From the lavish productions of Hollywood's Golden Age through the high-tech blockbusters of today. the most memorable movies all have one thing in common: they rely on the magical transformations rendered by the costume designer..

The Green Ninja (Lego Ninjago

Masters of Spinjitzu: still a force to save the world. Lord Garmadon is up to his old tricks. He's using his Mega Weapon to turn back the clock and bring the fossil of an ancient monster back to life..

Whose Line is it Anyway

This title is presented on 2CDs. It features Stephen Fry. Hugh Laurie. Lenny Henry. Griff Rhys Jones and Dawn French - and host Clive Anderson - star in the improvisation radio show that spawned the TV phenomenon..

Reformed Reader Volume 2

This volume demonstrates a central conviction of the Reformed tradition--that theology must honor the historic witness of the church as catholic while being faithful to the new tasks of the present-day church..


Back in 1992 inventor Guido Lap came up with the idea of interchangeable strings. Ten years later Brainstring Original was introduced and almost immediately became a worldwide bestseller..

Imagine My Surprise...

The essential humour gift book of the year returns in the anticipated fourth volume of this bestselling series - guaranteed to provoke laughter and amazement..

101 Sci-Fi Movies You Must See Before You Die

From the classic. low-budget Flash Gordon Saturday matinee serials of the 1930s and '40s to mammoth blockbusters like " Star Trek " and " 2001: A Space Odyssey. " filmdom's most imaginative contributions to science fiction are vividly recaptured in this compelling book..

The Venetian Betrayal

Cotton Malone is back and the stakes were never higher: a deadly virus that could wipe out civilisation as we know it -- and a cure that lies buried in the past. The Venetian League..

Schaum's Outline of Principles of Accounting

This new edition aims to reflect the updated accounting procedures found in the leading texts. All chapters have been updated. some problems revised and new problems added. Cost accounting areas are restructured and new items based on FASB 95 are introduced..

The Year We Hid Away

She's hiding something big. He's hiding someone small. Scarlet Crowley's life was torn apart the day father was arrested for unspeakable crimes. Now the shock has worn off. but not the horror. It's a safe bet that Scarlet is the only first year at Harkness College who had to sneak past TV news trucks parked on her front lawn just to leave town..

Bible, Science, and Faith

Excerpt from Bible. Science. and Faith Those who still view the Bible as a divinely inspired book. despite the repeated attacks made on its authenticity and inspiration. as well as those who yet hold to the teachings of their faith..

APIL Guide to RTA Liability

The work is broken down into 26 accessible chapters. each focusing on a particular aspect of RTA liability and includes. It includes coverage of the liability of each participant- the particular rules that apply to local authorities..

Fundamentals of Forensic Science

Fundamentals of Forensic Science. Second Edition. provides an introduction to the basic principles of forensic science. The book begins at a crime scene and ends in the courtroom. The book is divided into six parts..

Driving with Neruda to the Fish 'n' Chips

'From the dual viewpoint of both outsider and insider. Leonel Alvarado examines his adopted country with a tender. quizzical eye. Without self-pity. these poems poke at dislocation and the ongoing work of cultural integration with humour..

Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability

Patients with intellectual disability (ID) can benefit from the full range of mental health services. To ensure that psychiatric assessment. diagnosis and treatment interventions are relevant and effective- individuals with ID should be evaluated and treated within the context of their developmental framework..

The Betrayal

In The Betrayal. the sequel to The Brickfield. Richard Mardick. now an ageing novelist. is forced by circumstances to look back on the days of his boyhood and confesses to Denys Aspin..

Jewels of Enlightenment

This selection of precious and practical quotes from great masters of Tibetan Buddhism reflects the immense variety of approaches and the profundity that have made the tapestry of Tibetan Buddhist teachings of deep interest to an ever-increasing number of readers..

Sylvia, Queen of the Headhunters

THE EXTRAORDINARY TALE OF SYLVIA BROOKE. THE LAST WHITE RULER OF THE JUNGLE KINGDOM OF BORNEOSylvia Brooke was one of the more exotic and outrageous figures of the twentieth century. Otherwise known as the Ranee of Sarawak..

Fine Cooking Italian

This collection of 200 Italian dishes has it all. from appetizers to soups. pastas to pizzas. and mains to desserts. Readers will enjoy the variety of recipes--many coming from well-known Italian cooks..

Set Theory for Improvisation Ensemble Method

"Set Theory for Improvisation Ensemble Method" is a series of books exploring the relationships of post tonal theory to contemporary improvisation. The series includes a theory book and several ensemble books..

Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Look Great

BUILD MUSCLE. LOSE FAT. LOOK GREAT is Stuarts most comprehensive book on exercise and physical improvement. While both his original BRAWN books and his New BRAWN Series are primarily targeted at bodybuilders..

Pocket Medicine

"The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Internal Medicine.".

