Let Us Go Up to Zion

This volume honours Professor H. G. M. Williamson. Regius Professor of Hebrew at Oxford University through a collection of essays by colleagues and former students from across the globe..

Barron's French-English Dictionary

This comprehensive foreign-language reference volumes features 100.000 entries with translations. making it an ideal reference book for schools. libraries. businesses. and the home bookshelf. Its manageable size and reasonable price also makes it a practical learning tool for students taking a foreign-language course..

The New Catholic Bible

Confused about which Bible to choose. Bewildered by all the different choices. Here is a Bible tailor-made for every Catholic. It will lead you through the exact same English texts that the Church uses at each Mass..

True Grit

Here at last. is Commando's toughest-ever collection of Second World War stories. True Grit showcases the best fighting action - on land. sea and air - from over 40 years of Commando comics..

Sea of Swords (Forgotten Realms

The Legend of Drizzt(R) comes to an end . . . For now.
The mighty warhammer Aegis-fang has found its way into the hands of the wicked pirate captain Sheila Kree. and Wulfgar is hot on her trail..

Coaching Soccer For Dummies

Packed with drills and tips for practice and game days The fun and easy way(r) to kick-start your soccer coaching skills Volunteering as a youth soccer coach can be a great experience. both for you and your squad..

Data Envelopment Analysis

Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) has grown has grown into a powerful quantitative. analytical tool for measuring and evaluating performance. It has been successfully applied to a host of different entities engaged in a wide variety of activities in many complex..

A Companion to Latin American Philosophy

This comprehensive collection of original essays written by an international group of scholars addresses the central themes in Latin American philosophy. * Represents the most comprehensive survey of historical and contemporary Latin American philosophy available today * Comprises a specially commissioned collection of essays..

The Blueberry Princess

Princess Lara is not like most princesses in an everyday fairy tale. She is a spoiled little princess who lives in the Land of Blueberry. One day. while being her usual spoiled self..

The Working Reader

Forty short selections for essay-level developmental writers focus on work and the workplace. Writing activities focus on the types of writing that students will be required to do when they start to work..

On the Abolition of All Polictical

Simone Weil-philosopher. activist. mystic-is one of the most uncompromising of modern spiritual masters. In "On the Abolition of All Political Parties" she challenges the foundation of the modern liberal political order..

Friendships Don't Just Happen!

Every woman is searching for a happier. healthier. more fulfilling life. Many realize the significant role that an intimate. tightly knit circle of friends plays in creating a more fulfilling life..

Itil Exam Prep Questions, Answers,

Countless time and money is spent preparing for the ITIL Foundation exam. So why aren't students laser-focused on taking practice exams before attempting the real thing..

The Overloaded Ark

Gerald Durrell. director and owner of Jersey Zoo. was internationally famous for his amusing books about collecting wild animals. in particular My Family and Other Animals. But The Overloaded Ark. his first..

Ski Jump ActiveTeach CD-ROM

This ActiveTeach CD-ROM supports Ski Jump by John Townsend and includes: * a copy of the book on-screen. perfect for whole-class teaching. * a bank of activities..

Thank You

Use the soft and cuddly finger puppet to act out Puppy's little story and learn the power of saying thank you. This little puppet book is a perfect teaching aid. highlighting the importance of manners and kindness..

Father Allan

Early on a Sunday morning in October 1905. in Eriskay. one of the smallest and most isolated of Hebridean islands. a forty-five year old Catholic parish priest died of pleurisy..

Cerebellum and Neuronal Plasticity

This book contains twenty-two chapters which are based on talks given at a conference held at Magdalen College. Oxford in April 1986. The par- ticipants in the conference came from a number of countries and repre- sented several disciplines..


Excerpt from Europe: Through a Woman's Eye Bacon's Essay on travel. written when the great age of discovery and travel was just opening upon the world. is still the wisest summary of good counsel on the subject that can anywhere be found..

Granta 78: Bad Company (Granta

A fiction special. introducing two new authors. Gary Shteyngart is not yet 30. His story. "Several Anecdotes About My Wife". is a funny and scurrilous account of a young Russian immigrant's disastrous marriage to a native New Yorker..

Pretty Little Liars #16

Vicious is the explosive conclusion to Sara Shepard's #1 New York Times bestselling Pretty Little Liars series. perfect for fans of the hit ABC Family original TV show based on the series..

Being in It for the Species

This Book is a Manifesto of Hope for the Future and the Promise of Enduring Freedom for Our Species The timing of this book is no accident. for humanity now stands upon the precipice of a long and grueling tribulation..

Find It!

Spin it. twist it. shake it. it's so much fun. Kids and adults will become addicted to this colorful. fun game for the kid in all of us. This contained adventure will have you looking at it for hours trying to find the objects inside..

