Target Setting in Science

Presents science targets derived from the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for science. for curriculum planning and target setting in Key Stages 1 and 2..

Demoniality or Incubi and Succubi [LAT]

Excerpt from Demoniality Or Incubi And Succubi: A Treatise Wherein Is Shown That There Are in Existence On Earth Rational Creatures Besides Man. Endowed Like Him With a Body And a Soul..

A Duck is Watching Me

We are all fascinated by phobias and the weird and wonderful things that people are afraid of. Some phobias are those many of us can identify with - fear of needles. spiders or snakes. for example - but others are harder to explain..

Girl Who Was on Fire

Includes 3 brand new essays on Gale. the Games. and "Mockingjay". **Already read the first edition of "The Girl Who Was on Fire". Look for "The Girl Who Was on Fire - Booster Pack" in the Kindle store to get just the three new essays and the extra movie content..

The Princess and Curdie

More than just a children's story. this novel from the brilliant George MacDonald holds deeper meanings for adult readers who are interested in the spiritual life and the battle between good and evil..

Sort It Out!

Packy the Packrat s mother has had enough. It s time that he sorts through his ever-growing collection of trinkets and puts them away. Told in rhyme. the text leads the reader to participate in the sorting process by categorizing Packy s piles of things according to like characteristics and attributes..

Man of War

"A rollicking good ride." --Jay Winik. bestselling author of "April 1865 " It's the middle of a heat wave. and Charlie Schroeder is dressed in heavy clothing and struggling to row a replica eighteenth-century bateau down the St..

Dimension X, Vol. 1

"Dimension X "was one of old-time radio s first adult science fiction shows. Though it only ran for a short time. the show made its mark by adapting short stories written by some of the best known masters of the genre Isaac Asimov..

How the King Reigned in Ariel

Excerpt from How the King Reigned in Ariel: "Behold. a King Shall Reign in Righteousness." "Patric" (Miriam Elizabeth McCartney Morse) I fain would tell what Thou shalt seeIn Golden Age - so soon to be -For faint indeed words to portrayThe splendours of The Glory Day..


Designed specifically for pre-school settings 1st Steps with Numicon in the Nursery Kit gives children a sound start to their maths understanding. and boosts practitioners' maths subject knowledge..

Tales from the Boston College Sideline

Many people do know that Boston College's most embarrassing football defeat may have saved the lives of hundreds of Eagles fans. They may also not know that Doug Flutie failed to see a wide-open receiver and instead heaved the ball to an apparently well covered Gerard Phelan to complete the "Miracle in Miami..

Piece of Cake

Rediscover the authentic taste and quality of 120 delightful home-baked classic American treats. A bumper-size celebration of home-style baking. these simple yet deeply satisfying brownies..

Notes on Military Law - Scholar's Choice Edition

This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important. and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact..

Electric Sheep Slouching Towards Bethlehem

On Monday. 8:15 a.m.. August 6. 1945. the world changed forever. In the single largest act of destruction ever initiated by humans. a bomb with the equivalent force of 20.000 tons of TNT shattered Hiroshima..


One of today's most admired and controversial political figures. Ayaan Hirsi Ali burst into international headlines following the murder of Theo van Gogh by an Islamist who threatened that she would be next..

Now You Tell Me!

This inspiring advice guide shares all the secrets of the billion-dollar entertainment industry. and the secrets of how to make a living while creating a satisfying life working in the acting profession..

Approximately Nowhere

A number of the poems in this collection by Michael Hofmann show him returning to the subject of his father. the German novelist Gert Hofmann. whose relationship with his son was also the principal subject of his celebrated 1986 collection..

Learn Medical Terminology in 2015

A new year is always a great opportunity to learn. A few minutes every day will help in your goal for personal and professional improvement. Being bilingual is an asset- and mastering different fields of speciality will make a difference in your bilingual skills..

The Casket Upstairs

Based on true events. Annabel's family moved to a new town with hopes for new opportunities and aid for Annabel's sleepwalking. Annabel didn't expect to meet a different kind of neighbor..

The Rationality and Justification of Legislation

The essays collected in this book address legislation from the viewpoint of legal theory and provide an overview of current research in legisprudence as a new scholarly approach to lawmaking..