How to Teach Your Baby Math

Glenn Doman has demonstrated time and time again that very young children are far more capable of learning than we ever imagined. He has taken his remarkable work..

A Town Called Dehra

A town which. when he knew it. was one of pony-drawn tongas and rickshaws- a town fond of gossip but tolerant of human foibles- a town of lush lichi trees. charming winter gardens and cool streams- a small town..

Boots Riley

Blending poetics. politics. and everyday life. the singular lyrics of Boots Riley. poet of the hip-hop underground are collected here..

Adventure Time Vol. 4

The highly anticipated fourth volume of the all-ages bestseller Adventure Time is here. After a nice battle of ice and saving princess. Finn and Jake discover a series of dungeons just ready for exploring..

The First English Dictionary 1604

Here is a real treat for lovers of English - the very first dictionary in our language. Contrary to popular opinion. this honour goes not to Samuel Johnson. whose definitive tome appeared in 1755..

Smilla Hockt Im Blumenbeet [GER]

Smilla hockt im Blumenbeet ist ein Vorlesebuch fur Vorschulkinder und Schulanfanger. Das Buch schildert spannend die Erlebnisse eines kleinen Madchens. die gerade eingeschult wurde. Smilla. die fast 7-jahrige Tochter von Anne und Ole Viedelchen..


The Third Edition of Biology: Science for Life with Physiology continues to draw readers into biology through engaging stories that make difficult topics more accessible and understandable..

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

A mysterious island.

An abandoned orphanage.

A strange collection of very curious photographs.

It all waits to be discovered in "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children." an unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience..

Axel Scheffler's Noisy Jungle

Happy hippos.gentle giraffes. lazy lions and frisky frogs - just some of the animals marching to the jungle beat in the wonderful Axel Scheffler's Noisy Jungle. With ten animals to count..

The Things They Carried

A classic work of American literature that has not stopped changing minds and lives since it burst onto the literary scene. "The Things They Carried" is a ground-breaking meditation on war..


A terrorist's bomb killed her brother--is Laura the next target.
Laura and Billy are all-American expat kids living in London with their parents. Charming eleven-year-old Billy wants to be an entrepreneur and is making a good start with his paper route and by selling American macaroni-and-cheese to his British friends..

Takedown Twenty

Stephanie is angry. Someone is killing old women and leaving them in dumpsters. and she's risking the wrath of the local police by investigating behind their backs. And to top that. her latest bounty is the town's much-beloved vicious mobster..

Spectrum Complete Practice and Prep, Grade 4

Help your fourth grader master grade-level skills and perform on standardized tests. With this kit. your child will strengthen skills that include multiplication. division. fractions and decimals..

Predator Deathmatch

Throughout human history gladiators have fought in various arenas for the enjoyment of others. Yet even the greatest of human champions would last mere seconds against some of nature's nightmares..

Fired Up

More than three centuries ago. Nicholas Winters irrevocably altered his genetic make up in an obsession-fueled competition with alchemist and Arcane Society founder Sylvester Jones..

Tire and Vehicle Dynamics

This is the definitive book on tire mechanics by the acknowledged world expert. It covers everything you need to know about pneumatic tires and their impact on vehicle performance. including mathematic modeling and its practical application..

Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Introduction, 5 Users

This title is part of the University Of HealthCare/ University Of Business Interactive Training Library. which offers authoritative. clearly written material in an interactive form for better comprehension and documentation of completion..

The Joy of Jquery

From the author of the #1 best seller "The Joy of PHP" comes another great beginner's guide for those seeking to learn jQuery. jQuery is a programming language you can use to create cool web applications..

1001 Walks You Must Experience Before You Die

The ever-increasing passion for recreational walking is given fresh impetus with the creation of each new national park and wilderness area. the construction of every new walkway. and the clearing of another fresh..

The Chronic Diseases

This scarce antiquarian book is included in our special Legacy Reprint Series. In the interest of creating a more extensive selection of rare historical book reprints. we have chosen to reproduce this title even though it may possibly have occasional imperfections such as missing and blurred pages..

IELTS Practice Tests Plus 2 with Key

It includes: * six complete Practice Tests incorporating the 2005 modifications to the Writing module * additional reading and writing modules for General Training candidates * a full description of the exam * strategy boxes training key sub-skills for each module * sections for assessing your writing and academic vocabulary * annotated answer key..

Music in the Human Experience

All human societies in every corner of the globe engage in music. For many. it occupies a primary role. Taken collectively. these musical experiences are widely varied. hugely complex affairs..

Transformers Rescue Bots

This bindup of illustrated. television show-based readers is sure to thrill younger Transformers fans. Includes Meet Heatwave. Meet Chase. Meet Blades. Meet Boulder. Team of Heroes..

