The Swoop! Or, How Clarence Saved England

"England-my England." he moaned. Clarence was a sturdy lad of some fourteen summers. He was neatly. but not gaudily. dressed in a flat-brimmed hat. a coloured handkerchief. a flannel shirt. a bunch of ribbons..

Throwing 7'S

Empire Island is not the home of liberty. It's no place for a prison. And no immigrants ever passed through its portals. Instead. the abandoned Coast Guard station on the windswept waters of New York harbor is ground zero for an idea whose time has come: casino gambling in the Big Apple..

Violence, Desire, and the Sacred

This collection of state of the art interpretations of the thought of Rene Girard follows on from the volume Violence. Desire. and the Sacred: Girard's Mimetic Theory Across the Disciplines (2012)..

La Fiesta de La Insignificancia

Proyectar una luz sobre los problemas mas serios y a la vez no pronunciar una sola frase seria. estar fascinado por la realidad del mundo contemporaneo y. a la vez. evitar todo realismo..

Agnes Grey [Spanish]

Agnes Grey es una novela escrita y publicada en 1847 por la autora inglesa Anne Bronte. La novela trata acerca de una institutriz del mismo nombre. y esta basada en las propias experiencias de Bronte en la materia..

English Idioms in Use Intermediate

This book presents and practises over 1000 of the most useful and frequent idioms in typical contexts. This reference and practice book looks at the most colourful and fun area of vocabulary - idioms..

Never Eat Alone : And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time

Keith Ferrazzi's techniques have earned universal praise for their ingenuity. their ease of applicability. and-most importantly-their effectiveness. The key to success in both life and work..

Andy Goldsworthy

ANDY GOLDSWORTHY: TOUCHING NATURE A new and revised edition of our best-selling book on Andy Goldsworthy. A completely rewritten exploration of the sculptor..

Pokemon Adventures Diamond

Pokemon Trainers Pearl and Diamond are star struck Their goal. To perfect their Pokemon comedy act. So how do they wind up as bodyguards to a spoiled little rich girl on a quest to reach the peak of Mt..

Too Fond of Books Tray

This glass trinket tray is the perfect gift for your favorite loved one. The tray features a popular quote and is boxed for easy gift giving.


Marriage can be a real killer. One of the most critically acclaimed suspense writers of our time. New York Times bestseller Gillian Flynn takes that statement to its darkest place in this unputdownable masterpiece about a marriage gone terribly..

The Lost Boy

Some mysteries are too dangerous to leave alone . . .
Nate's not happy about his family moving to a new house in a new town. After all. nobody asked him if he wanted to move in the first place..


Two Depression-battered nations confronted destiny in 1932. going to the polls in their own way to anoint new leaders. to rescue their people from starvation and hopelessness..

No Ordinary Disruption

Our intuition on how the world works could well be wrong. We are surprised when new competitors burst on the scene. or businesses protected by large and deep moats find their defenses easily breached..

Spanking Shakespeare

Shakespeare Shapiro's parents bestowed his name on him as some kind of sick joke when he was born. and his life has gone downhill from there. However. Shakespeare will have the last laugh..

World Ocean Census

This is an insider's description of the comprehensive scientific project Census of Marine Life. and what it is revealing as ocean life is seriously threatened. The Census of Marine Life was launched in the year 2000 with the goal of producing the first-ever ocean census by 2010..

I Am Scout

"To Kill a Mockingbird "is one of the most widely read novels in American literature. It's also a perennial favorite in highschool English classrooms across the nation. Yet onetime author Harper Lee is a mysterious figure who leads a very private life in her hometown of Monroeville..

Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction

This volume presents concept-oriented reading instruction (CORI). a research-supported framework for integrating curriculum with instruction and fostering long-term engagement in reading..

Blood Sacrifice

Seven Nephilim. have been set aside by the Most High. and charged with protecting mankind. Declan Shea's sole mission is to track down rogue fallen angels and return them to Tartarus. Nothing will sway him from his immortal duty..

The Starfish

They're waterproof. they're floatable. they're washable. and they're a delightful fun addition to Baby's bath. Each " Seaside Bath Book " tells a funny..

Graphing Calculator Manual for Statistics

This manual is organized to follow the sequence of topics in the text. and provides an easy-to-follow. step-by-step guide with worked-out examples to help students fully understand and get the most out of their graphing calculator..

Undead and Unfinished

Vampire queen Betsy Taylor makes a deal with the devil in order to discover the secrets of the "Book of the Dead." Just one catch: she and her sister must go to hell to do it. Just long enough to make nice with her mother..

More Secrets of Happy Children

The sequel to The Secret of Happy Children - which has sold over 1 million worldwide. This book helps parents communicate with children from babyhood to teens..

