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Multilingualism, Cultural Identity, and Education in Morocco free pdf This book shows how colonial and postcolonial forces have worked to reconstruct the national identity of Morocco, and North Africa in general, on the basis of cultural representations and ideological constructions closely related to nationalist and ethno linguistic trends.

About Moha Ennaji

Dr. Moha Ennaji is one of Morocco's leading sociolinguists, with research interests in cultural and gender studies, migration, human rights and civil society. With a Ph.D. from the University of Essex in Education and Linguistics, he is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Letters, University of Fes, Morocco. He was Chair of the English Department there from 1988-1994 and is presently the Director of the Doctoral Program in Gender Studies. Dr. Ennaji is the author and/or editor of numerous books and articles on cultural identity, language and education, migration, civil society and women's issues. His most recent articles are "The effects of Migration on Moroccan Women Left Behind" (Lisbon), and "Language Contact and Arabization in Morocco" published bu Curzon (US) in a book edited by Dr. Aleya Roushdy. Dr. Ennaji has successfully organized many international conferences on civil society, women and education, sustainable development, and has actively participated in seminars and conferences in Europe, the USA, Africa and the Arab world. he is currently doing research on the evolution of social policy in Morocco, within the research programme of the United Nations ResearchOnline Book Store | Buy Books with Spain's Lowest Prices - -