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

When the Chamber of Secrets is opened again at the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. second-year student Harry Potter finds himself in danger from a dark power that has once more been released on the school..

Worlds Apart

The Pacific Islands remain for most people a region of obscurity or puzzlement. The attention of news media is attracted by atypical events such as political violence that contradict the peaceful tourist image of sun..

The Congress of Vienna

In 1812. at the end of the Napoleonic Wars. a congress convened in Vienna in which the fate of Europe was to be determined for the next hundred years. Attending were the great statesmen of the time -- the wily French foreign minister..

Living the GI Diet

When you're reforming your eating patterns for the long term. you may need a little extra advice and motivation. Expanding on the principles of the original GI diet. this title contains 100 recipes covering everything from breakfasts to snacks..


Drink deep from the first three volumes of the #1 "New York Times "bestselling Thirst series in this boxed set from Christopher Pike.

Alisa has been a vampire for five thousand years..

Fancy Fretwork

Patterns for a variety of easy-to-make clocks: a teddy bear- a footbal helmet- a teapot- a cat- an elegant Victorian silhouette- and more. are included in this book..


'Growing up. The Australian Women's Weekly cookbooks were my inspiration. They taught me how to cook.' - Bill Granger This is the cookbook Australia has been waiting for..

Skeletons at the Feast

Capturing both the power and poignancy of romance and the terror and tragedy of war. Bohjalian's latest work puts a moving face on one of the 20th century's greatest tragedies..

Sea of Medium-To-High Pitched Noises

The zombie apocalypse is changing- the world is coming to an odd demise- and a serial killer tries to change his ways and redeem himself before it all goes away..

The Space Between

Just dumped by his girlfriend. Jace Antonakos has recorded a proclamation in a notebook his English teacher made him take on his winter vacation to the Mayan Riviera: I m going to Mexico to get laid..

39 Clues Book 8

This is the "New York Times" bestselling series. As the race to find the 39 Clues builds to its explosive finish. Amy and Dan must steal a Clue guarded by thousands of the world's best soldiers. With their enemies closing in..

Modern Electronic Structure Theory

Modern Electronic Structure Theory provides a didactically oriented description of the latest computational techniques in electronic structure theory and their impact in several areas of chemistry..

Operations Management

This text presents a number of case studies in operations management of varying length and rigor with several of the cases originating from Harvard and Darden. The student CD-ROM packaged with the book is an interactive learning tool and brings the material to life..

Anatomy - An Essential Textbook

Highly rated by First Aid for the USMLE . Maximize your study time with Anatomy: An Essential Textbook . * A total of 400 USMLE-style review questions with explanatory answers * A streamlined..

Baby Sign Language Flash Cards

This beautiful set of flash cards was designed with both you (the parents). and your baby in mind. On the front of each card. clear. brightly coloured photographs hold your baby's attention and motivate him or her to sign..

Miss Julia's Marvelous Makeover

Yes. Miss Julia is back. and I. for one. am one happy camper. J. A. Jance Miss Julia s adoring fans sent this novel straight to the "New York Times "hardcover bestseller list..

Divine Timing

Being at the right place at the right time is an ideal position to be in regarding opportunity and fulfilling your destiny. However. premature exposure can frustrate God's plan for your life. Does perfect timing just happen..

The Study of Africa

This is the second of a two-volume work taking stock of the study of Africa in the twenty-first century: its status. research agenda and approaches. and place. It is divided into two parts. the first entitled Globalisation Studies and African Studies..

The Violin

First published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor


Pro MySQL is the first book that exclusively covers intermediate and advanced features of MySQL. the world's most popular open source database server. Whether you are a seasoned MySQL user looking to take your skills to the next level..

Child Psychology

This third edition of Child Psychology continues the tradition of showcasing cutting-edge research in the field of developmental science. including individual differences..

Psychoanalysis is an Antiphilosophy

This is a radical reconstruction of how psychoanalysis operates and a renewed sense of its indispensable power. Psychoanalysis was the most important intellectual development of the 20th century..

Lego Star Wars : The Dark Side (Library Edition)

Journey to the dark side of a galaxy far. far away and meet the LEGO(R) "Star Wars" minifigure members of the ruthless Imperial Army in "LEGO Star Wars: The Dark Side"

Witness Darth Vader battling Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker..

