The Unknown Gertrude Jekyll

This is a selection of two hundred of the best articles and other writings by Gertrude Jekyll. who 'changed the face of England more than any save the Creator himself and. perhaps. Capability Brown'..

Beyond the Basics

If you have ever worried -- and who hasn't. -- whether the investment decisions you are making are the right ones. then "Mary Farrell's Beyond the Basics" can help you cut through the clutter of conflicting advice and reach a new level of successful investing..

Beats to the Punch

A limerick is a short. humorous. often bawdy or nonsense poem. Usually found in one in five-line meter with a strict rhyme scheme. which almost always has humorous intent..

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

In the lives of children. pumpkins can turn into coaches. mice and rats into human beings. . . . When we grow up we learn that it's far more common for human beings to turn into rats.We all have heard the story of Cinderella..

The Second Wives Club

Turning the tables on the usual sympathy for first wives. Moore's dishy novel is a brilliant. unputdownable look at "second wives." who must contend with malicious gossip. scheming divorce lawyers..

Enemies of Neoexodus

Everything Here Is a Lie. Only fools trust anything the First Ones say. do or think. You have been warned. The First Ones - the name strikes terror into the heart of the people of Exodus..

All Out War, Part 2

The World we knew is gone. The world of commerce and frivolous necessity has been replaced by a world of survival and responsibility. An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe..

New Media

In the past 20 years. 'new media' has emerged as one of the most dynamic research fronts in media and communication. addressing the diversity and proliferation of new information and communication technologies and their social contexts..

Geared Up: Writing Steampunk

GEARED UP WRITING STEAMPUNK is a totally rewritten guide to. well. writing Steampunk Fiction. As the 2nd edition. there are elements that remain. some that have been dropped. and new things added. For instance..

The Psychology of Ageing

We live in an ageing society. From dementia and depression. to the everyday changes that affect our capacity to make decisions. psychologists are tackling the daily challenges faced by individuals and society as a whole..

An Introduction to Drug Synthesis

An Introduction to Drug Synthesis explores the central role played by organic synthesis in the process of drug design and development. Written by an experienced and talented author to complement his existing An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry..

DC Comics Batman Villains Playing Cards

This pack of playing cards is sure to satisfy any Batman fan. Packed with 52 different images of his most diabolical villains. you'll have lots to talk about during those hot

Inside Pine Gap

In 1966. Australia and the US signed a treaty that allowed the establishment of a jointly run satellite tracking station. just south of Alice Springs. For more than forty years it has operated in a shroud of secrecy and been the target of much public and political controversy..

Genetic Engineering

Beginning with the basic concept of gene cloning. topics such as restriction endonucleases. chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides. cDNA synthesis. plasmids. and polymerase chain reaction have been discussed in detail in this book..

The Impossibly

"Innovative. comic. bizarre and beautiful. "The Impossibly" reads as if Donald Barthelme were channeling Alain Robbe-Grillet. Samuel Beckett. Ben Marcus and reruns of "Get Smart..

Clausewitz's On War

In engaging and vivid detail Hew Strachan reveals the story behind the most important treatise on war ever written - a book that has been blamed for the unprecedented death tolls in the first and second world wars..

Turkish Fairy Tales / T Rkische M Rchen [GER]

This book should provide you with lots of pleasure while studying Turkish. It is designed to both teach and entertain. Our main approach is to supply you with easy vocabulary explanations..


Clementine is having not so good of a week.

  • On Monday she's sent to the principal's office for cutting off Margaret's hair.
  • Tuesday. Margaret's mother is mad at her..

Green Is Good

Irwin Quagmire Wart knows a little something about being green. he is. after all. a frog. Green Is Good teaches kids why it's important to "go green" and what they can do to help protect Planet Earth..

Inflammation Diet for Beginners

Inflammation is the number one cause of modern ailments including allergies. arthritis. diabetes. and cardiovascular disease. The Inflammation Diet for Beginners will show you how an inflammation diet can help you prevent major disease and permanently reduce inflammation..

Along for the Ride

Following her parents' bitter divorce. Auden has the chance to spend the summer with her dad and his new family in a charming beach town. There she meets Eli..

Sir William Osler, Bart

Excerpt from Sir William Osler. Bart: Brief Tributes to His Personality. Influence and Public Service In thinking of the early days of The Johns Hopkins University and Hospital and the development of the medical school..

