Flawed Giant

In this final volume of his biography of Lyndon Johnson. Dallek takes us through Johnson's tumultuous years in the White House. his accomplishments there. and the tragic war that would be his downfall..

Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food

Ecco is thrilled to elevate international superstar Jamie Oliver to even greater heights with a bold new book of timeless recipes for soul-satisfying food. a classic-in-the-making from a beloved chefJamie Oliver's new cookbook brings together a hundred of the best comfort food recipes from around the world..

Risk Savvy

A new eye-opener on how we can make better decisions by the author of "Gut Feelings" In this age of big data we often trust that expert analysis whether it s about next year s stock market or a person s risk of getting cancer is accurate..

Charles Conder

Charles Conder was one of the youngest. most original and most talented members of the Heidelberg School of impressionist painters. and one of the few to achieve a lasting reputation outside Australia..

Breaking the Silence

This volume demonstrates the power of art therapy as a tool for intervening with children from violent homes. Emphasis is given to the short-term setting where time is at a premium and circumstances are unpredictable - because within this setting..

Living at the End of Time

In this second book in his Scratch Flat Chronicles. John Hanson Mitchell tells how he set out to recreate Henry David Thoreau's two years at Walden Pond in a replica of Thoreau's cabin..

The Shape of Knitting

In The Shape of Knitting. Lynne Barr gives readers a fascinating. in depth course on the techniques that can be used to shape flat and dimensional pieces of knitting increases..

Before the Next Bomb Drops

"Before the Next Bomb Drops "explores the Israeli occupation of Palestine and US militarism through a poetic lens..


Eschewing the usual criteria of chart success or acknowledged influence. the "Copendium" - a collection of album reviews and themed track samplers - takes energy. originality and heaviness as its bearings..

The Poems of Wilfred Owen

18th March 1993 is the centenary of Wilfred Owen's birth. To mark the Event Chatto is reissuing the definitive single-volume edition of Owen's famous war poems. complied by Jon Stallworthy from his scholarly 2-volume edition..

Let's Play and Learn Together

Playing with your baby is more than fun and games: it's the key to building a strong relationship with your infant and providing important early stimulation that promotes learning and development..

Salman Rushdie's 'Midnight's Children'

Roman Critical Context brings together the very best of contemporary critical thinking and a selection of earlier commentaries. This collection of critical essays on Salman Rushdie's 'Midnight's Children' provides in-depth intellectual and critical analysis of the text from a broad scholarly perspective..

A Perfect Halloween

Share another vibrant autumn season with Mouse and Mole in the sixth installment of this Geisel Honor Award winning series. ""Eeny. meeny. miny. mumpkin Which of you will be my pumpkin..

Through the Looking Glass

The convulsive history of foreign journalists in China starts with the newspapers printed in the European Factories of Canton in the 1820s and ends with the Communist revolution in 1949. It also starts with a duel between two editors over the future of China and ends with a fistfight in Shanghai over the revolution..

The Major Film Theories

Dudley Andrew is a master at making the world of film theory accessible to a largely mystified public. Since the publication of his Major Film Theories. a classic in the field. the sophistication of the debate concerning the proper approach to film has grown..

Heal Your Eye Problems with Herbs, Minerals and Vitamins

This New Zealand book was written by Max Crarer of Wairoa while in his mid-70's. It tells the true story of how several years earlier he accidentally healed his Glaucoma (of 12 years standing) by the use of minerals and vitamins..

Python Essential Reference

Python Essential Reference is the definitive reference guide to the Python programming language - the one authoritative handbook that reliably untangles and explains both the core Python language and the most essential parts of the Python library..

More No Holds Barred Fighting

This advanced guide to submission wrestling -- the underlying fighting skill associated with such events as the Ultimate Fighting Championships. the King of the Cage. and the Pride Fighting Championships -- continues the straightforward..

Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba. is best known for his career at Chelsea.whose supporters voted him the club's greatest ever player and where he scored more goals than any other foreign player and is the club's fourth highest goal scorer of all time..

Lupin III: v. 6

Monkey Punch's Lupin III franchise follows the exploits of master thief. Lupin III. and his fellow partners-in-crime. Jigen. Goemon. and Fujiko. Over the 35 years since the first installment of Lupin's exploits appeared in print in Japan..

Wild Fire (Leopard)

Called on a dangerous assignment. leopard shifter Conner Vega returns to the Panama rain forest of his homeland. looking every bit the civilized male. But as a member of the most lethal of the shifter tribes..

Double Cross in Cairo

As part of the infamous Double Cross operation. Jewish double agent Renato Levi proved to be one of the Allies' most devastating weapons in World War Two. ln 1941. with the help of Ml6. Levi built an extensive spy-ring in North Africa and the Middle East..

