Gaming the World

Professional sports today have truly become a global force. a common language that anyone. regardless of their nationality. can understand. Yet sports also remain distinctly local. with regional teams and the fiercely loyal local fans that follow them..

Where's Asterix?

A fun and funny volume full of hilarious scenes featuring Asterix and his friends in a range of different escapades. Younger readers are sure to have fun searching for Asterix amidst the chaos..

The Black Cat

For the most wild. yet most homely narrative which I am about to pen. I neither expect nor solicit belief. Mad indeed would I be to expect it. in a case where my very senses reject their own evidence..

Attack on Titan 18 [With DVD]

Brand new anime episode on DVD "Attack on Titan: No Regrets" the backstory of Captain Levi

Special variant dust jacket by comics artist Cameron Stewart ("Batgirl..

A Realist Approach for Qualitative Research

Are cultural and material phenomena equally real. How can one study the relationships between cultural constructions. social behaviour and material conditions and draw a valid conclusion from the data..

Oxford University Pocket Diary 2012-2013

A slimline diary available in dark blue boards with marker ribbon. Indispensable for all those connected with the University of Oxford. containing dates of degree days. dates of terms- details of university officers..

Set Up in Soho

When Andrea Sevalas' long-time boyfriend announces he's getting married. to somebody else. Andie's thrown for a loop. Well. actually. from a taxi. Head throbbing and nose quite literally out of joint..

Beyond the Flames

A woman. following a visit to Auschwitz. meditates on the possibility -- or impossibility -- of continuing to live. following the killing of millions in death camps..

Vintage Stationery

A classically beautiful range of vintage prints and designs for all your stationery needs..

Discovering Geography (Middle Primary Nonfiction Topic Book)

Many people live in Australia. In this book. explore where and how they live. and discover some of the well-known natural and human features of Australia. Key concepts: Place and Scale AC Content Descriptions: * The representation of Australia as states and territories..

The Dressmaker

A darkly satirical novel of love. revenge. and 1950s haute couture - soon to be a major motion picture starring Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth. After twenty years spent mastering the art of dressmaking at couture houses in Paris..

Court of Remorse

When genocidal violence gripped Rwanda in 1994. the international community recoiled. hastily withdrawing its peacekeepers. Late that year. in an effort to redeem itself. the United Nations Security Council created the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda to seek accountability for some of the worst atrocities since World War II: the genocide suffered by the Tutsi and crimes against humanity suffered by the Hutu..

After the Saucers Landed

"When the alien gets around to unzipping her jumpsuit it'll be impossible to see what's underneath." UFOlogist Harold Flint is heartbroken and depressed that the aliens that have landed on the White House lawn appear to be straight out of an old B movie..

Sermons, Essays and Outlines

Excerpt from Sermons. Essays and Outlines Because of the solicitations of my father's friends. because of his own desire to publish some of his writings in book form..

Addicted to Ansley

Through all the years that passed. the memory of their love never faded. Motivational speaker and drug rehab counselor Ward Gemmell can hold an audience in the palm of his hand-because he knows what it's like to have everything he loved slip through his fingers..

The High Window

Philip Marlowe's client. a dried-up husk of a woman. wants him to recover a rare gold coin called a Brasher Doubloon. missing from her late husband's collection. Easy. Probably too easy. Unfortunately..

Pacific Identities and Well-being

This anthology addresses the mental health and therapeutic needs of Polynesian and Melanesian people and the scarcity of resources for those working with them. It is divided into four parts - Identity..

The Spies of Warsaw

An Autumn evening in 1937. A German engineer arrives at the Warsaw railway station. Tonight. he will be with his Polish mistress- tomorrow. at a workers' bar in the city's factory district. he will meet with the military attache from the French embassy..

The Jungle Book

The thrilling adventures of Mowgli the man-cub and all his animal friends are retold for young readers in this delightful storybook. You can meet Akela the lone wolf. Bagheera the black panther..

And I Darken

This vividly rendered novel reads like HBO s "Game of Thrones" . . . if it were set in the Ottoman Empire. Ambitious in scope and intimate in execution. the story s atmospheric setting is rife with political intrigue..

The Black Heart Crypt

From the "New York Times" bestselling author of "Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library" and coauthor of "I Funny" and "Treasure Hunters." comes a series of spine-tingling mysteries to keep you up long after the lights go out..

