As a young writer. all I ever wanted was to touch readers as powerfully as John D. MacDonald touched me. Dean Koontz

Travis McGee s old football buddy Tush Bannon is resisting pressure to sell off his floundering motel and marina to a group of influential movers and shakers..

The New Home Plans Book

A fully revised and updated edition of the self-builders' ultimate design sourcebook All aspiring builders have their own ideas when it comes to designing their dream home..

Execution Dock

On the bustling docks along the River Thames. Great Britain s merchant ships unload the treasures of the world. And here. in dank and sinister alleys. sex merchants ply their lucrative trade..


By using an issues-oriented approach. the new edition of this respected text grabs student interest with real-life issues that hit home. This text includes new coverage and pedagogy that encourages students to think critically about hot-button issues and includes outstanding new features that take students beyond memorization and encourage them to ask questions in new ways as they learn to interpret data..

The Shakespearean International Yearbook: 2050

Honoring Shakespearean scholar Michael Neill. this eleventh issue of "The Shakespearean International Yearbook" brings together essays by a diverse group of writers. to examine Neill's extraordinary body of work..

Pilot Light

"Pilot" Light provides a creative departure from Tina Lustig's debut collection. "Ancient Dance." delving into the lyric sonnet form. Inspired by Edna St. Vincent Millay..

Bad Debts

Meet Jack Irish. criminal lawyer. debt collector. football lover. turf watcher. trainee cabinetmaker. and the best Australian crime character in years. When Jack receives a puzzling message from a jailed ex-client..

Thomas Linacre

Originally published in 1908. this book presents the content of the Linacre Lecture for that year. which was delivered by the renowned Canadian physician William Osler at St John's College..

A Fine, Fine School

One day. Mr. Keene called all the students and teachers together and said. "This is a fine. fine school. From now on. let's have school on Saturdays too..

Oxford Principles of English Law

Oxford Principles of English Law. edited by Professor Andrew Burrows is the essential first point of reference on English law for lawyers in the UK and throughout the world. This pack makes the second editions of both English Private Law edited by Professor Andrew Burrows QC FBA..

Fast Train, Slow Train (Thomas

The newest Bright and Early Board Book featuring Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. this sturdy book features a simple train adventure about opposites to share with boys ages 0 to 3..


An inventive poetry collection that shows the wild side of first- and second-graders at school. These 18 funny and imaginative poems observe students in their natural habitat and reveal their unusual behavior..

Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Implantation

Long was I hugg'd close-long and long. Immense have been the preparations for me. Faithful and friendly the arms that have help'd me. Cycles ferried my cradle. rowing and rowing like friendly boatmen..

The Tempest

This is the complete play which is translated into plain English. Although "The Tempest" was the first play to appear in the first official Folio printing of Shakespeare's plays. it was almost certainly the last play he wrote..

Youth Cultures in the Age of Global Media

This book provides a timely reappraisal of youth cultures in contemporary times. From the Birmingham School to the youthscapes of South Korea. this unique collection explores the impact of globalization and new technologies on youth cultures in contrasting geographic locations..

Sex Is a Funny Word : A Book about Bodies, Feelings, and You

A comic book for kids that includes children and families of all makeups. orientations. and gender identies. "Sex Is a Funny Word" is an essential resource about bodies. gender. and sexuality for children ages 8 to 10 as well as their parents and caregivers..

Putting the One Minute Manager to Work

How to apply the key techniques learnt in One-Minute Manager. This is the companion to the original blockbuster bestseller which has transformed businesses around the world..

Staying Put

STAYING PUT is an account of one Englishman's battle to secure his future in Spain. Jack Birtwell. a sprightly sixty-year-old from Accrington. Lancashire. is due to retire in 2019 and hopes that his poor pension prospects won't force him to sell his beloved house in Spain and return to England to live out his days..

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

One Thursday lunchtime. the Earth gets unexpectedly demolished to make way for a new hyperspace bypass. It's the final straw for Arthur Dent. who has already had his house bulldozed that morning..

Europe's Immigration Challenge

As the financial crisis continues to cast its long shadow over Europe. the view that immigrants compete unfairly for jobs and present an unsustainable burden on the European Social Model appears to be gathering support in some circles..