Flamingo's Smile

"His fourth volume of imaginative. witty essays...equals Gould's prize-winning The Panda's Thumb and The Mismeasure of Man".--Publisher's Weekly. Photographs..

Kisses on a Postcard

13th June. 1940. Carefully labelled. and each clutching a little brown suitcase. Terry. aged seven. and his elder brother Jack. eleven. stand amid the throng of chattering children which crowds the narrow platform at Welling station..


1952. Twelve years have passed since Churchill lost to the appeasers and Britain surrendered to Nazi Germany after Dunkirk. As the long German war against Russia rages on in the east. the British people find themselves under dark authoritarian rule: the press..

Classics Illustrated Deluxe #7

Jules Verne's adventure story about a wager to circumvent the globe in 80 days was so popular when it was first published that it spawned several real-life copycats who tried to replicate the adventures of Phileas Fogg and his valet Passepartout..

Skullcandy Ink'd Earbuds - Green/Black

Leaving an undisputed mark on critics and believers alike. this popular bud has been re-shaped. re-tuned and re-produced for true fans. Complete with Supreme Sound..

The Cactus Valley Boarding School

Kathlyn Farrel had never been away from home without her parents for more than a weekend. much less out of the country. So you can imagine her shock when her parents announce that they have decided to send her to boarding school in Dallas for a year..

Notebook of Roses and Civilization

The heat of summer on an earlobe. a parking meter. the shadow of crabs and pigeons under a cherry tree. an olive. a shoulder blade - in the poems of Nicole Brossard these concrete. quotidian things move languorously through the senses to find a place beyond language..

Sizzling Sixteen

Trenton. New Jersey. bounty hunter Stephanie Plum has inherited a "lucky" bottle from her Uncle Pip. Problem is. Uncle Pip didn't specify if the bottle brought good luck or bad luck. . . . BAD LUCK: Vinnie..

The Common Good and Christian Ethics

The Common Good and Christian Ethics rethinks the ancient tradition of the common good in a way that addresses contemporary social divisions. both urban and global. David Hollenbach draws on social analysis..

Made in Flanders

The subject of this monograph is the prolific mid-fifteenth-century Flemish book illuminator whom Friedrich Winkler first identified and named in 1915 after a richly decorated copy of the statutes and privileges of Ghent and Flanders made for Philip the Good..

Cakes in Space

Get ready for killer cupcakes. Deadly donuts. And an outer space adventure with illustrations on almost every page. Astra s family is moving to a whole new planet..

Yo-Kai Are Real! (Yo-Kai Watch : Reader #1)

This full-color early reader tells the story of the first Yo-Kai Watch episode. Meet Nate and Whisper. his Yo-Kai "butler" -- and then join Nate as he discovers the mysterious world of Yo-Kai and learns how he can help them..

Breaking Rules

Why do certain people commit acts of crime. Why does crime happen in certain places. Presenting an ambitious new study designed to test a pioneering new theory of the causes of crime..


What if a candidate who promised hope and change had agreed to staff his campaign with Wall Street insiders in exchange for very secret campaign cash. And what if those insiders then made sure that none of their own ever got caught when the financial crisis exploded..


A fresh new look at the classic. strategic card game that's been a favorite with kids and adults for years. Skip-Bo s the ultimate sequencing card game from the makers of UNO..


This text aims to provide students with the basic understanding of the origin of landforms and the processes that shape them. The book provides the elementary concepts that can be identified..

Spelling Bee Brainiac

Includes: 600 cards. each with a spelling word. part of speech. pronunciation. definition. sample sentence. and a fun clue to help you remember how to spell the word Three difficulty levels and a fun point-scoring challenge so all ages can participate Portable box for a spelling bee anytime..

Newton on the Christian Life

Exploring the life of a slave trader turned hymn writer. this book looks to the pastoral legacy of John Newton. whose hundreds of extant letters offer modern Christians valuable insights into the Christian life..

80 Best-Ever Projects Origami

This book presents origami techniques. examples and projects to stimulate. entertain and delight. It provides detailed advice on choosing appropriate paper. paperfolding techniques and base folds..

International Human Resource Management

Since the late 1970s. scholars and practitioners of international management have paid increasing attention to the impact of globalisation on the management of human resources across national boundaries..

Realizing Rigor in the Mathematics Classroom

Rigor: The Common Core has made it policy--and this first-of-its-kind guide takes math teachers and leaders through the process of making it reality. Using the Proficiency Matrix as a framework..

Ireland Marco Polo Spiral Guide

For advice you can trust. look no further than Marco Polo. Ireland Marco Polo Spiral Guide is a compact travel guide for people who have little time to prepare for a trip..

Mammoth Book of Best New SF

For decades now Gardner Dozois has been presenting his annual selection of the very best of recently published SF stories. both byoutstanding up-and-coming writers and undisputed masters of the genre..