Music, the Brain and Ecstasy

What makes a distant oboe's wail beautiful. Why do some kinds of music lift us to ecstasy. but not others. How can music make sense to an ear and brain evolved for detecting the approaching lion or tracking the unsuspecting gazelle..

Practical Botany for Gardeners

Gardening can be frustratingly shrouded in secrecy. Fickle plants make seemingly spontaneous decisions to bloom or bust. seeds sprout magicallyin the blink of an eye. and deep-rooted mysteries unfold underground and out of sight..

The Intrigue

As scandal and intrigue swirl around her. Jessica must discover where the heart finds true happiness...Mannerling. the splendid family estate gambled away by Sir Beverley..


Duck and Goose attempt to find a hiding place where they can wait for the Easter Bunny without being seen. Full color..

My Brother Bert

Playful illustrations by Pearson offer a bright and funny new interpretation of Hughes's classic poem about a little girl who gets into her brother's zoo-worthy collection of animals. Full color..

Confidence Men

In this gripping. revelatory. and brilliantly reported book. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Suskind tells for the first time the full story of America s financial meltdown and an untested new president charged with commanding Washington..

Talk Italian (1and 2) Box Set

Learn Italian quickly and easily with the Talk Italian Pack. which combines the bestselling Talk Italian and Talk Italian 2. Featuring interactive audio and a wealth of enjoyable activities. its successful step-by-step approach will rapidly develop your language skills and encourage you to make genuine progress right from the start..

The Junior Gourmet

Take your tastebuds on a trip around the world and learn to cook these authentic. simple and delicious recipes. Explore the signature dishes and cooking techniques from Morocco to Mexico and many places in between..

Rugby Academy: Combat Zone

First title in a rugby trilogy. Borderlands is no ordinary school - all of the students boarding there have parents in the armed forces. and the UK is drawing perilously close to war in the Middle East..

Gerry Tales

In this collection of personal essays. Gerry Boylan recounts a lifetime of adventures and misadventures. His stories are sweet. loopy. and hilarious. ranging from hitchhiking experiences gone awry to the birth of his first child (sans painkillers or doctors..

Victims and Restorative Justice

Restorative justice aims to address the consequences of crime by encouraging victims and offenders to communicate and discuss the harm caused by the crime that has been committed..

De-Junk Your Mind

'I have a really simple view of life. We're here for a good time. not a long time. so make every minute count. Like the physical clutter in your home. mental clutter slowly creeps up over the years without your even noticing..

Game Seven

A fastball of a book by Paul Volponi an author who knows sports and suspense

Julio Ramirez Jr. lives in the shadow of his famous father. Not just because Julio Senior is a pitcher for the Miami Marlins and famous for his scorching fastball..

Swallows and Waves

"Seated one. loved by the lavishing comband fingers of another woman demon-strating how attention and technique coalesceinto art. Where to gowhen the mother is gone.All occupations form to replace her..

The Price of Civilization

A searing and incisive diagnosis of our country's economic ills. and an urgent call for Americans to restore the core virtues of fairness. honesty. and foresight as the foundations of national prosperity..

Three Famines

Through the lens of three of the most devastating food crises in modern history-the Gorta Mor of British-ruled Ireland. the great famine of British-ruled Bengal in 1943. and the string of famines that plagued Ethiopia during the 1970s and 1980s..

A Year Full of Stories

In the tradition of Richard Scarry. this is a fabulous treasure trove of 366 original stories. pictures and rhymes - something for every day of the year and for every child's birthday. Brimming with clever and humorous story-telling and glorious full colour illustrations..

How to Make $100 a Month in the Stock Market

"What if you could bet someone $100 that a stock won't be lower than it is today 1 month from now." This book is the attempt to write the book I wish I found first to get started in Trading cutting through financial jargon..


Many people have a hobby that verges on obsession. Albert Prince's obsession happens to be cutting people. especially pretty girls. There's nothing he loves more than breaking into a stranger's house and letting his imagination--and his knife--run wild..

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter's summer has included the worst birthday ever. doomy warnings from a house-elf called Dobby. and rescue from the Dursleys by his friend Ron Weasley in a magical flying car..

Last Days of Jesus

Two thousand years ago. Jesus walked across Galilee- everywhere he traveled he gained followers. His contemporaries are familiar historical figures: Julius Caesar..

The White Queen

The inspiration for the critically acclaimed Starz miniseries "The White Queen." #1 "New York Times" bestselling author Philippa Gregory brings to life the extraordinary story of Elizabeth Woodville..

