Data Communication and Networking

Data Communication and Networking. First Edition provides a solid. thorough overview of data communications and networking for Engineering Technology programs. This text covers information for one or more courses spanning digital communication systems..

It's Kind of a Funny Story

Like many ambitious New York City teenagers. Craig Gilner sees entry into Manhattan's Executive Pre-Professional High School as the ticket to his future..

Hope's Revolutionary War Diary #1

Nine-year-old Hope writes about her life as a patriot in 1776 Philadelphia. as the British try to take over her city and defeat the Continental Army..

Hot Belly Diet

From an internationally recognized physician who combines Eastern and Western medicine. a groundbreaking diet and total body health plan centered on digestive balance and metabolic transformation..

Whatever After #2

This second book in Sarah Mlynowski's charming series puts a fresh spin on the Cinderella story.
Happily ever . . . uh-oh.
This time. the magic mirror swept me and my brother into Cinderella's fairy tale..

Notes on the Mosquito

"In the crevices of history. mosquitoes are everywhere." Xi Chuan writes. Notes on the Mosquito introduces English readers to one of the most revered poets of contemporary China..

Digital Gold

Bitcoin. the landmark digital money and financial technology. has spawned a global social movement with utopian ambitions. The notion of a new currency. maintained by the computers of users around the world..

Awakening Your Psychic Powers - Edgar Cayce

We all have psychic experiences without even realizing it. Now you can harness the power of your inborn psychic awareness.In his lifetime. American visionary Edgar Cayce introduced thousands to the wonders of psychic awareness..


This book presents sixteen essays in the new literacy studies tradition. written during the period 1985-2010. It covers a diverse range of themes with a particular emphasis on topics of cultural..

The Glorious Heresies

'The Glorious Heresies heralds the arrival of a glorious. foul-mouthed. fizzing new talent' SUNDAY TIMES 'Totally and unmistakably the real deal' KEVIN BARRY 'A real stunner- a wild ride of a read' DONAL RYAN 'A gripping and often riotously funny tale' COLIN BARRETT 'A punchy..

Learn to Dance on a Moving Carpet

Kick start yourself into action and achieve balance and resilience in your life. In today s busy fast-changing world many people feel they have lost their way and struggle with the aspects of everyday life..

Creating Meaning Through Literature and the Arts

NOTE: Used books. rentals. and purchases made outside of Pearson If purchasing or renting from companies other than Pearson. the access codes for the Enhanced Pearson eText may not be included..

Loose-Leaf Version of the American Promise

"The American Promise: A Concise History" is a brief. inexpensive narrative with a clear political. chronological narrative that makes teaching and learning American history a snap..

Clockwork Prince

In the magical underworld of Victorian London. Tessa Gray has at last found safety with the Shadowhunters. But that safety proves fleeting when rogue forces in the Clave plot to see her protector..

The Monroe Doctrine

Excerpt from The Monroe Doctrine: And Mommsen's Law Sixty-eight years ago the 6th of December last. J. Q. Adams. at the time serving in Congress. had occasion to meet George Bancroft. the historian. then Secretary of the Navy in the Cabinet of James K..

Jo Baer: Boundaries

Jo Baer (born 1929) was a key figure among the pioneers of Minimalist painting in New York in the 1960s and early 1970s. regularly exhibiting alongside Andre..

Classic Pooh 23cm Piglet Plush

Product Description

Welcome to the world of Classic Pooh by Kids Preferred. This Super soft Classic Pooh - Piglet plush is loveable. huggable and just the perfect companion for everyday's little treats..

Fires in the Mirror

Derived from interviews with a wide range of people who experienced or observed New York's 1991 Crown Heights racial riots. "Fires In The Mirror" is as distinguished a work of commentary on current Black-White tensions as it is a work of drama..

Please, Mr. Panda

What is the proper way to ask Mr. Panda for doughnuts. Patiently and politely. Mr. Panda asks the animals he comes across if they would like a doughnut. A penguin. a skunk..

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

One of the most important works of cultural theory ever written. Walter Benjamin's groundbreaking essay explores how the age of mass media means audiences can listen to or see a work of art repeatedly - and what the troubling social and political implications of this are..


In this brilliant and original book. James Wallman explains and analyses why Stuffocation is the most pressing problem of our time - and then goes in search of its solution. On the way..

John Gossage

In the Spring of 2009. John Gossage and Alec Soth were invited to photograph in Auckland. New Zealand. For both. it was a trip of departures. Gossage has been working in black and white for over 40 years..