Tiger Terror! (Hazard River)

Tigers are on the verge of extinction. Everyone knows that. So why does Jack Wilde think he's seen a tiger paw in a medicine shop in Chinatown. To find out the truth Jack and his friends must become junior spies..

The Normal Bar

Based on data obtained from nearly 100.000 respondents. here is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to learn the relationship-tested ways couples can achieve satisfaction and contentment in areas such as communication..

Teach Yourself Fast-track German

Follow this course for 35 minutes a day and in six weeks you'll be speaking German. Elisabeth Smith has used her wide teaching experience to write a course that covers just the vocabulary and the grammar that you really need..

The Four Biggest Mistakes in Option Trading

With over 50.000 copies in print for the first edition. Kaeppel's insight has undoubtedly made its mark in the options world. Now. he strikes again with an updated and more comprehensive look at those pesky mistakes that traders continue to make in trading options..

Understanding Children's Drawings

This practical resource demonstrates how all clinicians can broaden and enhance their work with children by integrating drawing into therapy. The book enables therapists to address the multidimensional aspects of children's art without resorting to simplistic explanations..


A major new history of the disaster that weaves into the narrative the first-hand accounts of those who survived. It was twenty minutes to midnight on Sunday 14 April..

Too Hot to Handle

"This good girl's going bad...." Merry Kade has always been the good girl. The best friend. The one who patiently waits for the guy to notice her. Well. no more. Merry has just scored her dream job..

The New One Minute Manager

A new edition based on the timeless business classic--updated to help today's readers succeed more quickly in a rapidly changing world.

For decades. The One Minute Manager(R) has helped millions achieve more successful professional and personal lives..

Strength Training Anatomy Package 3rd Edition with DVD

Now the top-selling book on strength training anatomy comes with the leading software in interactive anatomy to create an impressive package. "Strength Training Anatomy. Third Edition." offers the most compelling artwork ever applied to the strength training category and returns with more illustrations and techniques for safely building muscle..

The Failing Right Heart: 2015

This book provides an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the etiology. diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the structure and function of the right heart..

Problems with People: Stories

A new couple's first night together is overshadowed by a decades-old story of a lost love. A man takes a two hour walk across Kathmandu to visit his estranged wife in hospital in midst of a Maoist strike..

Alles Gut, Mama [GER]

Im April 2013 sturzt sich die Autorin vollig unerfahren. aber mit grossem Enthusiasmus in das Abenteuer Jakobsweg. Fur sie kommt nur eine Route in Frage: Der Camino de la Costa und der Camino del Norte in Spanien..

A Companion to Medieval Poetry

A Companion to Medieval Poetry presents a series oforiginal essays from leading literary scholars that explore Englishpoetry from the Anglo-Saxon period up to the15 th century. * Organised into three parts to echo the chronological andstylistic divisions between the Anglo-Saxon..

Wild West Showdown! (Pictureback

Sheriff Woody takes on One-Eyed Bart and the evil Dr. Porkchop in this Pictureback based on Disney/Pixar's "Toy Story 3." Coming on the heels of the film's DVD release. this full-color storybook gives "Toy Story" fans even more adventures with their favorite toys..

A Man of Good Hope

In January 1991. when civil war came to Mogadishu. the capital of Somalia. two-thirds of the city's population fled. Among them was eight-year-old Asad Abdullahi. His mother murdered by a militiaman..

Would You Rather

Would you rather have a barbecue with a great white shark. a take-away with a basking shark or a picnic with a tiger shark. Explore the world of sharks through fun and hilarious scenarios with a Would you Rather..

The House of Harper

The epic story of a publishing giantIn 1817 four young brothers opened a printing shop in downtown Manhattan. Two centuries later. their small enterprise has grown into one of the world's largest and most successful publishing houses..

Spanish Essentials For Dummies

Learning a new language is a fun and challenging feat for students at every level. Perfect for those just starting out or returning to Spanish after time away. Spanish Essentials For Dummies focuses on core concepts taught (and tested on..


For a number of years. we have been teaching a course on the chemical. meta- bolic. and nutritional aspects of lipids to graduate and postdoctoral students in the health sciences at the University ofCalifornia..

Strategic Performance Management

This book is about strategic performance management for the Twenty-First Century organization. In a practical step-by-step approach it navigates readers though the identification..

