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Tarot and Numerology Box Set free pdf What Do The Cards Say? Discover The Ancient Art Of Reading Tarot Cards, Tarot Cards have been around for a long time and they have an irresistible and undeniable power on those that take the reading. Even those who consider themselves learned or the educated who are above such fabled superstitions cannot help but see that there is something powerful behind the cards, whether they want to admit it or not. What The Cards Will Teach You Everyone has a fascination with the mystery of the unknown. And who wouldn't like to know or change their future circumstance.Tarot cards are by far the most popular of all the fortune telling mediums. Tarot cards give easy to understand clues and quick and easy answers to the questions and mysteries of your unknown future. Begin to explore the cards as a beginner, and learn to read the cards to understand what the future holds. A Quick Preview... What Do The Cards Say? A Brief History of Enchantment The Seeker and the Reader: The Major Arcana: The Minor Arcana Spreads The Last Read NUMEROLOGY Would You Like To Learn How To Master The Secret Meaning Of Numbers? Do You Know What The Master Numbers And Doubled Numbers Mean? Numerology could be the simplest of all the occult sciences to learn to master. Have you ever wondered what the divination power of numbers is? Have you ever looked at math and felt like it's the most powerful language in the world and that there is undeniable truth there? Is there a way that you could somehow harness that power to find and understand truth that you're looking for in the universe? Well then, perhaps it's time for you to take another look into the mysterious and the unique world of Numerology. Through the understanding of numerology you can gain deep insights into the personality of yourself, your friends your associates and yes even your lovers. With numerology you can see the dynamics of relationships it could help you decide when is the best time to marry, when you should change jobs, perhaps move to a new city it can help with your investments and where to travel. Numerology is all about uncovering what our destiny has in store for us by using the analysis of numbers. To a scientist numbers are just symbols of comparative quantities, but metaphysically it has a deeper more profound meaning.. By understanding the meaning behind the numbers in your life it will help you to see the connection between your number patterns and your level of abundance, health, and general well-being. Overall, delving into the world of numbers will provide you with a simple and accurate way to decipher your experiences in the same manner that a road map helps you navigate a route that you haven't previously traveled. This guidebook will help you to learn how to read and interpret numbers. It is perfect for beginners as well as intermediates who are just getting started with numerology Steeped in the esoteric traditions that spawn out of the educated and the enlightened places of the world, Numerology has endured the ages with its secret wisdom and its mystical power. Take a deeper look into this strange world and see what truths it holds for you. A Quick Preview ...... The Secret Lives of Numbers Numerology. What is it? The Big Five The Personality Number Life Path Number Heart's Desire/Soul Urge Expression/Destiny Number Tips of the Trade The Last Number

About Michele Gilbert

Michele Gilbert was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Drawn to literature and writing at a young age, she enrolled at Brooklyn College and majored in English. After graduation Michele did not begin writing immediately, instead she embarked on a career in the finance industry and spent the next thirty years on Wall Street. Serendipity struck when she least expected it. After ending a long-term relationship, Michele found herself lost and unsure what the future held. She began to read books on grief and loss, looking for answers. Those led her to delve deeper into the Law of Attraction and its power. What resulted was remarkable. Not only had she begun to heal, she had also rekindled her former love of writing and discovered her life's purpose. The years have taken her through many twists and turns, but she learned valuable lessons along the way. Today she writes books-mostly self-help and metaphysical in nature-and feels compelled to share her knowledge with those facing similar experiences. Her greatest hope is to inspire others and show them ways to overcome adversity and gracefully accept life's inevitable low points. Going forward, she plans to incorporate more teachings of self-help, finance and meditation. Regular meditation is very beneficial to her progress as she forges a new life. Morning rituals and positive incantations are other practices Michele embraces- they are very restorative in daily life. As an avid hiker, Michele and fellow club members often hike the picturesque Jersey Pine Barrens. She is a history buff, voracious reader, baseball fanatic and a foodie. She also proudly supports Trout Unlimited-a national non-profit organization dedicated to conserving, protecting and restoring North America's Coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. Michele currently resides forty minutes from Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore. She makes her home with a Blue Russian rescue cat named Jersey, though she isn't exactly sure who rescued who.

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Author : Michele Gilbert
Publisher : Createspace
Data Published : 09 September 2015
ISBN : 1517282934
EAN : 9781517282936
Format Book : PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
Number of Pages : 92 pages
Age + : 15 years
Language : English
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