Dynamics of Natural and Artificial Celestial Bodies

This volume contains papers presented at the US/European Celestial Workshop organized by the Astronomical Observatory of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Poland and held in Poznan. from 3 to 7 July 2000..

The Unaccountable Ungovernable Corporation

The modern corporation has become ungovernable and unaccountable - are these institutions no longer fit for purpose. The authors of this new book - both internationally renowned accounting scholars - argue that the two major governance tools of accounting and auditing require major makeovers..

Remarkable Times

From June 2010 to the September 2013 federal election. Australia went through its most remarkable. tumultuous. toxic and confrontational political era in modern history..

Projective Geometry

The exercises in this book reveal the secrets of space. With over 200 instructive diagrams. Lawrence Edwards presents a clear and artistic understanding of the intriguing qualities of non-Euclidian geometry..


Excerpt from Self-Reliance I Read the other day some verses written by an eminent painter which were original and not conventional. Always the soul hears an admonition in such lines. let the subject be what it may..

Social Marketing Superstars

The internet arrived with a boom changing the landscape for business and opening up a global marketplace like nothing before. The pace of change has been building with exponential momentum..

Winning Matters

Sean Fitzpatrick played for the best rugby team on the planet. the All Blacks. His aggressive. uncompromising approach made him one of the greatest players ever..

The Grand Plan to Fix Everything

Rose petal milk shakes and a world of surprises awaits Dini when her family moves to India in this spirited novel with Bollywood flair.Eleven-year old Dini loves movies-watching them. reading about them..

Animal Planet

The deadly rat flu virus has changed - humans are catching it and nobody is sure why. Officer Katt is trying to blame it on the Lost World Circus and it's up to Colt to prove her wrong. But he and Birdy are trapped in the sewers..

Phar Lap the Wonder Horse

The story of Phar Lap is known and loved by people of all ages. In this version for children. written by Jackie Kerin. his story is told in the form of a ballad. evoking the magic and charm of traditional storytelling..

Prentice Hall Real Nursing Skills Essentials

Prentice Hall's Real Nursing Skills Essentials DVD-ROM offers nurses the essential foundation for competency in performing clinical nursing skills. The volumes in this series consist of 2 DVD-ROMs with comprehensive procedures for over 175 skills..

The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice

George Lyman Kittredge's insightful editions of Shakespeare have endured in part because of his eclecticism. his diversity of interests. and his wide-ranging accomplishments..

Lucky Peach: Issue 14

"Lucky Peach" is a quarterly journal of food and writing. Each issue focuses on a single theme. and explores that theme through essays. art. photography. and recipes..

Quick Strength for Runners

Poor strength wreaks havoc on a runner's body. leading to slower runs and more injuries. "Quick Strength for Runners" makes it easy for runners to build a better runner's body..


Like few other metropolises. London successfully marries both history and modernity. The spirit of Charles Dickens still seems to be everywhere in the city's narrow lanes..

Blood Crown Quest: 2

We dare you to take on the Red Queen in this choose-your-own-destiny Blood Crown Quest. The Red Queen has seized the Ruby of Death and raised an army of the dead. Now. with her husband..

Using Excel in the Classroom

'Corwin Press has produced an impressive little series of guides to three of the most used pieces of ICT Software: Microsoft PowerPoint. EXCEL and Word. These books. aimed at both the beginner and the intermediate user..

Frommer's Europe 2001

Experience a place the way the locals do. Enjoy the best it has to offer. And avoid tourist traps. At Frommer's. we use 150 outspoken travel experts around the world to help you make the right choices..

The Wide Lens

How can great companies do everything right - identify real customer needs. deliver excellent innovations. beat their competitors to market - and still fail. The sad truth is that many companies fail because they focus too intensely on their own innovations..

The Rubber Country of the Amazon

Excerpt from The Rubber Country of the Amazon I think it was in 1870 that I started to outfit my first expedition to the Amazon. It was not in any sense scientific nor had I the interests of the rubber trade then at heart..

50 Best Crime Novels Bookmark

Magnetic and matt-laminated bookmark. printed on both sides with pictorial listings of arguably the most popular crime novels to read of all time. Can you tick them all of your list..

Flip the Flaps

Flip the Flaps is a fun way for young children to discover the answers to questions about their favourite subjects. while also flipping the flaps and spotting the scene changes. The questions uncover essential and extraordinary facts about exciting things that go..

Palace and Mosque at Ukhaidir

Excerpt from Palace and Mosque at Ukhaidir: A Study in Early Mohanmadan Architecture I have attempted in this book to bring together the materials. so far as they are known..