The Strange Case of the Rickety Cossack

In his new book human paleoanthropologist Ian Tattersall argues that a long tradition of "human exceptionalism" in paleoanthropology has distorted the picture of human evolution. Drawing partly on his own career - from young scientist in awe of his elders to crotchety elder statesman - Tattersall offers an idiosyncratic look at the competitive world of paleoanthropology..

Environmental Change, Climate and Health

The advent of global environmental change. with all its uncertainties and requirement for long term prediction. brings new challenges and tasks for scientists. the public and policy makers..

Dragon's Moon

He's a dragon intent on saving his people from destruction by the Fearghall and she is a wolf who blames the dragon for the deaths of her brother and mother. They're true mates. but will that be enough to overcome ancient prophecies..

Grow Your Own Drugs

Whether you're struggling with insomnia. the kids have eczema. or your partner is feeling under the weather. this book could have the answer. With easy recipes ethnobotanist James Wong shows how to make simple creams..

Death Anxiety Handbook

Presenting a broad coverage of this major area of studies on death and dying. this book provides a systematic presentation of the six most widely used and best validated measures of death anxiety. threat and fear..


"The red balloon explodes. my blood runs hot from skull to toes. I grab my bag and run." Cassie and her brother. Jack. are on the run from the past. from the future and from their failure of a family..

Science Teaching with Moodle 2.0

Packed with lots of practical examples. each chapter takes you through a different aspect of teaching using Moodle. All examples are based around a sample science course. which you can see growing throughout the book..

Nightmare Encyclopedia

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. with much of the night filled with dreams. Peculiarly vivid. disturbing dreams leave behind impressions that are hard to dismiss. But what are nightmares. And what significance do they have for the dreamer..

Call It Courage

Maftu was afraid of the sea. It had taken his mother when he was a baby. and it seemed to him that the sea gods sought vengeance at having been cheated of Mafatu..

Poems Chiefly from Manuscript

Many of the earliest books. particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before. are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable..

Alibhai Mulla Jeevanjee

This series of biographies of some of the key-players in Kenya's modern history describes their individual roles and importance in historical context- and illustrates widely..

Natural Religion

There is widespread belief that the world's religions con- tradict each other. It follows that if one religion is true. the others must be false--an assumption that implies. and may actually create..

Republic of Outsiders

Republic of Outsiders is a look at the growing number of American outsiders who disrupt the status quo: the outcasts who seek to redefine a wide variety of fields..

The Boy, The King, and The Chihuahua

"The King dares his Town's People that if one of them can get to where he is at. at the top of the castle. and do it before the sun goes down. he will give that person his prize-winning dog named Lily..

Mom Thoughts

The Mom Thoughts School-Year Calendar/Family Planner addresses Mom's unique needs. All seven days are listed on the left page with plenty of writing room. but it is the right-hand page that sets this calendar apart form the others..

Hollywood and the O.K. Corral

A lot can happen in 30 seconds. In the case of the shoot-out at the O.K. Corral. 30 seconds found three men dead. left two men wounded and ultimately captured the imagination of generations of Americans..

A Popular History of Astronomy

Excerpt from A Popular History of Astronomy: During the Nineteenth Century In preparing the Second Edition. much advantage has been derived from criticisms upon the first..

The Secret at Pheasant Cottage

Lucy has lived with her grandparents at Pheasant Cottage since she was a little girl. but she has dim memories of someone else. Who was it. What are her grandparents hiding from her..

Electronics, Communications and Networks IV

The 4th International Conference on Electronic. Communications and Networks (CECNet2014) inherits the fruitfulness of the past three conferences and lays a foundation for the forthcoming next year in Shanghai..

Boost Your Mind Power Week by Week

Your brain is the most underused resource that you have - and learning is the key to success in a fast-changing world. Yet few people have time to find out how their brain works or what they can do to become better learners..

The Pragmatics of Literary Testimony

In this book. Warner examines a number of German-language literary autobiographies that are connected to diverse social movements of the last forty years. These books have all received critical attention from the popular press..

Literally Murder

"From her Brooklyn bookstore. Darla Pettistone not only sells mysteries. but solves them. aided by her big-boned black cat. Hamlet who has suddenly pounced into the spotlight after unleashing his fists of furry " After a video of Darla and Hamlet performing at a martial arts tournament goes viral..

Monograph of Codonopsis and Allied Genera

Codonopsis and its allied genera. are a group of plants which are important in economy and horticulture. A Monograph of Codonopsis and Allied Genera (Campanulaceae s. str..