Sudden Sex

Maybe one of the hidden benefits of everyone being so darn busy is the rise of the quickie. No one writes fresh fiction on quick sex better than Alison Tyler who has probably inspired more time-efficient trysts that any other eroticist..


A classic O'Reilly title since 1993. "Sendmail" now covers Versions 8.10 through 8.14 of this email routing program. including dozens of new features. options. and macros. This edition also takes a more nuts-and-bolts approach than its predecessors..


Rachel and Adam are sent to stay with their grandmother. following their parents' divorce. But the quiet English village is a sinister. unsettling place..

The 10 Principles of Wealth for Black People and Other Folks Too!

A story told: From the streets of one of the toughest places in America to the halls of the Pentagon. and Wall Street. a story of one man's journey to wealth. Along the way the author learned life lessons and powerful principles that took him from rags to riches..

Do We Need HR?

Written by a leading team of authors. Do We Need HR. explores the position of HR. asking pivotal questions such as: does making HR a separate business function still make sense..


For a town with seventy residents (on a good day). Birdsville is remarkably well known - the Birdsville Track. the rodeo. the pub. the infamous races. With its ruggedness. inaccessibility and larrikin charm..

Down by the Station

There are so many things to see down by the station- engines. buses. taxi's and more. Bouncy illustrations. innovative die cutting and popular rhymes make Books with Holes a must for every child..

Garland Genealogy

This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process..

The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach

Summer 1941 Young Adelia Montforte flees fascist Italy for America. where she is whisked away to the shore by her well-meaning aunt and uncle. Here. she meets and falls for Charlie Connally..

The Ultimate round

Golf enthusiast Terry Glaspey offers an open invitation to join him for "The Ultimate Round." As readers "play through" artist Larry Dyke's renditions of world-famous holes from some of the world's greatest courses..

Secret Ingredients

Since its earliest days. The New Yorker has been a tastemaker-literally. As the home of A. J. Liebling. Joseph Wechsberg. and M.F.K. Fisher. who practically invented American food writing. the magazine established a tradition that is carried forward today by irrepressible literary gastronomes..

The Law of the New Thought

The New Thought is the oldest thought in existence. It has been cherished by the chosen few in all ages- the masses of the people not having been ready for its teachings. Every religion has within it certain esoteric teachings..

To Live from the Heart

'This is a sacred treasury. a spiritual notebook which is very special to me. and which has touched and inspired me at different times over the years.' In To Live from the Heart: Mindful Paths to the Sacred..

Houndsley and Catina and the Birthday Surprise

For use in schools and libraries only. Friends Houndsley and Catina are sad because they do not know when their birthdays are. but they solve the problem in a thoughtful and creative way..

The Scorched-Wood People

""Sixteen years later Louis Riel would be dressing himself again ... to be hanged by his neck until he is at last. perfectly. dead. 0 my God have mercy."" So begins Rudy Wiebe's powerful portrayal of Louis Riel..

The Assassin

The new thriller in the #1 "New York Times" bestselling Isaac Bell series from grand master of adventure Clive Cussler. As Van Dorn private detective Isaac Bell strives to land a government contract to investigate John D..

Art and Anatomy in Renaissance Italy

Known as the "century of anatomy." the 16th century in Italy saw an explosion of studies and treatises on the discipline. Medical science advanced at an unprecedented rate. and physicians published on anatomy as never before..

Pulse--Voices from the Heart of Medicine

Every Friday. thousands of readers of Pulse--voices from the heart of medicine ( receive a riveting first-person story or poem about health care..

From a Broken Bottle Traces of Perfume Still Emanate

From a Broken Bottle Traces of Perfume Still Emanate: Volumes 1-3 collects the first three installments Bedouin Hornbook. Djbot Baghostus s Run. and Atet A.D. of Nathaniel Mackey s genre-defying work of fiction..

In My Father's House

Corrie ten Boom's 'prequel' to the classic The Hiding Place Concentrating upon her family and their life in Holland before the war. this inspiring and revealing book describes in moving detail living above the family watch shop in Harlem and her memories of the family together before their lives changed for ever with the advent of war and persecution..

Bearded Dragons

A brief introduction to bearded dragons. discussing their characteristics. range. habitat. food. offspring. and dangers. Includes a range map. life cycle diagram..

The Wright Brothers

The #1 "New York Times" bestseller from David McCullough. two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize the dramatic story-behind-the-story about the courageous brothers who taught the world how to fly Wilbur and Orville Wright..

