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Egypt Under the Pharaohs, Vol. 2 free pdf Excerpt from Egypt Under the Pharaohs, Vol. 2 Ramses II. marries the daughter of the king of Khita- Negro-hunting razzias and wars with Kush and Libyans- Pictures of courts held after these victories- Names of Ethiopians and Libyans subdued- Names of viceroys of the South under Ramses- The Nubian gold-mines in the land of Akita- Well and gold-washing works of Ramses II.- Inscription about them at Kuban- Earlier wells in the valley of Hammamat- Temples built by Ramese II. At abydus, Thebes, and Memphis- The memorial tablet of Ibeambul- Relations of Ramses II. To the Khita- His temple of Ptah at Memphis (near Qasrieh)- The great torsa of Ramse at Mitranenne- Labours of the Apusrui, i.e. Erythraeans, not Hebrews- The architect Ameneman and his family- Probably the overseer of the Israelites in Egypt- Great works of Ramses II. At Thebes- At Karnak: the Hall of Columns completed- At Luqsor: the Temple of Amon, obelisks and statues- At Old Qurnah: sepulchral temple of Seti I.- The Rameeseum, with the greastestcolossus of Ramses, said to have been thrown down by Cambyses- Boast of Ramses, that 'he made Egypt anew'- Numerous temples and towns in Nubia- The great rock temple of Ibsambul- Derivation of the name from Pimas (Greek, Psampolis)- The Rameeseum and obelisks at Heliopolis- Zoan- Tanis the special residence of Ramses II.- Its locality - the key of Egypt on the East- New temple-city built by Ramses to the gods of Egypt, with Baal-Sutekh, and himself- Memorial stone of the 400th year of King Nub- Present aspect of the 'field of Zoan': ruins and inscriptions- New name of Zoan, Pi-Ramessu, the City of Ramses- Vivid description in an old Egyptian letter- It is the same as the 'temple-city' Raamses (Ex. i. 13)- The Pharaoh of the Oppression can be no Other Than Ramses II.- Absence of the name of the Israelites explained- Importance of Zoan-Tanis in Egyptian history- Immense number of foreign prisoners in Egypt- Their various employments- soldiers- sailors- slaves- Semitic influence on religion, manners, and language About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important histOnline Book Store | Buy Books with Hong Kong's Lowest Prices - -

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