Principles and Practice of Movement Disorders

"Principles and Practice of Movement Disorders" provides the complete. expert guidance you need to diagnose and manage these challenging conditions. Drs. Stanley Fahn. Joseph Jankovic and Mark Hallett explore all facets of these disorders..


This item is non-returnable

Venia is the memoir of Venia "Ben" Blinov. who survived the catastrophic Russian Revolution. He wrote his retrospective in 1935 when he became a naturalized American citizen..


Charlie Bronson has spent 28 of the last 30 years in solitary confinement. He has been locked in dungeons. in iron boxes concreted into the middle of cells and..

Rhythm: v. 4

Rhythm is the backbone of music. and the development of a varied rhythmic vocabulary is a must for any creative musician. "Rhythms Volume Four" is part of a series of books that take a student from simple to very complex rhythmic situations..

The Book of Change

Eileen Chang is recognized as one of the greatest modern Chinese writers who would have been 90 years old in 2010. "The Book of Change" tells the story of a girl in her late teens who runs away from her opium addict father's Shanghai mansion after she has a fight with her step-mother..

Eoin O'Duffy: A Self-Made Hero

Eoin O'Duffy was one of the most controversial figures of modern Irish history. A guerrilla leader and protege of Michael Collins. he rose rapidly through the ranks of the republican movement..

The Vacationers by Emma Straub - A 30-Minute Instaread Summary

PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary of the book and NOT the original book. The Vacationers by Emma Straub - A 30-minute Instaread SummaryInside this Instaread Summary: - Overview of the entire book- Introduction to the important people in the book- Summary and analysis of all the chapters in the book- Key Takeaways of the book- A Reader's PerspectivePreview of this summary: Chapter 1Jim..

Apprenticed to Justice

Through detailed images of ancestors and wilderness places. through renderings of story. tribal history. and family ritual. award-winning Anishinaabe author Kimberly Blaeser explores our mesh of tangled origins..

Olivia and the Great Escape

Jack Marvell's latest stunt is to stay up on a high-wire for thirty days and nights. Olivia is worried for her father. but very proud of him. But then the rumours start. claiming that Jack's cheating. Olivia must give her all to her role in A Midsummer Night's Dream..

The Grey Fairy Book

Excerpt from The Grey Fairy Book The tales in the Grey Fairy Book are derived from many countries - Lithuania. various parts of Africa. Germany. France. Greece. and other regions of the world..

Bum Cantos, Winter Jazz,

WINNER OF THE 2013 BLUE LIGHT BOOK AWARD Rustin Larson's poetry has appeared in The New Yorker. The Iowa Review. North American Review. Poetry East. Saranac Review..


This is the fourth volume in the acclaimed "Emperor" series. in which Conn Iggulden brilliantly interweaves history and adventure to recreate the astonishing life of Julius Caesar - an epic tale of ambition and rivalry..

Massage Therapist's Guide to Pathology

A Massage Therapist s Guide to Pathology. the best-selling pathology book. continues to set the standard through up-to-date. evidence-based content. an outstanding full color illustration program..

Parametric Design in Architecture

Architects use CAD to help them visualize their ideas. Parametric design is a fast- growing development of CAD that lets architects and designers specify the key parameters of their model and make changes interactively..

Epic Rubber Band Crafts

Rubber Band Jewellery is the hottest tween/teen crafting trend in years. This title accommodates the three main trademark Rubber Band Looms including Rainbow Loom[registered] (3.5 million sold to date)..

101 Games for Social Skills

This invaluable book for parents and teachers is packed with creative and dynamic games that will help children to develop positive relationships. Part 1: Games that teach looking..

China's Futures

As it emerges from centuries of social. military. and political strife. China--which represents one fifth of the world's population and its third largest economy--is poised to play a major role in global business..

Humans, Bow Down

In a world run by machines. humans are an endangered species.

The Great War is over. The Robots have won. The humans who survived have two choices--they can submit and serve the vicious rulers they created or be banished to the Reserve..

Como Ser Parisina Estes Donde Estes

From four stunning and accomplished French women. a fresh and spirited take on what it really means to be a Parisienne: how they dress. entertain. have fun and attempt to behave themselves..

Do You Love Dogs?

Do dogs dream. Does tail-wagging always show that a dog is happy. Is a pug really related to a wolf. Can a dog be trained to ride a horse. For thousands of years..

Last One Home - Autographed Copy

Signed by the author.

Debbie Macomber. #1 "New York Times" bestselling author of the Blossom Street and Cedar Cove series. delivers an inspiring new stand-alone novel about the enduring bond between sisters..