My Country, 'Tis of Thee

More than any other. one song traces America's history of patriotism and protest.Everyone knows the words to "My Country. 'Tis of Thee." What most don't realize is that this iconic song has been a beacon of change for hundreds of years..


Osteoporosis affects around three million people in the UK. and bone loss can begin as early as the late teens and early 20s. Broken bones due to osteoporosis mean that the disease is at a very advanced stage..

The Fertility Diet

Get pregnant--naturally. The Fertility Diet reveals startling new research from the landmark Nurses' Health Study. which shows that the food you eat can boost your fertility..

Ultimate Toy Collector : Shopkins

More than six million Shopkins characters sold in the first four months of sale. and this is the ultimate guide for collectors

The hit of the holiday toy season and a Girl Toy of the Year nominee..

Math for Moms and Dads

Kids are struggling with math in school. on tests. and with homework. Parents feel stressed. helpless. and math-phobic. They struggle to encourage and assist on the very subject they are least prepared to manage: MATH..

The Flatey Enigma

Ketilsey Island. 1960. Near this deserted island off the western coast of Iceland. the dawning of spring brings with it new life for the local wildlife..

Mythical and Spiritual Tattoo Design Directory

Mythical and Spiritual Tattoo Design Directory provides the ultimate reference guide for artists and wearers alike. The book will cover the most popular types of mythical and spiritual tattoo designs..

The Catholic Spirit

The Catholic Spirit sends teens on a journey through classical art. literature. and musical forms that bring greater clarity to important topics of religious significance found in Church teachings..

A Few of the Girls : Stories

From Maeve Binchy s earliest writings to the most recent. her work is filled with wisdom and common sense and also a sharp. often witty voice that is insightful and reaches out to her readers around the world and of all ages..

Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, and Word Analysis for Teachers

A classic in the field. this practical. self-paced tutorial allows readers to independently study and learn the important aspects of phonics. phonemic awareness. and word analysis they need to know in order to succeed on teacher certification or competency tests..

The Psychology of Language

The Psychology of Language is a thorough revision and update of the popular second edition. It contains everything the student needs to know about the psychology of language. including how we acquire..

Firestar's Quest

There is peace at last between the warrior Clans. and all four are thriving. Then Firestar. legendary leader of ThunderClan. discovers a shocking secret: StarClan. the warrior ancestors who guide his paw steps..

Kaari Upson: The House

For her first artist book. Kaari Upson (born 1972) took an amalgamation of source materials. automatic drawings and sketches. which systematically. through different combinations and organizational systems..

Study Guide for Campbell Biology

Students can master key concepts and earn a better grade with the thought-provoking exercises found in this study guide. A wide range of questions and activities helps students test their understanding of biology..

Dia de Los Muertos

It's Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and children throughout the pueblo. or town. are getting ready to celebrate. They decorate with colored streamers. calaveras..

Masques of Gold

"Robert Gellis has an extraordinary talent."-Affaire de Coeur With more than 8 million books in print RT Book Reviews Lifetime Achievement Award-winning author Roberta Gellis is the master of the medieval romance..

Flower Girl (Go Girl!)

Lola's mum and step-dad are getting married. and Lola gets to be a flower girl. But there's another flower girl - will she drive Lola crazy..


Featuring extensively researched information on Cartagena and the northern coast of Colombia. this guide includes advice on trekking through the jungle and visiting national parks as well as information about historic sights..

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Far off the coast of California looms a harsh rock known as the island of San Nicholas. Dolphins flash in the blue waters around it. sea otter play in the vast kep beds. and sea elephants loll on the stony beaches..

Designing the Molecular World

Some of the most exciting scientific developments in recent years have come not from theoretical physicists. astronomers. or molecular biologists but instead from the chemistry lab..

The Cut Flower Patch

An inspiring guide to transforming a small patch of ground. be it on an allotment or in a garden. into a cut flower patch which produces flowers from early spring to late autumn. Louise Curley looks at what makes a great cut flower..

One Simple ACT


What if you. personally. could make the world a better tomorrow. "

Debbie Macomber knows the secret to doing exactly that. In a world that seems too often stingy and grudging..

Porsche Racing Cars

Today. one cannot escape the fact that the words Porsche and racing go hand in hand. This book follows Porsche's year-by-year progress in top flight racing and rallying..