Star Trek Volume 4

The countdown to the "Star Trek" movie sequel continues here In "The Redshirt's Tale." experience life on the "Enterprise" through a redshirt's eyes Also. find out how Scotty and his alien sidekick..

Frank Gehry

Arranged chronologically. this book follows the arc of Gehry's later career. during which he has focused mainly on public and cultural facilities. The book explores how Gehry has overcome technological setbacks and aesthetic backlash..

Comparative Physiology of the Vertebrate Kidney

This volume emphasizes the comparative approach to under- standing vertebrate renal function. I am convinced that this approach is of particular value in understanding both the details of renal function at the cellular and subcellular levels and the renal role in regulating fluid volumes and solute concentrations..

Forever Amber

Abandoned pregnant and penniless on the teeming streets of London. 16 year old Amber St Clare uses her wits. beauty and courage to limb to the highest position a woman could achieve in Resotration England - that of favourite mistress of the merry monarch himself..

Scattered Light

Here scattered light falls across landscapes and memories. These new poems are among Jeremy Hooker's finest. extending his thinking about powerful crosscurrents that constitute the 'sacred'..

Boojums All the Way through

Boojums All the Way Through is a collection of essays that deals in a variety of ways with the problem of communicating modern physics to both physicists and non-physicists..

Living With Emetophobia...My Story

Living with any kind of phobia must be. at best. inconvenient. and no doubt can become a living hell. It depends what you're phobic about: if it's something that's easy to avoid..

Land Solutions for Climate Displacement

The threat of climate displacement looms large over a growing number of countries. Based on the more than six years of work by Displacement Solutions in ten climate-affected countries..

Shading Needlepoint

Shading can give your needlepoint dimension and depth. without being as difficult as you thought it might be. Part of the Predictable Results series of book from Art Needlepoint and needlepoint expert Janet M..

Schaum's Outline of Laplace Transforms

Master Laplace transforms with "Schaum's" - the high-performance study guide. It will help you cut study time. hone problem-solving skills. and achieve your personal best on exams..

Exploring the Brighter Little Minds Series

The Brighter Little Minds series uses stories to bring about positive psychological changes in children and young people. Now. this guide for teachers and parents provides fun activities and advice on how to build on and learn from the stories to help children dealing with issues such as anger management..

Hikishio No Toki - Volume 1

He's about the unlikeliest "hero" you could imagine - the Administrator. Sitting alone - very alone - at the head of a hierarchy of robots. he has a kind of absolute local authority - but one severely constrained by those same robots..

Slay Bells and Satchels

It's beginning to look a lot like-murder. The Summer Santa Sale at Holt's Department Store becomes a Christmas nightmare when sales clerk Haley Randolph finds a murdered elf in the store's giant toy bag..

Tennis and Philosophy

In The Philosophy of Popular Culture series. Tennis smashed onto the worldwide athletic scene soon after its modern rules and equipment were introduced in nineteenth-century England. Exciting. competitive..

Strange New Worlds / UK-Version

Let us take you. Come with me into the colorful world of fractals. explore the variety of shapes and colors. This calendar includes a selection of futuristic-looking fractal images that are same time eye catchers and fantasy stimulators..

The Juicing Diet

A juicing diet can boost your immunity and help you lose weight. Studies have shown that adding juicing into your diet can improve your body's immune response. reduce your risk for chronic disease. improve your skin and hair health..

Horrid Henry's Haunted House

'Francesca Simon's stories are ultra-mean and super nasty. and Tony Rosss crazed sketches are suitably anarchic' - Mail on Sunday These are the stories of Horrid Henry 'the child that every in fact teacher has nightmares about'..

Essence of Decision

Provides an in-depth analysis of decision making under pressure. using the Cuban Missile Crisis as a case study. *NEW. Substantially rewritten to reflect the siginificant new American and Soviet achival sources now available to the researchers..

Lock in

A blazingly inventive near-future thriller from the bestselling. Hugo Award-winning John ScalziNot too long from today. a new. highly contagious virus makes its way across the globe..

