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The Root Cause of the Autoimmune Epidemic free pdf Water is a key element to our body and is used in hydrolysis, biosynthesis, Amino Acid synthesis, Glucose metabolism, bacterial redox, and many other metabolic activities in our cells. If water becomes mutated or damaged in any way (hydrogen bond weakens/breaks), it becomes a pathogen to our body. Water is also transported across the blood-to-brain barrier and if unrecognized, it can initiate inflammation and microglial cell proliferation in brain tissue. This will directly impact neurotransmitter cells and their functionality due to oxidative stress and inflammation not to mention impairment of amino acid synthesis. If water becomes damaged or mutated and acts like a pathogen, our bodies first response is to treat it like a pathogen and begin sending T cells out to destroy it. This activity over time slowly destroys other healthy cells nearby (epithelial) and leads to oxidative stress and excess free radicals. Since our bio-markers don't recognize mutated water molecules and are unable to match it during antigen presentation, it continues to send out T cells and antibodies to stop this unknown irritant. Once that happens, it first begins destroying your epithelial cells in your digestive tract. This eventually breaks down the epithelial barrier in the GI tract and you become allergic to other foods like gluten, soy, shellfish, wheat, etc. Since water is extremely important to our GI tract, blood, molecular functions, and other key organs, if water molecules get damaged in anyway, they will begin a destructive process and result in autoimmune diseases like celiac (food allergies - weakens and impairs epithelial barrier in intestines), autism (microglial proliferation), adhd (hormonal and neurotransmitter inefficiencies), eczema (allergic skin reactions), idiopathic Alzheimer's (due to myelin sheath destruction, amino acid synthesis that results in tau and amyloid buildup), multiple sclerosis (myelin sheath/glial scars), neurological disorders to due t-cell activation in the brain (and amino acid synthesis failure), nerve damage, organ tissue damage (thyroiditis, liver, pancreas, and others), mitochondrial disease due to oxidative stress and free radicals in the liver and blood, asthma, Hashimoto's, Lupus, chronic fatigue, and many others. It also begins to destroy your digestive tract and diminishes pericyte/epithelial cell protection in the intestinal lining, organ lining and Central Nervous System. This breakdown also allows environmental toxins into the bloodstream that will eventually cross through a weakened blood-to-blood barrier (CNS). Since there are multiple mitochondria in the liver - these mutated water molecules can now create free radicals and impair the mitochondria cycle due to impairment of biosynthesis and free radical excess. The enzymatic process becomes deficient which leads to poor nutrient absorption. Even chemicals in drugs that are prescribed can't be correctly synthesized in the liver and causes multiple side effects. Please read my story/root cause analysis of how water becomes mutated and how I prove the source of all autoimmune diseases including autism. Please remember that everything in my story can be duplicated and not one doctor or scientist will be able to disprove this root cause of our autoimmune epidemic. You should also know that other doctors are misleading you by telling you that gluten destroys your gut and that you or your children need to avoid it and other foods like wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, legumes, nuts, shellfish, and many other typical allergen foods - all of which are somewhat essential to our body. I know the majority of you who suffer from autoimmune diseases will eventually heal again with good wholesome nutrition from our food groups. That is the best way since supplemental products can only partially help if your cells and tissues are continually damaged from a periodic consumption of mutated water molecules from this unknown source. God Bless our Children and Be Wel

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When I suddenly developed so many autoimmune diseases and gave up on finding the right answers from doctors and book authors, I started immersing myself in human anatomy and autoimmune diseases. I wanted to understand these diseases since the doctors could not figure out why my immune system was shutting down. And this is why I wanted to write this book - to reveal the true root cause instead of theories or supplemental programs you get from some of the books or articles about autoimmune diseases. All I needed was the identity of the very root cause down to the molecular level to figure out how it can cause so much different damage in all age groups. I just needed my proof, pictures, research, personal experiences, and time to figure this out since I knew what started it all and then figured out the how from there. And most importantly, to stop the suffering that little children experience on a daily basis since the specialists are unable to get to the root of their problem and these other book authors continue to mislead you through supplemental programs! When our children are placed on a lifetime of prescriptions due to autoimmune diseases and adults are taking a lifetime dose of supplements, my hope is that the identity of this root cause will eventually get our children back to normal healthy kids like it used to be in the 1950s and 60s before this source was developed. By revealing the true primary cause of all autoimmune diseases, please do your part and stop using this source for a few weeks or more to test my proven conclusions, specifically for your child if you have one. I am hopeful and confident you will experience improved health and a healthy outlook again by giving up the root cause that took your healthy mind and body years back. God Bless our children!

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Author : G Viviano
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Data Published : 06 February 2015
ISBN : 1507855516
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