Cute Quilts for Kids

Create bright and fun quilts that will put a smile on any child's face with these delightful projects perfect for quilters of all levels. Make a quilt that's functional and fun - and sure to be loved for years to come..

British History

'Who's Who in British History' contains biographies of 250 of the most important people in British history. Written in an informal. friendly style. the book provides essential information about their lives..

Human Remains

Elizabeth Haynes' chilling new psychological thriller preys on our darkest fears - and shows how easily ordinary lives can fall apart when no one is watching. Police analyst Annabel wouldn't describe herself as lonely..

Hans Christian Andersen

Rarely does an American or European child grow up without an introduction to Hans Christian Andersen's "The Ugly Duckling." "The Princess and the Pea." or "Thumbelina..

Nineteenth-Century Britain

This wide-ranging text provides a thematic account of British history centring on the eventful period of the 19th century. To the traditional. chronological account of historic happenings..

Mickey Saves Santa [With Sticker(s)]

Mickey and his friends can't wait for Santa Claus to arrive. But there's a big problem at the North Pole and Santa won't be coming unless he gets some help. This delightful Christmas story includes two punch-out ornaments and foil stickers to decorate them..


Medical students and interns have no time to waste preparing for clinical rotations and the USMLE Steps 2 and 3. That's where "Boards and Wards for USMLE Steps 2

The Impersonator

In 1924 a young vaudeville actress takes on the role of a lifetime when she impersonates a missing heiress in this 2012 MB/MWA First Novel Competition winner. In 1917 Jessie Carr. fourteen years old and sole heiress to her family s vast fortune..

No Limit

It's December 2012. Ash's connecting flight out of Auckland has been grounded by a volcanic eruption. and there's a serious apocalypse vibe going around..

Pearls and Pitfalls in Emergency Radiology

Rapid recognition of life-threatening illnesses and injuries expedites appropriate management and improves clinical outcomes. False-positive interpretations in radiology have been identified as a significant cause of error..

Basher Science

Do you confuse boron with barium or chlorine with fluorine. Fear not. Basher Science has come to the rescue by mixing science and art to create a unique periodic table. From unassuming oxygen to devious manganese..


Even in a city of long. tall beauties. psychologist Christina McMullen is used to getting hit on. But she's definitely not accustomed to having a hit on her. Until the day a charming stranger shows up at her door--and someone guns him down right in front of her..

The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook

The Fabulous Beekman Boys. Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge. star in the popular show on Planet Green TV. and have built a worldwide reputation for their goat's milk soaps and superb..

DIY Financial Planning

Do you manage your finances so that you will have a comfortable lifestyle when you retire. Is your money working as hard for you as it possibly can. If you answered no to either of these questions..

1001 Walks You Must Experience Before You Die

The ever-increasing passion for recreational walking is given fresh impetus with the creation of each new national park and wilderness area. the construction of every new walkway..

The Urewera Notebook by Katherine Mansfield

This an authoritative scholarly edition of Mansfield's camping journal. offering new understandings of her colonial life. Katherine Mansfield filled the first half of the 'Urewera Notebook' during a 1907 camping tour of the central North Island..


Known by ancient readers as Plato's "On the Soul.".

Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club

A tantalising new trilogy set in Regency London from the award-winning author of EON and EONA. Ages: 14 London. April 1812. Lady Helen Wrexhall is set to make her debut at the court of Queen Charlotte and officially step into polite Regency society and the marriage mart..

No Cash, No Fear

A consummate entrepreneur shares what he knows about starting a successful business without any money Terry Allen is the consummate entrepreneur. He started his first business at age seven..

The Wild Queen

Mary Stuart was just five years old when she was sent to France to be raised alongside her future husband. But when the frail young king dies. eighteen-year-old Mary is stripped of her title as Queen of France and set adrift in the harsh world..

On Canaan's Side

Lilly Bere. forced to flee Ireland. finds happiness in America. despite the Great Depression and World War II. After her husband. and later her son. disappears. she is reunited with her grandsonuntil tragedy strikes..

Dan Graham

Dan Graham is one of the most influential of the American Conceptual artists who first emerged in the mid 1960s as part of a generation that included the Minimalists Carl Andre..

Best of the Brain from "Scientific American"

We hear about a woman with an artificial arm controlled by her mind. read stories about the creative potential of "right-brain" and "left-brain" people. and watch science fiction films featuring characters with computer chips implanted in their minds..

Making Public Health in Africa

Africa has emerged as a prime arena of global health interventions that focus on particular diseases and health emergencies. These are framed increasingly in terms of international concerns about security..