Shred: The Revolutionary Diet

Whether you've dieted and lost weight but can't break through to ditch that last 5 to 10 kilograms. or whether you've never been able to stick to a plan and have more to lose. The Shred Revolutionary Diet holds the key..

Psychotherapy Essentials to Go

An essential tool for on-the-ground clinicians. this guidebook provides an easy-to-use. evidence-based summary of psychotherapy skills that enhance the therapeutic alliance and improve outcomes in difficult treatment situations..

Business Writing with Heart

Write your way into successful. lasting work relationships. Writing is the lifeblood of career success. This book shows you how to write with heart--to use language and messages that connect with others at work..

Robin Hood (Myths and Legends)

From the early ballads that established his stories to the later additions of Little John. Friar Tuck. Maid Marian. and Alan-a-Dale. this book explores how the legend of Robin Hood grew..

Speaking Ill of the Dead

The lives of notorious bad guys. perpetrators of mischief. visionary--if misunderstood--thinkers. and other colorful antiheroes. jerks. and evil doers from history all get their due in the short essays featured in these enlightening..

Hook, Line

Sixteen of America's favorite author-anglers spin tales of mystery and fishing in this collection. From the tragic to the comic with many stops in between. these stories reflect the authors' passions for both making stories and catching fish..

Mosby's Medical Dictionary

This title is so much more than just a dictionary. The completely revised. bestselling. trusted "Mosby's Dictionary" is the One reference you need to help you make sense of the complex world of health care..

Asset Price Bubbles

In the industrialized and developing world. a distinctive feature of the last two decades has been prolonged buildups and sharp collapses in asset markets such as stock. housing. and exchange markets..

Discourse, Figure [FRE]

Jean-Francois Lyotard is recognized as one of the most significant French philosophers of the twentieth century. Although nearly all of his major writing has been translated into English. one important work has until now been unavailable..

The Scorpio Woman

Designed to generate impulse sales. titles in this line are carefully balanced for gift giving. self-purchase. or collecting. Little Books may be small in size. but they're big in titles and sales..


In this picutre book drawn from his own childhood experiences. dePaola delivers this warm yet hilarious story about young Tommy. who gets a part in the play "Peter Rabbit" being performed by his first grade class..

Marine's Doctor

Recon Marine Mak and Dr. Molly Drant hunt down a shadowy cabal behind the horrid human experiments. but will Mak find answers about his own humanity and allow himself to love the genius doctor..

Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, V2

Published in in the summer of 2010 in print and online. the 10-volume Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion is the first comprehensive reference work to explore all aspects of dress and fashion globally - from pre-history to the present day..

The Paleo Diet Made Easy

The Paleo diet is the latest and greatest eating innovation. helping people everywhere slim down and live healthier lives. Free yourself forever from faddy food replacements and low calorie alternatives..

The Secular Outlook

The Secular Outlook: In Defense of Moral and Political Secularism shows how people can live together and overcome the challenge of religious terrorism by adopting a "secular outlook" on life and politics..

The Natural Kitchen

This quietly revolutionary guidebook picks up where the bestselling Process Self-Reliance series The Urban Homestead left off and brings readers into the kitchen..

DK Readers L1 : Sea Otters

Get a close-up look at the lives of sea otters and watch them eat. play. groom. and dive together. Filled with bold. adorable images of these aquatic creatures in their natural habitat..

Progress in Thermochemical Biomass Conversion

This book is for chemical engineers. fuel technologists. agricultural engineers and chemists in the world-wide energy industry and in academic. research and government institutions..

The Saint: Book 1 (The Original Sinners

The Original Sinners: The White Years Only they could save each other from the sins of their fathers...She's never met a rule she didn't want to break Rebellious Eleanor is sick of her mother's zealotry and the confines of Catholic school..

Seal Team Six

For the first time ever. a Navy SEAL Team Six sniper chronicles how he became an elite warrior and the ferocious battle that nearly cost him his life..

Tracking Purnima

A missing actress. A gutsy journalist. And a cold-blooded murder 24-year old Aditi Sridhar is trying hard to establish herself as a newspaper reporter in Bangalore. In her first major feature article..