The Heart of the Forest

Keely always looks after her twin brother. Aaron. But in the dark forest. it's Aaron who knows just what to do. A touching and beautifully crafted story about a lost child - with a surprise ending..

Florida (Close-Up

Each of these attractive double-sided travel guides highlights the distinctive character of a different US region. With all the tools needed to design better vacations..

Home Networking

The purpose of this book is to bridge the gap between wireless networking and service research communities who have hitherto confined their work to their respective specialties. It not only focuses on the latest technology enablers for speedier and more reliable wireless networking in the home..

Bioinformatics for Geneticists

A fully revised version of the successful First Edition. this one-stop reference book enables all geneticists to improve the efficiency of their research. The study of human genetics is moving into a challenging new era..

Zero at the Bone

For ex-detective Frank Swann. being on the outside of Western Australia's police force is the only way to get justice done. Perth in 1979 is a city of celebration and corruption..

Haunted Halloween Sticker Adventure

Welcome to the most hair-raising house in the neighborhood. Little ghostbusters will love decorating a haunted mansion with an array of spooky stickers. There's a witch. a ghost. a scarecrow. a Frankenstein monster..

Las Relaciones Interoracionales En Espanol [Spanish]

This volume discusses subordinate adverbial clauses in Spanish. Adverbial subordination comprises different syntactic structures involving grammatical categories that have so far been given little attention from the perspective of formal syntax..

Clint Eastwood

Four-time Academy Award recipient Clint Eastwood is one of the most renowned film directors in the world. This authorized volume offers a revealing in-depth exploration of his influential filmmaking methods..

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

One of the most important and influential books written in the past half-century. Robert M. Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is a powerful. moving. and penetrating examination of how we live ..


Everyone's favorite train--Thomas the Tank Engine--is back with five new Thomas and Friends adventures in this Movie Theater Storybook. The five adventures-- Percy and the Bandstand Surprise..

Globalization in Historical Perspective

As awareness of globalization grows. so too does our need to understand it historically. This volume is one of the few to consider globalization in the context of the history of international trade..

The Cabinet of Curiosities

In an ancient tunnel underneath New York City a charnel house is discovered.Inside are thirty-six bodies--all murdered and mutilated more than a century ago.While FBI agent Pendergast investigates the old crimes..

Kitten's Summer [Board book]

A beautifully illustrated picture book introducing toddlers to animals in the farmyard and the woods on a rainy summer day. It's a rainy summer day. and Kitten is meeting all sorts of animals taking shelter from or enjoying the warm rain..

Bringing German to Life

Bringing German to Life provides an innovative and refreshing cross-curricular approach to teaching languages in primary schools. combining art. design and foreign languages with various aspects of the National Primary Curriculum such as Literacy..

A Most Peculiar Act

The story follows the trials and tribulations of Sugar. a 16 year-old Aboriginal fringe-camp dweller. Set in Darwin during the Japanese bombing raids. we meet characters such as: Horatio Humphris (Horrid Hump)..


This delightful tale chronicles the early adventures of Poppy's lost love. Ragweed. Determined to see the world. Ragweed leaves his family and country home and sets off by train for the big city..

Seize the Day! Enjoy the Moment!

These luxury gold covers are enhanced with contemporary illustrations from internationally published artist Angela Kerr. These little books are compelling - they reflect the growing search for meaningful books that will be treasured by everyone..

Secrets of Transformation

It Started like a Fairy Tale. He was Prince Charming. At first. The abuse came later. when he thought he owned her. It started with verbal attacks. She had done something wrong..

Introducing Sartre

INTRODUCING guide to the father of existentialism and one of 20th century philosophy's most famous characters. Jean-Paul Sartre was once described as being. next to Charles de Gaulle. the most famous Frenchman of the 20th century..

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is one of the best basketball players on the planet. Most people know that he is a dominating guard on the Chicago Bulls out of the University of Memphis but..

Low Temperature Physics

All papers in this volume were peer-reviewed. This book represents recent cutting-edge developments in low temperature physics. reported at one of the largest international conferences in physics..

I Still Dream about You

The beloved Fannie Flagg is back and at her irresistible and hilarious best in "I Still Dream About You." a comic mystery romp through the streets of Birmingham..

In Search of Mockingbird

A runaway seeks Harper Lee for answersSometimes the things that need to be discovered aren't so easily found at home. Erin is certain that this is true in her case. A book is all that connects Erin to her mother..

Total Tripping

Total Tripping: From Alaska to Argentina is just one of the collections that spans the years 1979-2006 and consists of Carl Lahser's travel diaries. short stories. and poetry collections..