Child Murder and British Culture, 1720 -1900

In this wide-ranging study. Josephine McDonagh examines the idea of child murder in British culture in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Analysing texts drawn from economics..

The Guardians of Ga'Hoole

GUARDIANS OF GA'HOOLE is a classic hero mythology about the fight between good and evil. This series is filled with adventure. suspense. and heart. In the first book in the GUARDIANS... series..

The Strain Pop! Vinyl - Vaun

From the FX television series. The Strain. it's Vaun. The characters from this horror drama have been given the POP treatment. Vaun stands 3 3/4 Inch and comes in a window display box..

30 Lessons for Living

Heartfelt and ever-endearing equal parts information and inspiration. This is a book to keep by your bedside and return to often. --Amy Dickinson. nationally syndicated advice columnist "Ask Amy" After a chance encounter with a remarkable ninety-year-old woman..

The Story of a Pioneer, an Autobiography

This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important. and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact..

The New Life / La Vita Nuova

This youthful masterpiece by the author of The Divine Comedy recounts the love and loss of Beatrice. Dante's lifelong inspiration. An allegory of spiritual crisis and growth. it combines prose and poetry in a powerful work in the literature of love..

The Vat Handbook

Taxpayers often pay over more to the Receiver than required. and nowhere is this more evident than in the payment of Value Added Tax. There are thousands of VAT vendors in South Africa who are obliged to prepare a VAT return every two months..

RED TEARS: A Path to Beauty

Today of all days is the time to see and feel the RED TEARS and allow them to touch your heart and soul. Yet to bring a newness of life with warmth. love. peace and humo.

Through The Triangle

Mysterious places exist in this world. where the unexplained is more common than one would expect. There are areas where people. watercraft. and airplanes have vanished. as if they never existed..

Heaven Changes Everything

There's so much more to the story. Todd and Sonja Burpo's almost-four-year-old son Colton made an unforgettable trip to heaven and back during the darkest. most-stressed-out days of their lives..

Risveglia Il Tuo Italiano! Awaken Your Italian!

What if you could learn something useful for yourself and your life while learning a new language. With Awaken Your Italian. you will: *Finally set your goal of practicing the language- * Learn how to relax at will before speaking Italian *Relax while learning new empowering words and techniques as well as the Italian language that conveys them *Have fun with five key lessons in mental training where the main character is YOU..

Wenda Gu at Dartmouth

This fully illustrated catalogue chronicles avant-garde artist Wenda Gu's creation of two installations. united nations: the green house and united nations: united colors..

Blood and Fire

Based on long-term fieldwork. six vivid ethnographies from Colombia. India. Poland. Spain and the southern and northern U.S. address the dwindling importance of labor throughout the world..

Learn Corona SDK Game Development

Corona SDK is one of the most popular app and game mobile development platforms in the world. and Learn Corona SDK Game Development walks you through creating a full-featured Corona game from scratch to the App Store..

Becoming a Design Entrepreneur

Any designer who runs a studio. office. or firm is entrepreneurial. In fact. anyone with a studio already has an infrastructure for entrepreneurial content development. and with the technological developments over the last few decades..


'That night he did something so controversial that he'd rather be suspected of murder than tell anyone what he was really doing. What could possibly be worse than that.' Trainee journalist Annika Bengtzon has secured a summer placement at Sweden's biggest tabloid newspaper..

Attack of the Invisible Cats

The Phanty-Cats have escaped from the Phantom Zone and finding them won't be easy. These feline felons are invisible. The Space Canine Patrol Agents must rely on their snouts instead of their sight to catch these criminal kitties once and for all..

Idiot America

With his razor-sharp wit and erudite reasoning. veteran journalist Charles Pierce - revered for his brilliant Esquire essays - delivers a gut-wrenching. side-splitting lament about the glorification of ignorance in the US..

Paramilitary Loyalism

This book takes a provocative second look at paramilitary loyalism. charting the evolution of the loyalist identity through more than forty years of conflict and peace..

The Medical Elite

In the tradition of C. Wright Mills. Stephen J. Miller defines and analyzes the power of the medical elite in American elite. He describes a group of interns who are becoming the successors of the physicians who determine the character of medicine in a complex society..

Partition and Locality

Partition and Locality provides original and challenging insights into the processes of violence. demographic transformation and physical reconstruction arising from the partition of the subcontinent in 1947..

We Have Capture

What an amazing career. Tom Stafford attained the highest speed ever reached by a test pilot (28.547 mph). carried a cosmonaut s coffin with Soviet Secretary Leonid Brezhnev..

The Year of Luminous Love

In the vein of "Eat. Pray. Love. " but for teens. this inspirational novel is set in Tennessee horse country. as well as the historic cities and picturesque countryside of Italy..