Hitler and the Rise of the Nazi Party

Now fully revised and reformatted. Hitler and the Rise of the Nazi Party is an indispensible guide to the history of the Nazi party between its initial electoral breakthrough in 1930 and its victory in 1933..


Airbrushing is a versatile and exciting art. The technique has been used for some 150 years. and is now finding ever more applications. This beautiful book explains how to use an airbrush. It looks at the fundamentals of how to get started..

Getting the Girl

Cameron Wolfe's life gets very complicated when he falls for his brother's girlfriend in this winning. wise novel from the dynamic author of FIGHTING RUBEN WOLFE..

Quantum Glory

Quantum Glory explores the intriguing intersection between the two realities of quantum mechanics and the glory of God.Quantum Glory consists of page after page of revelation as to the glory of God and the wonders of the universe..

Tarot of Dark Angels

Dark Angels is a gothic deck of dark romance. This deck contains 78 full colour tarot cards.

La Catacumba Nueva [Spanish]

la historia lleva por titulo "La catacumba nueva." y cuenta la historia de Kennedy y Burger. dos celebres estudiosos del arte de la antigua Roma que. al modo de un Edward Bellingham y un William M. Lee en "La momia" (1892) o un Sherlock Holmes y el dr..

Fair Wind to Widdershins

Hidden deep within the crumbling island city of Widdershins lies the Crown of Iron. It's up to Trundle Boldoak. Jack Nimble and the Roamany Princess Esmeralda Lightfoot to find it..

Shadow Study

Once. only her own life hung in the balance...When Yelena was a poison taster. her life was simpler. She survived to become a vital part of the balance of power between rival countries Ixia and Sitia..

The Brothers War

Excerpt from The Brothers War I would explain the real causes and greater consequences of the bloody brothers' war. I pray that all of us be delivered. as far as may be. from bias and prejudice. The return of old affection between the sections showed gracious beginning in the centennial year..

Walks of Flinders Island

This book highlights the great beauty and contrasts that abound in Flinders Island and contains over 50 different walks with maps included..

Beci Orpin Journal: Lost Girl

In Beci Orpins Lost Girl journal. a young girl attempts to find her own way through the unknown natural world. as a helpful rabbit onlooker appears to watch over her and clear her uncharted course of any danger..

Parent Grief

Based on intensive interviews with 29 couples who lost at least one child (age newborn to mid 30's). this book explores what couple and individual stories say and do not say about the child's dying and death and about parent grief..

The Solar Warrior - Origins Rise

In historical times men dominated the world. In mythical and legendary times it is however the hero who is powerful. dominating the earth. heavens and winds in alliance with the divine powers..

Jack and the Beanstalk/Juan y Los Frijoles Magicos

This audio CD follows our Jack and the Beanstalk Keepsake story book word for word in both English and Spanish so children can read along with each page on their own. Audio CD and storybook are sold separately..

Simon Electronic Game

Simon. the classic electronic memory game and one of the best selling games of the 1980's is back with a sleeker look and enhanced features. Simon challenges one or more players to memorize the hypnotic lights and sound sequences..

10-Light Star Wars Santa Yoda Light Set

Celebrate the holidays with this UL 10-light star wars Santa Yoda light set by Kurt Adler. Each light cover features Jedi master Yoda wearing a red and white Santa-inspired suit robe and hat. Features a 24-inch lead wire and 8-inch light spacing..

The Rainbow Comes and Goes - Autographed Copy

A charming and intimate collection of correspondence between #1 New York Times bestselling author Anderson Cooper and his mother. Gloria Vanderbilt. that offers timeless wisdom and a revealing glimpse into their lives..

The Lost Boy

In the stifling Australian heat of October 1993. a campsite the size of a small town was spontaneously created at a lonely desert roadhouse by the side of the Stuart Highway. which links Darwin with Alice Springs..

Botanical Illustration for Beginners

A unique and exciting approach to botanical illustration. this beginner guide demonstrates everything you need to know about capturing beautiful botanical specimens on paper. Each exercise guides the reader through a different aspect of botanical illustration..