The Mixing Engineer's Handbook

Thanks to the revolution in affordable recording and mixing technology. more music is being written. produced. and mixed today than ever before. The mixer's art is now a unique blend of time-tested principles and skillful technique using the latest high-tech tools..

Blue-Eyed Girl

BLUE-EYED GIRL is a powerful. compelling family drama telling the story of a family torn apart by secrets. Anya Keating loves her job as PA to Macdara Fitzgerald..


A KS3 series which focuses on real places. real spaces and real enquiries. with topics relevant to young people..

The Undertaking

"Desperate to escape the Eastern front. Peter Faber. an ordinary German soldier. marries Katharina Spinell. a woman he has never met- it is a marriage of convenience that promises 'honeymoon' leave for him and a pension for her should he die on the front..

Up Through an Empty House of Stars

At last. _Up Through an Empty House of Stars_ brings together the best of the never before collected SF reviews and articles that helped build David Langford's towering reputation since 1980..

Moleskine Three-Piece Warm Gray Diary/Planner Agenda

The Moleskine Cahier 3-Piece Planner is a clever organizational tool for people on-the-go. The set includes a Weekly Planner. Daily Undated Planner. and two Memo Pockets. Dated from January 2012 to December 2012..

Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights

From Salman Rushdie. one of the great writers of our time. comes a spellbinding work of fiction that blends history. mythology. and a timeless love story. A lush. richly layered novel in which our world has been plunged into an age of unreason..

Toy Story: A Spooky Adventure

Buzz Lightyear. Woody. and the rest of the gang from Disney/Pixar's "Toy Story" are always up for an adventure. But when they discover that their new home is full of squeaks..

Enriching the Brain

Eric Jensen-a leading expert in the translation of brain research into education. argues in Enriching the Brain that we greatly underestimate students' achievement capacity. Drawing from a wide range of neuroscience research as well as related studies..

Diabetic Foot Problems

This pioneering textbook is the first one ever on diabetic foot problems. With contributions from a multidisciplinary panel of experts. it presents a comprehensive curriculum on the topic. This includes global and socio-economic aspects of diabetes- a team approach- basic science of the foot (anatomy and biomechanics)- clinical assessment and classification systems for diabetic foot problems- endocrine aspects- diabetic foot infections (clinical presentation and management)- amputations in diabetic foot surgery (predictive factors..

80 Graded Studies for Oboe

Studies are an established part of every instrumentalist's training. They place technical problems in musical contexts. and can be invaluable aids to development..

More Than Sorrow

Hannah. once a renowned journalist. suffers from a traumatic brain injury. At her sister's in Canada. she befriends Hila. an Afghan woman also traumatized by war. When Hila disappears..

West African 'Ulama' and Salafism in Mecca and Medina

This book brings a new perspective on the history of the spread of the Salaf -Wahh b doctrine since the conquest of the ij z by Ibn Sa d in 1926. It also shows the contribution of a network of ulam from West Africa..

Every Mother's Son

Harriet and Fletcher Tuke have worked hard to raise their children well. Daniel. the eldest son. has always accepted that his birth father died soon after he was born..

Thinking Mathematically

In Thinking Mathematically. Sixth Edition. Bob Blitzer's distinctive and relatable voice motivates students from diverse backgrounds and majors. engaging them in the math through compelling..

The Routledge Handbook of Literacy Studies

The Routledge Handbook of Literacy Studies offers a comprehensive view of the field of language and literacy studies. With forty-three chapters reflecting new research from leading scholars in the field..

Twenty Observations on a World in Turmoil

Translated by Ciaran Cronin. The world is a state of turmoil. From the financial crisis to the chaos in the eurozone. from the Arab uprisings to protests in Athens. Barcelona. New York and elsewhere. many of the familiar frameworks are collapsing and we have to find new ways to orient ourselves in a world undergoing rapid change..

Current Therapy in Large Animal Theriogenology

An essential resource for both students and practitioners. this comprehensive text provides practical. up-to-date information about normal reproduction and reproductive disorders in horses..


This groundbreaking book--featured on Focus on the Family's radio program--offers much-needed help to husbands and wives everywhere. Introducing the biblical teaching of unconditional respect..

Stem Cells

This third in the Current Topics in Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine Series contains a careful selection of new and updated. high-quality articles from the well-known Meyer's Encyclopedia..

Step on a Crack

THE FIRST BOOK IN JAMES PATTERSON'S #1 BESTSELLING MICHAEL BENNETT SERIES. During a state funeral for a beloved former First Lady in New York City's largest cathedral. the unthinkable occurs..

Halliwell's Film, Video and DVD Guide

With over one hundred years of entertainment and cinema information at your fingertips. this is widely recognised as the biggest and the best film guide available..