Information and Communications Security

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Information and Communications Security. ICICS 2009. held in Beijing. China. in December 2009.

The 37 revised full papers presented together with one invited paper were carefully reviewed and selected from 162 submissions..

Taming the Black Dog of Depression

This is my story of how I tamed what Winston Churchill referred to as his "BLACK DOG" of depression. It was written just for you. You have either suffered from episodes of depression..

Penny Stocks For Dummies

Want to make a big bet on an economic recovery in the U.S.. Start thinking small. The growing popularity of penny stocks can be attributed to a combination of increased understanding and tough economic times..

Spelling Workout Homeschool Bundle, Level H

Your child will have to write in his or her daily life both in college and beyond. so being able to spell with proficiency is very important. While giving your child a strong Spelling foundation may seem like a serious matter..

Reading Celebrity Gossip Magazines

Americans are obsessed with celebrities. While our fascination with fame intensified throughout the twentieth century. the rise of the weekly gossip magazine in the early 2000s confirmed and fueled our popular culture s celebrity mania..

Let Me Sing You Gentle Songs

In a wintry landscape in the Swedish countryside. the paths of two women cross. One bleak March evening Veronika. a young writer. arrives in a small village in pursuit of stillness and solitude to enable her to come to terms with grief and loss..

The Daughter of Donagh

Excerpt from The Daughter of Donagh: A Cromwellian Drama in Four Acts Introduction. - In the following Drama the Author aims at realising the facts of a historical epoch. and its result on Irish life and politics since then till now..

A Practical Guide to Acu-points

This book is an exceptionally well-illustrated guide to the location and properties of channels and acupoints. Whereas most good books on the subject give needle depth and other useful information for the acupuncturist..

The Mountain Shadow

"Shantaram" introduced millions of readers to a cast of unforgettable characters through Lin. an Australian fugitive. working as a passport forger for a branch of the Bombay mafia..

Roses are Red

A series of meticulously planned bank robberies end in murder. and Alex Cross must pit his wits against the sadistic mastermind behind the crimes. Although torn between dedication to his job and commitment to his family..

Freud on Course

'At my Devon school. lessons were optional and I did not go to a lot. A friend's father took us to Buckfastleigh racecourse where there were bookmakers and tic-tac men. Tote windows and people asking each other what they knew (at school..

The Bhakti-Yoga Handbook

The Bhakti-yoga Handbook A Guide for Beginning the Essentials of Devotional Yoga This book is a guide for anyone who wants to begin the practice of bhakti-yoga in a practical and effective way..

In the Shadow of Violence

This book applies the conceptual framework of Douglass C. North. John Joseph Wallis and Barry R. Weingast's Violence and Social Orders (Cambridge University Press. 2009) to nine developing countries..

The Runaways [Region A] [Blu-ray]

The Runaways were the ground-breaking. all girl. teenage rock band of the 1970s. Friends. Joan Jett and Cherie Currie went from rebellious Southern California kids to rock stars of the now legendary group that paved the way for future generations of girl bands..

We All Looked Up

Four high school seniors put their hopes. hearts. and humanity on the line as an asteroid hurtles toward Earth in this contemporary novel.

They always say that high school is the best time of your life..

Sub-state Nationalism

A major feature of the political development of western democracies is the growth of indigenous. ethnic and national groups striving for political self-determination. This book analyses the institutional responses individual governments have made to these demands..

The Critic

The Enzo Files: Book Two. GAILLAC. SOUTH-WEST FRANCE. A bottled-up secret. Gil Petty. America's most celebrated wine critic. is found strung up in a vineyard. dressed in the ceremonial robes of the Order of the Divine Bottle and pickled in wine..

Superior Health

This powerful book will help you learn how to achieve great health and happiness through the incredible teachings and wisdom of Eastern philosophies and medicine. These profound techniques cover all aspects of the human being- to create abundant energy..

Dionysian Economics

Nietzsche distinguished between two forces in art: Apollonian. which represents order and reason. and Dionysian. which represents chaos and energy. An ideal work of art combines these two characteristics in a believable..

Lots of Bots!

"Lots of Bots." is the first title in a new pop-up series by David A. Carter. creator of the hugely successful Bugs in a Box series. Kids will learn counting from 1 to 10 and the more advanced can count all of the 55 Bots in this book..

The Hollywood Survival Guide for Actors

The Hollywood Survival Guide For Actors is a 352 page reference guide written by working actress and MENSA member Kym Jackson (Criminal Minds. Snitch. NCIS: LA)..

Things That Make Us Smart

In Things That Make Us Smart. Donald A. Norman explores the complex interaction between human thought and the technology it creates. arguing for the development of machines that fit our minds..