The Dark Heart of Hollywood

This book reveals the sinister true story of the Mafia in Hollywood. Crammed with legends. myths. murders. madness. mayhem. superstar tantrums. super-sexed starlets. power brokers and politics..

Germany, Vol. 14

Excerpt from Germany. Vol. 14: Present and Past "There are but two families in the world. as my grandmother used to say: the Haves and the Havenots. and she always stuck to the former." - Don Quixote..

After Dachau

Daniel Quinn once again turns the tables and creates an 'otherworld' that is very like this one. yet fascinating beyond words. Imagine that Nazi Germany had been the first to develop the atomic bomb and the Allies surrendered..

A Christmas Carol

A ghost turns up at Ebenezer Scrooge's home one Christmas Eve. It is Jacob Marley. his business partner. who has been dead for seven years. He is dragging heavy chains. and is obviously full of great sorrow and unbearable pain..

Stamping Through Astronomy

Stamps and other postal documents are an attractive vehicle for presenting astronomy and its development. Written with expertise and great enthusiasm. this unique book offers a historical and philatelic survey of astronomy and some related topics on space exploration..

Easterleigh Hall

The first book in a compelling series set in County Durham just before the First World War. This book is perfect for fans of Longbourn and Downton Abbey. When Evie Forbes starts as an assistant cook at Easterleigh Hall..

The Book of Lost Books

In an age when deleted scenes from Adam Sandler movies are saved. it's sobering to realize that some of the world's greatest prose and poetry has gone missing. This witty..

There's No Such Thing as a Dragon

"A classic dragon tale returns in paperback."When Billy Bixbee finds a tiny dragon in his bedroom. his mom tells him. "There's no such thing as a dragon." This only makes the dragon get bigger..

Making Starships and Stargates

To create the exotic materials and technologies needed to make stargates and warp drives is the holy grail of advanced propulsion. A less ambitious. but nonetheless revolutionary..

Lea Leads the Way

Lea Clark is all set for an animal-discovery adventure She's never been to a rainforest before. and her mind is filled with exciting thoughts about the animals she'll get to see and the pictures she'll get to take deep in the jungle..

Lord of the Ambush

The revelations found in this book are going to change the way you think on so many things and in so many ways. How we once thought about the simplest of concepts. how the dynamics change and get us to think not only outside a box but outside of time..

Truth or Die

The truth will set you free-if it doesn't kill you first.

After a serious professional stumble. attorney Trevor Mann may have finally hit his stride. He's found happiness with his girlfriend Claire Parker..

Written in My Own Heart's Blood

It is June 1778. and the world seems to be turning upside down. The British Army is withdrawing from Philadelphia. with George Washington in pursuit. and for the first time it looks as if the rebels might actually win..


"This whole game is just designed to make us hate ourselves."--Shay "Uglies "told Tally Youngblood's version of life in Uglyville and the budding rebellion against the Specials. Now comes an exciting graphic novel revealing "new "adventures in the Uglies world--as seen through the eyes of Shay..


Set in the unusual land of Zamonia. this exuberant. highly original fantasy from Walter Moers features an unlikely hero. Rumo is a little Wolpertinga domesticated creature somewhere between a deer and a dogwho will one day become the greatest hero in the history of Zamonia..

Workbook 1

* Written especially for lower ability students * For every lesson spread in the Pupil Book 1 there is a corresponding Workbook page of write-in exercises..

Big Little Lies

Check out the #1"New York Times"bestseller"Big Little Lies" by Liane Moriarty. called a surefire hit by "Entertainment Weekly."

Soon to be a major HBO(r) series starring Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon

"The secrets burrowed in this seemingly placid small town..

Notes on Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Gain new perspective of Harper Lee's coming-of-age story set in a racially divided Southern town with CliffsNotes on To Kill a Mockingbird. With this study guide. you'll get to know Atticus Finch. Boo Radley..

The Model Minority Stereotype

Researchers. higher education administrators. and high school and university students desire a sourcebook like The Model Minority Stereotype: Demystifying Asian American Success. This book will assist readers in locating research and literature on the model minority stereotype..

Spider Game

In the new GhostWalker novel by the #1 "New York Times" bestselling author of "Viper Game." a trained killer meets his match in a woman whose very kiss can stop a heart.

The Cajun dive in the middle of the godforsaken swamps wasn t exactly Trap Dawkins idea of fun..

Body Confidence

The Venice Nutrition program is not a diet--it's a proactive way for anyone. at any age. to get control of their body. Known for getting participants into beach-ready shape. "Body Confidence" provides the ultimate plan for achieving lasting results..

For Every Solution, A Problem

Trashy-romance writer Gerri has it all - an overbearing family. a dead-end job. and no man but a ton of pressure to get married and have kids. Frustrated and hopeless that things will ever change. she decides it's time to transition from "tragic loser" to "tragic loss..