A Shame to Miss Poetry

Selected personally by multi-award-winning author and 2001-3 Children's Laureate. Anne Fine. this is a super collection of poetry that shouldn't be missed by any teen. Kingsley Amis..


One of the most recognizable. enduring. and best-selling bands of all time. The Beatles' influence spans time. genre. and geography. Originally popular in Liverpool and Hamburg..

The Student's Guide to Social Neuroscience

Social neuroscience is an expanding field which. by investigating the neural mechanisms that inform our behavior. explains our ability to recognize. understand. and interact with others..

An Independent Mind

'Juliet Hopkins has quietly encouraged and inspired generations of colleagues and students' (Dilys Daws). An Independent Mind: Collected Papers of Juliet Hopkins follows the professional journey and influence of an innovative figure in the history of child psychotherapy..

Hamam Balkania

Vladislav Bajac's novel Hamam Balkania has won five awards. been printed in seven bestselling editions. and has finally come to the UK. In the tradition of great modern Serbian novelists..

The Insanity of God

"The Insanity of God" is the personal and lifelong journey of an ordinary couple from rural Kentucky who thought they were going on just your ordinary missionary pilgrimage..


True evil is rarely obvious. It is quiet. patient.


Awaiting the perfect moment to strike.

Joy Malone finally knows who she is. where she comes from. and how to live in two worlds at once..

Notes from the House of the Dead

Notes from the House of the Dead. a prison novel based on Dostoevsky's own prison experience. was first published in 1861 and can be considered the incubator of his great later novels such as Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov..

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Stencils

Product Description:

Colourful stencils use backgrounds inspired by Eric Carle's perennially popular picture book and the stencils show the caterpillar. butterfly. sun. moon and stars..

Employee Benefits

Joseph Martocchio's "Employee Benefits: A Primer for Human Resource Professionals" was written to promote a fuller understanding of employee benefits programs among students enrolled in college-level compensation and benefits course..

Koala Calamity - Surf's Up!

The fifth animal in the hilarious AWESOME ANIMALS series - awesome adventures with the wildest wildlife. From the author of the hilarious WORLD OF NORM series comes the second crazy koala caper. Dude. Bro and Squirt are pros at doing..

Corsica (This Way S.)

Corsica offers an infinite variety of scenery. an intriguing culture and enough activities for a hundred different holidays. The coast has plenty of sandy beaches. as well as remote rocky coves that you can reach only by boat..

The Contemporary English Version

This excellent book investigates the failures of "The Contemporary English Version" related to eight significant points. 1. The Wrong Hebrew and Greek Texts..

Glorious War

"Glorious War." the thrilling and definitive biography of George Armstrong Custer's Civil War years. is nothing short of a heart-pounding cavalry charge through the battlefield heroics that thrust the gallant young officer into the national spotlight in the midst of the country's darkest hours..

The Girl with No Name

'It all happened so quickly. One minute I was squatting on the bare earth. preoccupied with popping pea pods. The next. I saw the flash of a black hand and white cloth..

The Growing Up Book for Boys

The Growing Up Book for Boys explains the facts behind the growth spurts. body changes and mood swings of adolescence for boys aged 9-14 on the autism spectrum. The pre-teen and teenage years are a confusing time when bodies start acting with a will of their own..

Small Elastic Deformations of Thin Shells

In the last decade or so the theory of shells has undergone a tremendous increase in development. Formerly a subject of interest only to a few special- ists and for which the literature was relatively smalI..

Chocolate Cake with Hitler

Helga's childhood as the eldest of five children in Germany's First Family has been a gilded one. accompanying her parents to parties and rallies. moving between the city and their idyllic country estate..

Victories (Shadow Grail)

Spirit White and her friends Burke. Loch. and Addie have escaped from Oakhurst Academy. But their freedom has come at a terrible cost--a dear friend sacrificed her own life to save theirs. In the wake of Muirin's death..

Objects and Materials

There is broad acceptance across the Humanities and Social Sciences that our deliberations on the social need to take place through attention to practice. to object-mediated relations..

Intermediate Irish

Intermediate Irish is a jargon-free workbook examining the most commonly used grammatical structures within the Irish language. Focusing on the repeated use of grammatical patterns..