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Modern Electromedicine Volume 1 free pdf This two-volume work is the first and only complete description of the use of tiny electronic signals for the treatment of neuromuscular injuries, including neck and back pain, rotator and ACL tears, carpal tunnel and the rapid repair of traumatic injuries. The book covers the underlying principles of neurophysiology, cell function and dysfunction, and a compete discussion of the electro-chemical process that governs our every movement and function. Finally, this book describes in detail the implementation and the techniques used in diagnosis and treatment of injury using up-to-date electro-therapy. The SCENAR, which is the most useful tool for the application of this technology, is described in detail. Use of the SCENAR in many applications is described, along with results obtained from its use. The two volumes consist of 451 and 417 pages, with full color pictures and illustrations in a soft cover 6 x 9 inch format.

About Dr Peter H Lathrop Ph D

Peter Lathrop, Ph.D. is a neuroscientist, inventor, engineer, educator, and in day-to-day practice a Clinical Neurophysiologist. Every day he helps people suffering with acute and chronic pain and related soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries to gain sustained pain relief and accelerated healing of their injuries. He has successfully treated soft tissue injury (muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves) and pain all over the body. Some of the more common conditions include whiplash, neck/cervical strain and pain, shoulder injuries including rotator cuff tears and frozen shoulders, thoracic outlet syndrome, eModern Electromedicine Volume 1, Dr Peter H Lathrop Ph D - Shop Online for Books in China