Hornet Flight

From the master storyteller. this is a startling new thriller set amidst the Danish Resistance. It is June 1941 and Denmark is under German occupation..

International Handbook of Research on Conceptual Change

Conceptual change research investigates the processes through which learners substantially revise prior knowledge and acquire new concepts. Tracing its heritage to paradigms and paradigm shifts made famous by Thomas Kuhn..

I am Doodle Cat

Doodle Cat is a confident squiggle. He really enjoys being red. and is just about the proudest drawing you'll ever find. Here to encourage imagination. celebrating the things you love and finding the magic in silliness..

Better Living in the Postwar World

Excerpt from Better Living in the Postwar World "Miracles Ahead - but when." That is the most baffling question that confronted the authors when they undertook this venture into the troubled realm of prophecy..

Lilith Enraptured

Alternate Reality Romance (parallel universe) Divinity Warriors 1: Lilith Enraptured Series One of the Divinity Universe Sorin of Firewall lives in a land forever at war. In fact..

Silencing Eve

When it comes to Eve Duncan. never say never. . . . Is she dead or alive. That is the question on everybody s lips. Eve appears to have been the victim of James Doane. the psychopath who kidnapped her and forced her to use her skills as a forensic sculptor to reconstruct the skull of his depraved son..

Persona 4, Volume 1

Following a string of mysterious murders. transfer student Soji Seta and his new friends have followed the legend of the Midnight Channel and found themselves pulled into another dimension In this twisted TV world..

Mercedes-Benz S-Class 1972-2013

Ever since their introduction in 1972. the S-Class saloons from Mercedes-Benz have been considered the pinnacle of automotive excellence. For most of that time. ownership of an S-Class - at least..

Living in a Globalized World

Indigenous peoples in Laos. Thailand. Vietnam. and Yunnan (in China) live in a region of massive change. fuelled by the rise of China. the end of war or sanctions. "open door" policies. and regional integration..

The Master Plan of Evangelism

For more than forty years this classic study has challenged and instructed more than 1.5 million readers in reaching the world for Christ. With a foreword by Billy Graham and now repackaged for a new generation of readers..

Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine

This is the most widely used and highly regarded textbook and reference of emergency medicine - Endorsed by the American College of Emergency Physicians..

Smart Parenting for Smart Kids

WINNER. Mom's Choice Gold Award for parenting books -- Mom's Choice Awards: The best in family-friendly media "My kid is smart. but..." It takes more than school smarts to create a fulfilling life..

Speaking in Bones

"NEW YORK TIMES" BESTSELLER First time in print: the novella "Bones on Ice"

No one speaks the language of suspense more brilliantly than Kathy Reichs. author of the acclaimed Temperance Brennan series..

French Braid Obsession

Take your French Braid quilts in a stunning new direction. using bold new colors. shapes. and techniques. Take your French Braid quilts in dramatic new directions with this superb new volume from C

Starlight on Willow Lake

#1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs sweeps readers away with a stunning tale of the delicate ties that bind a family togetherand the secrets that tear them apart..

Deluxe Oversized Squirrel Tail

Achieve the perfect squirrel costume with this Oversized Deluxe Squirrel Tail that features fuzzy brown. black. and white fur . This squirrel tail is perfect for your Halloween costume..

Vintage Trailer Style

Vintage Trailer Style is a visual voyage through the world of retro trailers. exploring both the exterior and interior design of these classic icons.Celebrating the huge resurgence of interest in modern-vintage trailering..

The Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew Collection

Nancy and her friends are headed for the shores of Cape Mermaid. New Jersey. where they are hoping to spend a fun-filled week. But as soon as they arrive at an old inn on the beach. strange things start to happen..

Not for Everyday Use: A Memoir

Tracing four days - from the moment she gets the news that her mother has passed. to her burial - Nunez tells the haunting story of her lifelong struggle to cope with the consequences of the 'sterner stuff' of her parents' ambitions for their children and her mother's seemingly unbreakable conviction that displays of affection are not for everyday use..


In the first of these linked stories. Smithy's cupboard has always been his refuge despite its different locations and uses. It serves him well in his childhood days on the Wimmera area broad-acre farm in Victoria where he was born and grew up..

Sands of Blood: Blood Crown Quest: 1

We dare you to take on the Red Queen in this choose-your-own-destiny Blood Crown Quest. The Red Queen has seized the Ruby of Death and raised an army of the dead. Now. with her husband..

When Dad Hurts Mom

Can my partner abuse me and still be a good parent. Should I stay with my partner for my children's sake. How should I talk to my children about the abuse and help them heal. Am I a bad mother..

Jazz Pianists 2016 / UK-Version

The month calendar "Jazz Pianists 2015" of the well known photographer Sven Thielmann shows 13 color portraits of such famous keyboard artists as Keith Jarrett. Dave Brubeck. Carla Bley..