The Rise of Endymion

The time of reckoning has arrived. As a final genocidal Crusade threatens to enslave humanity forever. a new messiah has come of age. She is Aenea and she has undergone a strange apprenticeship to those known as the Others..

"Storytime Yoga"

Help to create peaceful children and a peaceful world with this book that teaches the universal wisdom of yoga philosophy using multicultural. interfaith stories to bring peace and character education to children and families..

Far Away

A tale of grief. survival and the inescapability of the past. In an Italian prison camp in the summer of 1942. British officers captured in Africa are starving..

Lost City

In this latest thriller. rich with the "New York Times" bestselling author's trademark hair-raising action and imagination. an enzyme that will dramatically prolong life has been discovered 2..

The Haunted Mask (Goosebumps

Goosebumps Wanted: The Haunted Mask. two spookily linked Halloween stories- now in paperback. From horror master R.L. Stine come two new chilling stories in one spooky standalone: Lu-Ann Franklin usually loves Halloween..


Garth Carson and his gal. Angie--the stars of "Pipsqueak" and "Stuffed"--are back. Joined by their favorite Russian gnome Otto. they go on a zany run across the country in order to clear Garths name of murder..

Junior Songscape (Songscape)

"Junior Songscape" is the perfect resource for primary school singing. and prepares the way for Lin Marsh's hugely successful Key Stage 3 songbook "Songscape"..

Reinsurance Law

Updated and expanded with a new chapter on finite reinsurance. "Reinsurance Law" provides you with a thorough knowledge of industry basics - from the nature and purpose of reinsurance..

Pimsleur Basic Tagalog [With CD Case]

Tagalog is the most widely spoken of the over one hundred seventy languages in the Philippines. It is claimed by over 21 million people as their first language and an estimated 50 million Filipinos speak it in varying degrees of proficiency..

How to Fall in Love

An emotional. captivating and ultimately uplifting novel from this uniquely talented author Christine Rose is crossing the Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin late one night when she sees a stranger..

Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles

Originally published in 1992. Margaret George's novel of the Stuart queen became a national bestseller and solidly established the author as one of the foremost historical novelists of our time..

Feed Your Pet Right

Author of WHAT TO EAT joins with an animal nutrition expert to write the nutritional bible that cat and dog owners need to navigate the pet food aisle.

Leave Me Alone

Three years after graduation. Chen Zhong works in a dead-end job as a sales manager for a motor oil company. He remains friends with two former classmates from his university days: Li Liang..

The Natural History of Fear


Old Fussee, Vol. 1

Excerpt from Old Fussee. Vol. 1: Or the Cannoneer's Last Shot- A Tale of Bloody Antietam It was on the eve of one of the remarkable and decisive battle. of the great civil war..


This title is part of Bug Club. the first whole-school reading programme that joins books with an online reading world to teach today's children to read. In this Pink-B level Trucktown book: It is a sunny day in Trucktown and Pete is feeling hot..

The Sweet Potato Queen's Book of Love

This humourous title conveys sparkly pink pearls of wisdom. offered by the irreverent Sweet Potato Queens. a group of Southern belles gone bad in Jackson. Mississippi. It also tells you what to eat when tregedy strikes..

World Windows 3 (Science): Animal Groups

World Windows introduces young learners to essential themes and concepts in Science and Social Studies. through National Geographic photography and content. Using non-fiction readings. World Windows helps to develop young learners' fluency in English..

Gould's Book of Fish

Once upon a time that was called 1828. before all the living things on the land and the fishes in the sea were destroyed. there was a man named William Buelow Gould. a convict in Van Dieman's Land who fell in love with a black woman and discovered too late that to love is not safe..

OS X Yosemite All in One for Dummies

Get the most out of the latest version of OS X

This reference combines eight content-rich minibooks in one complete package to give you all-access. easy-to-understand coverage of the key features and tools needed to get the most out of the latest OS X release from Apple..

In the Hope of Rising Again

This is the story of the Riants and the Morrows-and the wealth of household help and extended family that make up their circle. As such it is history told through one family's fate: the story of the South..

Naked Statistics

Once considered tedious. the field of statistics is rapidly evolving into a discipline Hal Varian. chief economist at Google. has actually called "sexy." From batting averages and political polls to game shows and medical research..

Television and Screen Writing

Now in its fourth edition. Television and Screen Writing: From Concept to Contract is a classic resource for students and professionals in screenwriting and television writing. This book will teach you how to become a creative and marketable writer in every professional arena - including major studios..

