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A Beautiful Delusion free pdf Hidden in the Hebrew scriptures is evidence that Adam and Eve were immortal and covered in light, just as God uses light as a covering for himself (Psalm 104:2). They were more than two unique individuals, their bodies represented a plane of existence that was an integral part of the fabric of Creation. The sin they committed changed their physiology and they became mortal. Because of their mortality- "God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them." Gen 3:21 When God made these coverings of skin, did He slaughter animals, skin them, tan their hides, make thread, and then sew together some buckskin clothing? Or, does the term coverings of skin refer to the epidermal or outer layers of human skin. Skin that was added because without their covering of light they could not exist as mortals in the natural world. Their offense was not only against God, it was against their own bodies and they altered their DNA. How else can we explain the fact that through heredity, we have shared in the penalty for their sins? The story of creation, the fall, redemption, and the coming anti-Christ- is all linked to the body and specifically - DNA. In 2000, I read an interview Reader's Digest magazine did with Dr. Francis Crick. He and Dr. Watson are credited with discovering the double helix structure of DNA. At the time, the Human Genome project was underway. Dr. Crick was asked about how many genes they had identified so far. He answered, 140,000 and we expect to find 4,000 more. I almost fell out of my chair. How could anyone miss the significance of that number? This immediately changed my perception of certain scripture. In Revelation, 144,000 are sealed with the seal of God (in their foreheads). 144,000 stand on Mount Zion with Christ, having the name of God written in their foreheads. What if this number, instead of referring to a number of individuals, actually refers to the immortal life genome? In other words, to be sealed by God is to have your genetic code supernaturally sequenced back to an immortal state. Since the human body (and its homeostasis) is a closed system, Adam and Eve did not destroy the genes that enable immortal life, they reorganized the sequence. This proprietary information was not annihilated, it was merely suppressed. Life Extension Magazine interviewed Dr. Michael D. West about a breakthrough published in the journal "Regenerative Medicine." He said (regarding immortality): "The goal of gerontology for many years has been to find the reason that our reproductive lineage continues to make babies generation after generation while the other cells in our body, called somatic cells, have a finite life span and are mortal, ... The answer is that we come from a lineage of cells that have been proliferating since the dawn of life on earth. The cells that made us have no dead ancestors." We come from immortality, and much of the genetic research performed today is focused on immortality. New Scientist Magazine featured an article about Scientists at the University of Cambridge (UK), who have created a new way of using the genetic code: "[that] could eventually lead to the creation of new or improved life forms." One of these new life forms will be a triple helix structure, as featured in "Scientific American" magazine: Triple Helix: Designing a New Molecule of Life ...a synthetic hybrid of protein and DNA, .. unlike anything found in nature. In the original immortal life genome, a double helix structure with144,000 genes- means that both strands of DNA would have 72, 000 (each). In a triple helix structure the number would be 216,000 (3x72,000). The earliest Greek manuscripts describe the number of the beast as 600, and 60, and 6. If we multiply 600 x 60 x 6, we arrive at the number 216,000. This is the number of "the beast," it is his genetic code. Satan will use this synthetic genome to offer the people of earth, a counterfeit version of immortal life. It will be a Beautiful Delusion.

About William Kinney

Bill became a believer in Jesus Christ in 1979, at the age of 23. In 1981, he and his wife started to attend a Messianic Congregation that began to meet in Atlanta, Georgia. It was here that Bill was first introduced to the Hebrew roots of his Christian faith. He began to study the language and culture, and became interested in eschatology, from an Old and New Testament perspective. Motivated by the realization that one cannot hope to understand the end times, without first understanding the beginning of all things, his first thesis was written about the Creation Story. It was a word study of the original Hebrew text, with an expanded interpretation of what occurred in the Garden of Eden. This work evolved into the book, "A Beautiful Delusion." Bill has since made available his second book, "The Second Exodus." This work delves into the symbolism and meaning of certain events, holy days, and Hebrew customs that provide a special insight into the Great Tribulation. Will the rapture occur at the beginning, the middle or at the end of the Tribulation? Just below the surface story of the Book of Revelation and John's Gospel- is an allegoric story of how the Church in Philadelphia believers will depart first, followed by those who remain until the middle of the tribulation. The Church in Philadelphia that received the sixth letter (in the Book of Revelation) is a simile for end time believers who see an open door (or portal)- and leave this plane of existence (out of the reach of the Anti-Christ)- in the same way the Hebrews crossed the Red Sea out of the reach of Pharaoh (who was a likeness of the Anti-Christ).Those who remain until the middle of the Tribulation will be tested by the Anti-Christ, to receive his mark, which is a genetic therapy that re-write a person genome, with the promise of immortal life. The strong delusion of 2Thess 2:9- is nothing more than the age old temptation that Satan offered Eve in the Garden of Eden- do this and "become like God." Bill has also released his third book, "You Have Not Forgotten My Name," which is an in depth study of God's name. Bill and his wife Margaret have been married for 38 years. They are originally from Long Island, New York. Their ancestors from both sides of the family tree were "Separatists." Bill and Margaret both share in many of their ancestors views.

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    . Hidden in the Hebrew scriptures is evidence that Adam and Eve were immortal and covered in light, just as God uses light as a covering for himself (Psalm 104:2). They were more than two unique indiv