Calculus of Variations

The first truly up-to-date treatment of the calculus of variations. this text is also the first to offer a simple introduction to such key concepts as optimal control and linear-quadratic control design..

Your Mind Matters

"Knowledge is indispensable to Christian life and service." writes John Stott. "If we do not use the mind which God has given us. we condemn ourselves to spiritual superficiality." While Christians have had a long heritage of rigorous scholarship and careful thinking..

Infernal Devices

He inherited a watchmaker's store--and a whole heap of trouble. But idle sometime-musician George has little talent for clockwork. And when a shadowy figure tries to steal an old device from the premises..

The Croker Papers, Vol. 3 of 3

Excerpt from The Croker Papers. Vol. 3 of 3: The Correspondence and Diaries of the Late Right Honourable John Wilson Croker. Secretary to the Admiralty From 1809 to 1830 Mr. Croker's Acquaintance with Samuel Wilberforce - Article on "Rubrics and Ritual" - Dr..

The Decisive Campaigns of the Desert Air Force 1942 - 1945

Compared to the RAF's Fighter and Bomber Commands. the Desert Air Force (DAF) is far less well known. yet its achievements were spectacular. DAF led the way in North Africa and Italy in pioneering new tactics in close Army-Air Force co-operation on the battlefield..

The Day the Crayons Quit [JPN]

Japanese edition of The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by award winning artist Oliver Jeffers. It is the 2014 Kate Greenaway Medal winner..

The Bad Guys (Bad Guys)

They sound like the Bad Guys. they look like the Bad Guys ...and they even smell like the Bad Guys. But Mr Wolf. Mr Piranha. Mr Snake and Mr Shark are about to change all of that..

"He Lost Himself Completely"

Over 200.000 Irish soldiers fought in the First World War. and an estimated 40.000 died in it. Many more were deeply scarred by their experiences. with physical and psychological injuries that impaired their ability to return to military service or participate in civilian life..

At the Edge of the Orchard

From internationally bestselling author Tracy Chevalier. a riveting drama of a pioneer family on the American frontier

1838: James and Sadie Goodenough have settled where their wagon got stuck in the muddy..

Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos and Instability

Chaos theory has touched on such fields as biology. cognitive science. and physics. By providing a unified explanation of statistical methods that are useful for testing for chaos in data sets..

The Secret Language of Sacred Spaces

From Stonehenge to the Sagrada Familia. from the Acropolis to Angkor Wat. human beings have directed extraordinary amounts of energy toward the creation of architecture that expresses their religious beliefs..

Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Interpersonal Psychotherapy provides an introduction to the theory. history. research. and practice of this effective. empirically validated approach. Gerald L. Klerman and Myrna M. Weissman initially created interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) as a brief approach for treating depression..

Bismillah Khan

Bismillah Khan - Maestro from BenarasA' is a book that gives the reader an insightful look into the home and heart. muse and music of one of the greatest artists that India has produced. It traces his journey from the small town of Dumraon to Benaras and thence to the world..

Japanese Approach Pearl Harbor Poster

Looking for a better way to illustrate World War Two for your history students. Excerpted from Ronald Story's Concise Historical Atlas of World War Two. this full-color. poster-sized map vividly conveys a key military campaign--the attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941..

Mome: v. 4

This accessible. reasonably priced. quarterly anthology runs approximately 120 pages per volume and spotlights a regular cast of a dozen of today's most exciting cartoonists..

Special Edition Harry Potter Paperback Box Set

The perfect gift for collectors and new readers alike. we now present a breathtaking special edition boxed set of J. K. Rowling's seven bestselling Harry Potter books The box itself is beautifully designed with new artwork by Kazu Kibuishi..

Spacetime, Geometry and Gravitation

This is an introductory book on the general theory of relativity based partly on lectures given to students of M.Sc. Physics at my university. The book is divided into three parts. The .rst part is a preliminary course on general relativity with minimum preparation..

Harmony of the World

In these ten stories. Charles Baxter shows his genius in making his characters' everyday sufferings--and occasional fragile joys--seem utterly unprecedented. even as he reminds us. gently and with a sly comic twist..

Roughing It

This book is merely a personal narrative. and not a pretentious history or a philosophical dissertation. It is a record of several years of variegated vagabondizing..

Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys

Humanity. having faced extinction at the end of the 20th century. would not have entered the new millennium if it weren't for them. In 1969. during their youth. they created a symbol..