The Autobiography of the Queen

Here is the book the world has been waiting for. but it is not the book that the world expects - the anodyne recollections of a much-loved monarch in her silver years. Far from it..

Dungeon Roll Dice Game

The Dungeon lies before you. you have assembled your party of hearty adventurers and have a few tricks up your sleeve. How far will you go to seek glory and fame. Will you risk losing everything. In Dungeon Roll..

Wild Notecards Tin (Life Canvas)

Each of the 10 vividly colored notecards (with envelopes) in this tin feature vividly colored feathers and natural patterns to evoke the wonder of the natural world..

Primates of Park Avenue : A Memoir

Instant #1 "New York Times" Bestseller

The book that has outraged the social elite

"Eye-popping." "--People"

"Amusing. perceptive and...deliciously evil." "--The New York Times Book Review"


Mayo Clinic Book of Home Remedies

Common ailments sometimes have simple cures. In this book. Mayo Clinic doctors provide easy-to-understand information on how to treat and manage a variety of symptoms and medical conditions. You'll learn when you can treat an ailment on your own..

The Mexican Wars for Independence

Mexico's struggle for independence was as much a series of civil wars and failed social revolutions as it was a war to separate Mexico from Spain. Some Mexicans fought to bring profound social change to the country..

A Taste of Scotland

The food of Scotland reflects the glorious natural landscape- game from the heather-clad moors and dense forests- fresh fish caught from the seas. lochs and rivers- wild fruits. berries and herbs gathered from the hedgerows..

The J. M. Barrie Ladies' Swimming Society

When Joey Rubin stumbles upon a group of elderly women swimming in a lake one freezing January morning. she thinks they must be mad. But then they dare her to come in - Joey. an overworked New York architect..

Portrait of a Chef

Perhaps the first celebrity chef. Alexis Soyer (1810-58) was a flamboyant. larger-than-life character who nonetheless took his profession very seriously. As the chef of the Reform Club. he modernised its kitchens..


This exquisitely illustrated edition of Bill Bryson's best-selling biography of William Shakespeare takes the reader on an enthralling journey through Elizabethan England and the eccentricities of Shakespearean scholarship..

Raspberry Pi Robotics Projects

This book is for enthusiasts who want to use Raspberry Pi to build complex robotics projects. However. some programming background is recommended. With the aid of the step by step instructions in this book..

What We Lost in the Dark

Allie Kim's fatal allergy to sunlight. XP. still confines her to the night. Now that she's lost her best friend Juliet to an apparent suicide. the night has never felt darker even with Rob at her side..

Collection Applied Design

Over his four-decade career. painter Kim MacConnel (born 1946). a pioneer of the 1970s Pattern and Decoration movement. has elicited comparisons to Picasso and Matisse for his brightly hued canvases..

Greetings from Somewhere Else

Lainey Byrne is a master at controlled chaos. juggling her hectic. demanding job. her chef boyfriend with his crazy hours. and her roiling family with all its daily dramas..

Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology provides a thorough grounding for undergraduate students with little or no previous knowledge of this complex area of psychology. The focus is on clinical descriptions..

The Burning Shadow

'If an Outsider wields the blade. the House of Koronos burns...' A boy on the run. A deadly prophecy. A race against time. Hylas the Outsider is captured by slavers..

Children's Spaces

This collection of essays is concerned with the experiences children have within the supervised worlds they inhabit. as well as with architecture and landscape architecture..

Moira's Crossing: A Novel

An exquisitely wrought debut novel about sisterhood through three generations in Ireland and America It is 1921 in Ireland. When their mother dies in childbirth. Moira and Julia O'Leary are left to rear their infant sister..

Doing Qualitative Research

Lecturers. click here to request an e-inspection copy of this text is Professor Emeritus. Sociology Department. Goldsmiths College and Visiting Professor..

Stuffed Vine Leaves Saved My Life

In "Stuffed Vine Leaves Saved My Life". Nadia Sawalha offers an authentic taste of the family kitchen. Growing up in an Anglo-Arab home. she learned. from an early age..

Theory Drill Games, Book One

(Willis). Theory Drill Games is designed to teach musical rudiments in an interesting and attractive manner (with the assistance of some clever. helpful gnomes.). Pages are perforated so all the work may be completed at home and the teacher can quickly evaluate student efforts as work sheets are turned in at the lesson..

