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My Book of Stem Cell Longevity Formulas and Nutraceutical Antiaging Combinations free pdf Written by Master Longevity Herbalist Scott Rauvers, author of 5 books on Longevity, and 2 Herbal Brand Name Longevity Supplements, this unique book lists at least 3 Stem Cell herbal longevity formulas that anyone can prepare. It also lists scientifically documented anti-aging herbal formulas. Total Number Pages: 374 View the first 3 Chapters for free by visiting the address below: http: // Partial Listing of Chapters Chapter 1. The Herbal Combination Yunnan Degao, Where does Rapamycin Come From?, The Longevity Extract EGB761, Spermidine, Polyamines, Phenformin, Qucertin Synergy, Food Sources of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Chapter 2. The Miraculous Muscle and Tissue Building Effects of Carnosine, How Much Carnosine is Recommended for best results?. The Anti-Aging Carnosine Mix Formula, What are Anthocyanins?, Herbs And Teas High In Anthocyanins. Herbs And Teas High In The 3-Glucoside Anthocyanin. Chapter 3. What are Stem Cells?. Stem Cell Rebuilding Synergistic Combinations, Sulforaphanes and Gene Expression, How Fucoidan Contributes to Stem Cell Growth, How DMAE Contributes To Glowing Skin And Increased Mental Alertness. Chapter 4. What is Protein Synthesis? Facts about Casein Chapter 5. Crosslinking and Glycation And Its Mechanism To Aging, Benfotiamine. Chapter 6 . Carnitine as a Powerful Fat Burner Chapter 7.Additional Methods, Extracts, Herbal formulas and Substances Scientifically Proven to Extend Lifespan, People Born in September Outlive People Born during other Seasons, A Combination of Garlic Powder and Linseed Oil Extract Extend Lifespan, Sucrose, How Boron reduces Calcium Loss by 40%, The Life Extension Properties of the Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme, The Combination of Hesperidin, Orange Juice, and Limonene. Chapter 8.The Antioxidant Power of Selected Citrus Extracts Chapter 9. Aged Garlic, Juglone Synergy, Scientific Verification that an Upbeat Positive Attitudes Contributes to Longevity, What are Antioxidant Spin Traps?, N-acetyl Cysteine, Royal Jelly, The Longevity Benefits Of Omega 3's, CoQ(10) Synergy, Polyphenols, Nicotinamide, Adaptogens and Longevity, Cinnamon and Rhodiola Rosea, The Chinese Herbal Formula Shi-Quan-Da-Bu-Tang, The Chinese Herbal Formula Huo Luo Xiao Dan, The Herbal Formulation Bushenkangshuai Tang, The Chinese Herbal Formula Juzen-taiho-to, The Synergism of Oregano and Cranberry, The 10 Herbal Combination called Dashmula, Extending Lifespan by Reducing Carbohydrates, Foods That Help Keep Insulin Levels Low, A Nutraceutical Combination Scientifically Proven To Expand Lifespan, The Chinese Herb Shilianhua (The Stone Lotus), Slim Athletic Body Types Live Longer than Obese Types, Genes and Longevity, Pharmaceuticals That Extend Lifespan, Vanillin Synergy. Chapter 10. Lithium and Moisture, The Longevity of the Gymnosperm Tree Family, The Welwitschia Flower, Water Retention And Protection from Dryness and Heat, Longevity Substances Scientifically Proven to Lengthen Lifespan in the Elderly, Goddard Ezekiel Dodge Diamond Reed And How He Used Olive Oil To Live To 120. Chapter 11. The Fruit Fly Longevity Experiments of Doug Skrecky. Longevity and the Wax Gourd Fruit, Results of the Best Longevity Extracts from the 100th Fruit Fly Experiment, Elderberry Synergy, How Ellagic Acid Helps Create Stem Cells, Willow Bark Synergy. Chapter 12. Simple Herbs and Foods that Fight Cancer. Chapter 13. Foods High in Water Chapter 14. 48 Herbal, Food and Berry Synergistic Combinations Chapter 15. 23 Synergistic Food Combinations Chapter 16. List of Seasonal Foods Chapter 17. The Best Foods For Positive Emotions, Great Hair and Glowing Skin, Foods That Make You Happy And Joyful, 13 Ayurvedic Anti-Aging herbs, A Formula that Calms an Active or Stressed Heart, A 300 Year Old Facelift Formula, Herbs for Pain Relief, A Quit Smoking Herbal Formula, How to Sprout Raw Peanuts for their High Natural Levels of Resveratrol. Chapter 18. Longevity Databases

About MR Scott Rauvers

The life of Scott Rauvers is a fascinating one. Scott is the founder of The Institute for Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health in Santa Monica, CA, where the science of Chronobiology is combined with Longevity Nutrition to extend lifespan. Chronobiology is applying the periodic cycle in living organisms to manifest wellness and lengthen lifespan by applying techniques to adapt to solar and lunar-related rhythms. Many of Scott's leading discoveries and breakthroughs are posted on By integrating Solar Healing methods with Longevity Nutrition, Scott has been able to create a unique system combining Chronobiology and Longevity nutrition to avoid disease before it manifests, thus enhancing one's well-being and lifespan. Scott was the first person to plot solar energy behavior variances, naming them 'Condition Colors', which are presented in a daily forecast on The Solar Institutes Website at Education: In the late 1990's Scott studied the science of aging by enrolling in Gerontology courses at Weber State University in Utah, where he also studied Sociology and Psychology. Since 2006, he has developed numerous herbal longevity formulas and exercises, which have been published in his books and on Scott is the author of 3 books on how to Reverse Aging. His first book, "Solar Flares and Their Effect upon Human Behavior and Health" was released in July 2012 with his second book Living Healthy Beyond 120, A Centurion's Plan for Longevity released in October 2012. His latest book, released in November 2013, Foods, Herbs and Pharmaceuticals that Extend Lifespan. A Summary Of Over 200 Research Studies Proven To Lengthen Lifespan, is a summary of over 200 scientific experiments and data proven to lengthen lifespan. As a hobby in his spare time, Scott practices the art of Aromatherapy. He has shared his 6 years of Aromatherapy experiences in the book How to Make and Sell Your Own Aromatherapy and Herbal Products: How to Profit from Your Craftsmanship and How to Sell Your Homemade Products Online.

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Author : MR Scott Rauvers
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Data Published : 23 November 2013
ISBN : 1494264455
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Number of Pages : 348 pages
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