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A Darkling Plain free pdf How do people maintain their humanity during wars? Despite its importance, this question receives scant scholarly attention, perhaps because war is overwhelming. The generally accepted belief is that wars bring out the worst in us, pitting one against another. 'War is hell', William Tecumseh Sherman famously noted, and even 'just' wars are massively destructive and inhumane. Since ethics is concerned with discovering what takes us to a morally superior place, one conducive to betterment and happiness - studying what helps people survive wartime trauma thus becomes an extremely valuable enterprise. A Darkling Plain fills an important scholarly void, analyzing wartime stories that reveal much about our capacity to process trauma, heal wounds, reclaim lost spirits, and derive meaning and purpose from the most horrific of personal events.

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Kristen Monroe is an American political scientist specializing in political psychology and the scientific study of ethics. Her work on altruism and moral choice is presented in three award-winning books: The Heart of Altruism: Perceptions of a Common Humanity (1994), The Hand of Compassion: Portraits of Moral Choice during the Holocaust (2004) and Ethics in an Age of Terror and Genocide: Identity and Moral Choice (2012). Monroe's other work explores issues of gender equality within academia, ethics and stem-cell research, the development of empirical political theory, interdisciplinary work in social science, and how people keep their humanity during war. Monroe is the author or co-editor of fifteen books and nearly 100 journal articles and book chapters. She is a past president of the International Society of Political Psychology, vice president of the American Political Science Association, and book review editor for Political Psychology. Monroe received the 2013 Nevitt Sanford Award for Professional Contributions to Psychology and was a 2012-13 Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University. In 2010, the AmeriA Darkling Plain, Kristen Monroe Chloe Lampros-Monroe (With) - Shop Online for Books in Costa Rica