Active Faults of the World

Providing the first worldwide survey of active earthquake faults. this book focuses on those described as 'seismic time bombs' - with the potential to destroy large cities in the developing world such as Port au Prince..

Christmas Countdown (EJ12

The world's largest diamond collection has disappeared just days before Christmas. But how and when will the evil agency Shadow smuggle it out of the country. Special Agent EJ12 needs to be patient and find the clues to stop them..

Animal Rights

What rights should animals have in the modern world. Can animal cruelty be justified by human demands for affordable meat or medical advances. While few people would argue against animal welfare..

The Confidant

Paris. 1975. Sifting through the letters of condolence after her mother's death. Camille discovers a strange missive sent by someone she does not know. She thinks it is probably an error..

Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times

The major creations and developments in mathematics from the beginnings in Babylonia and Egypt through the first few decades of the twentieth century are presented with clarity and precision in this comprehensive historical study..

Ray Harryhausen

Inspired by the film King Kong. at the age of thirteen Ray Harryhausen knew his feature lay in special effects. Following on from his mentor Willis O'Brien. creator of King Kong..

Beer for the Genius

Yes. you drink beer. Yes. you love beer. But how much do you really know about beer. For the sake of argument. let's suppose that you possess a fair amount of beer knowledge..

The Ultimate Girl's Night In

What could be better than lazing around on the sofa with your girlfriends. drinking cocktails. nibbling on canapes. having your nails painted and enjoying a really good laugh at the same time..

World Spatial Metadata Standards

This book represents years of work by the ICA Spatial Data Standards Commission during the 1995-2003 ICA cycles. It consists of an Introduction and six Regional Summary chapters that describe the spatial metadata activities happening in Europe..

New Methods for Crochet Socks

If you love crocheting socks. you will love this book. Book includes 12 patterns all using Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Serenity Sock and Serenity Garden Sock yarns..

Before Adam

Before Adam is Jack London's fictional tour de force. In it. he brilliantly recreates the dawn of humanity. depicting the prehistoric world as a place of dark conflict where only the fittest will survive..

Slanderous Tongues

Slanderous Tongues addresses a shameful gap in Welsh literary studies: English language poetry over the last forty years. This is a book which for the first time looks at that subject in the round..

Thinks . . .

From the author of "Therapy" and "Small World" comes a dazzling exploration of love. deception. and the enigmas of consciousness..

Yoko Tsuno on the Edge of Life

Besides being pretty. intelligent and courageous. Yoko Tsuno is an electronics engineer. This specialization draws her and friends Pol and Vic into adventures that cross the border between fantasy and science fiction..

Poster Art of the Disney Parks

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. and the Disney attraction posters are no exception. The posters for fans' favorite theme park rides have become a vital part of the Disney experience..

The Koran (Sacred Texts S.)

This work continues in the superbly priced series of compact. beautifully presented editions of sacred texts selected from the major writings of the world's spiritual traditions in reliable and accessible translations..

The Soup-Maker Cookbook

The Soup Maker Cook Book Over 50 delicious soup recipes for use with a soup-maker. Easy to follow instructions. and tasty wholesome recipes to make the most of your soup maker..

Non-exhibited Works of the Masters

(bilingual album English / French) NON-EXHIBITED WORKS OF THE MASTERS - FRENCH SCHOOL OF PAINTING - Volume 1 During his or her creation period. the artist produces works other than those that found their place in time in a museum or official gallery..

Dot to Dot: 1-100

Children will love solving these fun and educational picture games- there are 95 dot-to-dots in all. First. kids must count the numbers as they connect the dots to reveal the hidden picture. Then the fun continues as they color the drawing they've created..

Black Widow Forever Red

This novel features all the thrilling adventure readers will expect from the Marvel brand. backed up by the young-adult cred of #1 New York Times bestselling author Margaret Stohl. Uncover a new side of the Marvel Universe..

Marked for Death

A seasoned investigative reporter takes us behind the scenes of one of the most shocking cases in California history when a greedy and seductive wife brutally murders her devoted husband..

Machinery's Handbook

In commeration of our 125th Anniversary. we are proud to present the "Collector's Edition Replica" of the original first edition of the "Machinery's Handbook". published in January. 1914. It's the perfect gift for your favorite machinist or to add to your own collection..

Pioneer Settlement in South Brazil

In the period since the end of world War II numerous develop- ing countries have employed colonization. or planned pioneer settlement. as one method of building a more reliable and bal- anced economy..