The Tomb

Much to the chagrin of his girlfriend. Gia. Repairman Jack doesn t deal with appliances he fixes situations for people. situations that too often land him in deadly danger. His latest fix is nding a stolen necklace which..

Diagnostic Dermoscopy

Ideal for clinic use. both for diagnosis and for explaining to the patient. this guide provides: * A quick reference atlas guide to the diagnosis skin lesions. especially. but not limited to..

The Positive Psychology of Buddhism and Yoga, 2nd Edition

This book describes Buddhist-Yogic ideas in relation to those of contemporary Western psychology. The book begins with the Buddhist view of the human psyche and of the human condition. This leads to the question of what psychological changes need to be made to improve that condition..

Interviews for Beginners

An informative self-help book for interview beginners. including how to answer 20 commonly asked interview questions. The book will be of particular interest to interview beginners..

Ford Madox Ford's Modernity

Ford Madox Ford's Modernity explores the relation between modern writing and modern experience. It examines how his prose registers the impact on society and the arts of new technologies..

The Real Chopper

Criminal. murderer. raconteur. author ...mythmaker. Mark Brandon 'Chopper' Read is undoubtedly Australia's best - known criminal. Author of many bestselling books about the underworld he inhabited..

The Spook's Tale and Other Horrors

The Last Apprentice series follows the terrifying adventures of the Spook's apprentice. Thomas Ward. But Tom's is only one story. There are others. . . . The Spook himself was once an apprentice..

The Unexpected Professor

Best known for his provocative take on cultural issues in The Intellectuals and the Masses and What Good Are the Arts.. John Carey describes in this warm and funny memoir the events that formed him - an escape from the London blitz to an idyllic rural village..

Dressing Up

With over 50 reusable stickers. this is a stimulating play-and-learn book for preschool kids. It is full of photos of children and toys in various disguises - from a flashy film star to a scary skeleton..

Kill Order

Read the fourth book in the #1 "New York Times" bestselling Maze Runner series. perfect for fans of "The Hunger Games" and "Divergent." The first book..

Planet of Exile [With Earbuds]

As the planet Werel enters its long winter. tensions strain the relations between its two populations. the native nomadic hilfs and the colony of stranded Earthmen. But the two peoples share not only a common genetic heritage but common enemies as well..

A History of the Twentieth Century in 100 Maps

The twentieth century was a golden age of mapmaking. an era of cartographic boom. Maps proliferated and permeated almost every aspect of daily life. not only chronicling geography and history but also charting and conveying myriad political and social agendas..

Medical Error and Harm

Recent debate over healthcare and its spiraling costs has brought medical error into the spotlight as an indicator of everything that is ineffective. inhumane. and wasteful about modern medicine. But while the tendency is to blame it all on human error..

Who Rules Japan?

The dramatic growth of the Japanese economy in the postwar period. and its meltdown in the 1990s. has attracted sustained interest in the power dynamics underlying the management of Japan's administrative state..

Writers on Organizations

This handy compendium gives easy access to the principal ideas of the leading authorities. while brief. clear resumes bring out the main thrust of their thinking. This fifth edition of an evergreen resource for student and manager alike adds Charles Handy..

The Ragtime Fool [Large Print]

It's 1951. and ragtime is making a comeback. In Sedalia. Missouri. plans are well along for a ceremony to honor Scott Joplin. Brun Campbell. the old Ragtime Kid. is working to establish Joplin's legacy..

Roger Casement

A fascinating examination of the extraordinary life of Roger Casement. executed as part of the 1916 rising. fighting the empire that had previously knighted him. Roger Casement was a British consul for two decades..

Polymers at Cryogenic Temperatures

Kalia and Fu's novel monograph covers cryogenic treatment. properties and applications of cryo-treated polymer materials. Written by numerous international experts..

Auguste Rodin [GER]

Excerpt from Auguste Rodin Rodin war einsam vor seinem Ruhmc. Und der Ruhm. der kam. hat ihn vielleicht noch einsamer gemacht. Denn Ruhm ist schliefilich nur der Inbegriff allcr MiBverstandnissc..

F-104 Starfighter Units in Combat

This title covers the technical characteristics of the F-104 Starfighter. one of the most widely-used and popular aircraft in history. Although built in small numbers for the USAF. the F-104C fought and survived for almost three years in Vietnam..

MCQS in Plastic Facial Skin Reconstruction

This comprehensive multiple-choice questions book covers all aspects of facial skin reconstruction. It uses real clinical scenarios with extensive answers based on text books and current literature..

Dragon Age

BioWare's newest game Dragon Age will expand the universe of their epic series in profound ways. This comprehensive book of lore features exclusive art and information. exploring every corner of this dark fantasy masterpiece..

Comics for Phonics

Comics for Phonics are the fun new way to reward young readers. Every comic is 100% phonically decodable. so kids can reinforce all the literacy skills they learn at school without even noticing it. Every comic in Comics for Phonics is jam packed with stunning artwork..

Alex Cross, Run

Kill Alex Cross was "Patterson at the top of his game" (Washington Post). Alex Cross. Run is even better. DON'T LOOK. ALEX CROSS Top plastic surgeon Elijah Creem is renowned for his skills in the operating room..

Beach Music

Jack McCall. living in Rome with his daughter after the suicide of his wife. finds his solitude disturbed by the appearance of his sister-in-law. She begs his help in tracking down a former classmate who went underground as a Vietnam protester--and never resurfaced..

The Dance

Welcome to "The Dance. " the wise and practical book that expands on Oriah Mountain Dreamer's new moving prose poem. In this compelling book the acclaimed author of "The Invitation" challenges readers to live with passion..


From Dan Lepard. the country's favourite baker and author of Short and Sweet. an allergy-aware baking book that caters to every diet. without compromising on taste or quality..

Feasting on the Gospels--Luke

Feasting on the Gospels is a new seven-volume series that follows up on the success of the Feasting on the Word series to provide another trusted preaching resource. this time on the most prominent and preached upon most preached upon books in the Bible: the four Gospels..

Menopause Breakthroughs

Menopause can be a challenging time not just for women but for their partners and families. For women it's the end of their potential to be mothers and. while for some that's a relief. for others it can be a time of considerable sadness..

Visual Basic 6 For Dummies

Create your own custom Visual Basic programs fast for Windows 95. Windows 98. and Windows NT with the power and friendly object-oriented interface of Microsoft's Visual Basic 6 with Visual Basic 6 For Dummies..

Illustrated Ninja Handbook

In "The Art of War." Sun Tzu says: "If you know the enemy and you know yourself. you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." Welcome to the secret world of the ninja master. "The Illustrated Ninja Handbook" is your ultimate guide to the esoteric knowledge and teachings of the ancient Japanese shinobi..

New York Notebook

'New York Notebook' features over 50 drawings and watercolours by artist Fabrice Moireau. who turns his keen eye and delicate brush to recording the enchanting architecture of this fascinating city..

How Literature Saved My Life

Blending confessional criticism and cultural autobiography. David Shields explores the power of literature to make life survivable. maybe even endurable. Evoking his deeply divided personality..

Practical Psychiatry in the Long-Term Care Facility

This book discusses psychiatry. psychiatric nursing. and geriatrics. It is suitable for psychiatrists. psychiatric nurses. nursing home staff. and administrators. This is a practical book. aimed at providing training and guidance for staff members in long-term care facilities..

International Critical Pedagogy Reader

Carefully curated to highlight research from more than twenty countries. the International Critical Pedagogy Reader introduces the ways the educational phenomenon that is critical pedagogy are being reinvented and reframed around the world..

The Promise of Hope

Kofi Awoonor. one of Ghana's most accomplished poets. had for almost half a century committed himself to teaching. political engagement and the literary arts. The one constant that guided and shaped his many occupations and roles in life was poetry..

The Maker's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

What will you do on the inevitable day that zombies finally overrun the planet. Grab The Maker's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse from under your bed. follow the instructions. and fortify your house..

The Shallow Seas

In Volume 2 of The Straits Quartet. Charlotte Macleod is nineteen. pregnant. and alone in 1842. She is fleeing a scandalous liaison with her married Chinese lover. a liaison which would bring ruin on him..

Soldiers and Statesmen

Which generals were most influential in World War II. Did Winston Churchill really see himself as culturally "half American". What really caused the break between Harry S. Truman and Dwight Eisenhower..

Knick Knack Paddy Whack

-A new edition of a Barefoot bestseller with sales to date of over 4.000 copies. -With a simple counting theme and a CD that introduces nine different musical instruments. this book is ideal for Early Years learning..

Does the Soul Survive?

Near-death experiences. Channeling the dead. Is this sort of thing Jewish. Do we have a soul that survives our earthly existence. To know the answer is to find greater understanding. comfort and purpose in our lives - and in our deaths..

The Auto-Biography of Goethe

The playwright and critic John Oxenford (1812-77) had an acute aptitude for languages. Although he translated both Moliere and Calderon into English. he specialised in German translations and set high standards..

Imager's Challenge

"Imager's Challenge" takes up immediately after the conclusion of "Imager". Still recovering from injuries received in foiling the plots of the Ferran envoy. Rhenn is preparing to take up his new duties as imager liaison to the Civic Patrol of L'Excelsis..

The Wild Rabbit

THE WILD RABBIT: a love story in ghosts by sophia starmack "The poems in THE WILD RABBIT grant priority to the female in wildly enchanting and evocative ways. Inside their understated beauty and sensuality..